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Easy Pencil Drawings for Kids to Make at Home


Easy Pencil Drawings for Kids to Make at Home

We are here with some easy pencil animal drawings for kids. You will learn to make animals like Bird, Kitten, Cat, Caterpillar, Bull, Cub, Faithful Dog and Turtle.

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Easy Pencil Drawings for Kids to Make at Home

BirdEasy Pencil Drawings for Kids to Make at Home

The bird in the image is very cute and innocent. This bird is carrying a worm in its beak so that it can feed itself. This bird is trying to sit on a tree branch to enjoy its meal. Sketch this bird on your drawing book and check how accurately you can draw this one. It’s a sketch so you don’t need to colour it. This bird is very easy to draw and anybody can draw it without any problem.


Easy Pencil Drawings for Kids to Make at Home

The young one’s of cats are known as kittens. Kittens are very adorable and very small. Some kittens are very naughty and always love to play. Kittens can become your best friends if you take good care of them. Do you know that cats are considered stress Busters? Try to draw this kitten and fill your drawing with cuteness.


Cats love to sleep. In fact, out of 24 hours, they can sleep up to 18 hours. If you’re a cat owner you know it best. Wherever they find a comfortable cozy place they will take a nap. Draw this sleeping cat, it’s very easy to draw and take a few minutes. Don’t forget to draw the patches around the back, head and also on the tail.


Caterpillars are the larval form of butterflies. Larval form means that the butterfly we see when it’s is a baby it’s known as a caterpillar. When this baby caterpillar grows and becomes big it’s known as a butterfly. Caterpillar has many legs and has a small head with a pair of antennae. Draw this small caterpillar on your drawing book and if you want, you can colour it as well.


Bull is the male of the cow. This bull looks very anger as if it wants to attack someone. Its horns are very sharp and can harm others easily. Bulls are of various colours like black, grey, white etc. Draw this on your drawing book and colour it with any of the above said colours. Bulls usually get attracted to the red colour. This drawing is very easy and suitable for kids of age 7+.


Cub is a baby of a wild animal lion but it looks cute and every kid love cub. Do you know like humans, lion cubs are born without teeth. You can check more interesting facts about this beautiful animal on the internet. Draw this cub and colour it with your favourite colours.

Faithful Dog

Dogs are social animals and are kept as pets in many homes. They help us to protect ourselves from thieves because dogs start barking loudly whenever they see any strangers. Dogs remain honest to their masters and love them. This dog in the above image looks very adorable and it’s very easy to draw using a pencil. Its tail looks very cute. Try to draw this one and colour it properly using any colour.


Turtle is a small creature on the earth and also the slowest walking animal. It has a shell that attracts most of the kid’s attention towards it. Turtles can live for many years, more than 100 years. The turtle has some beautiful patterns engraved on its shell which makes them attractive. Draw this turtle on your drawing book. This drawing is suitable for kids of age 8+.

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