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Easy Bird Drawings for Kids

Easy Bird Drawings for Kids


Easy Bird Drawings for Kids

Activities for Kids

Do you often wonder how to teach bird drawing to kids? Don’t worry, we are here with simple and cute bird drawing ideas. Kids will love these easy drawings. Continue reading to learn more.

You will learn to make drawings like Hen, Duck, Penguin, Dove, Woodpecker and Swan.

Easy Bird Drawings for Kids

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Beautiful Cherry Tree & Birds Drawing Idea For Kids

Beautiful Cherry Tree Drawing For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This beautiful drawing of a cherry tree is perfect for kids. It has a bright and cheerful design that will bring a smile to their faces. It’s the perfect way to get them excited about nature and art.

1. Little Bird

This cute little bird is chasing a little insect to have her food. Small birds catch insects and eat them. Birds are really cute and children love birds. Their small feet, beak,  and wings fascinate the kids. The birds collect small twigs and grasses to make their nest. 

2. Mother Hen

This is the drawing of a mother hen. She is protecting her baby eggs by sitting near them. Soon the eggs will hatch and cute baby chicks will come out of it. You can see how happy she is with her children. A mother is very protective about her kids, whether she’s a bird, animal, or human mother. 

3.  Penguins

Penguins are beautiful birds that cannot fly. They have beautiful black and white shade bodies. An interesting fact about penguins is that they are excellent divers. As penguins are exotic birds, it is illegal to keep them as pets all over the world. They are really cute birds. 

4.  Beautiful Swan

Swans are birds known for their beauty, elegance, and grace. They can both swim and fly at an unbelievable speed.  According to a popular fact, they are capable of separating milk and water. They are very loyal to their partner and very aggressive towards protecting their babies.

5.  Cute Bird

As you can see this is a picture of a little bird. Look how beautiful she is looking sitting quietly on the tree branch. A funny thing about them is that birds don’t have teeth. Some of the birds are known for their ability to mimic humans. An example of this is a parrot. Parrots are very good friends of humans and they can mimic human beings.

6.  Flying Bird

This is a picture of a beautiful pigeon. Pigeons mainly eat seeds, fruits, and plants. Pigeons are very loyal and lovely companions. They bond very well with their acquaintances. They are also very intelligent. They can recognize each alphabet letter, differentiate between photos, and can recognize humans from their photographs. White pigeons are symbols of peace and happiness.

7.  Woodpecker

Woodpeckers are beautiful birds with really long tongues. They like to make music. They also love eating nuts. They are among the smartest and intelligent birds in the world. These birds are the symbol of hard work, strength, luck, prosperity, and determination. They are very friendly with people. The average life of a woodpecker is 4-11 years.

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Activities for Kids
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