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Easy Glitter Pen Drawings for Kids


Easy Glitter Pen Drawings for Kids

Do you often wonder how to teach drawing to kids? Don’t worry, we are here with simple and cute glitter pen drawing ideas. Kids will love these easy drawings. Continue reading to learn more.

You will learn to make drawings like Sunshine behind the clouds, Parrot on the tree branch, Chirping sparrow, Peek a boo, Kitty cat, Sleeping kitty, Duckling, Jumbo elephant, Rat, Hedgehog, Flamingo, and Happy bunny buddy.

Easy Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids

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Sunshine behind the clouds

Easy Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Sunshine behind the clouds

Kids just move out of their houses and look at the sky. You will find foam like white coloured clouds. Let’s try to draw this cloud and sun as shown here. You need a silver glitter tube as well to fill the inner side of the lines as shown above. Look at the eyes of the clouds, they are glowing. Draw the sun also behind the clouds. This drawing is very simple and attractive. Kids of age group 6+ can draw this one well.

Parrot on the tree branch

Easy Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Parrot on the tree branch

A parrot is a green coloured bird with a red beak. Parrots love to eat nuts, chillies and dry fruits. You can keep a parrot as a pet. Some parrots are even able to talk to their masters. In the above picture, we have outlined the body of the parrot sitting on a branch of a tree. First, we have outlined using a green pen and then we have highlighted the outline using glitter tubes. You can also draw this parrot in the same way as we have drawn it. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 7+.

Chirping sparrow

Easy Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Chirping sparrow

Sparrows are small birds. They are very cute and adorable. We can find them anywhere outside. They usually start chirping early in the morning. Their chirping is soothing and helps to relieve stress. Draw the body of the sparrow that was shown above using any coloured pen and then highlight it with a glitter tube. This is very easy to do. Do one practise first and then try to trace it. Kids of all age groups can try this one. All you need is a few supplies like paper, pens, Glitter tubes and colours.

Peek a boo

Easy Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Peek a boo

Kids love to play peek a boo. Peek a boo is a game in which one has to hide its face and then suddenly appear again. Toddlers love to play this game. The rabbit in the picture is blushing and is having pinky cheeks. It looks like this adorable bunny rabbit is playing peek a boo. You can draw this rabbit using glitter pens. It’s very simple to draw. Kids of age group 6+ are suitable to draw this one.

Kitty cat

Easy Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Kitty cat

Cats are amazing pets. They love to be pampered and make themselves too pure that kids, as well as adults, love them more than anything else. Their eyes are very attractive and full of innocence. Cat makes a vibrating sound when they are happy. That sound is known as Purring. The purring of the cat is such a soothing sound that it relieves you from stress. These cute little friends with whiskers are very smart. Draw this cute cat on your drawing book. Outline the cat using a sketch pen and fill it with glitter pens. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 7+. This one is very easy to trace.

Sleeping kitty

Easy Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Sleeping kitty

Cats love to sleep. They sleep more than 12 hours a day. If you have a pet cat and you’re finding it everywhere in the house, then don’t worry it must be sleeping in some dark cosy place. Sleeping is one of the main activities of cats. Cats sleep in different positions, depending upon the way they feel comfortable. You can draw this cat as it is very simple to trace. Just with a few supplies like a pencil, colours, paper and you’re done. The tail is very cute to draw. Try this one. Kids of age group 7+ are suitable for this drawing.

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Easy Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Duckling

This cute little duckling is swimming in the water. It looks joyful. The baby of mama duck is called pickling. Ducklings are very cute and they’re very small in size. Ducklings are taught to swim in the water by their mama duck. Mama duck takes good care of their ducklings. You will enjoy drawing this duckling on your drawing books or art book. You can fill the lines with Glitter tubes. First practice to draw this and then make it. You can fill the body of the duckling with yellow and the water with blue colour. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 6+.

Jumbo elephant

Easy Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Jumbo elephant

Hey friends, let me introduce myself to you. My name is jumbo and I’m an elephant. I’m big and I take shower with the help of my trunk. I’m grey and I live in the jungle. I have two very big ears. Will you be my friend? Well, you can trace me on your drawing book or sketchbooks. I’m not that difficult to draw. You need some paper and a few pencils only. The kids of age group 6+ are suitable to draw me. Take care of my ears and trunk. Colour me properly.


Easy Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Rat

Rats are very small in size. They have very thin tails. They’re rodents and they hide in holes. Most of them are grey. They have small whiskers as well. Jerry is one of the most famous cartoon characters which is a rat. Cats in real life chase the rats as they eat them. Rats are always afraid of cats. Try to draw this rat and get some good grades from your teacher. You can use crayons or pencil colours for this one. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 6+.


Easy Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Hedgehog

Hedgehog is again another rodent. They also live in holes. They love to eat nuts. It looks like a rat but it has spines on its body. They look ugly. Some even get frightened when they see any hedgehog. Kids can try to trace this one. Their face looks like a rat but their body is spiny. You can use a sketch pen to draw this creature. It’s is very simple to draw. It will take some of your time. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 7+. You can colour it with grey, black or even brown.


Easy Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Flamingo

Flamingos are water birds. They are tall and have very long legs. They are usually found around lakes, ponds etc. Their beak is also long and pointed so that they can catch their prey easily. They’re pink and cream in colour. The flamingo shown in the above picture is very easy to draw. You have drawn some curves for the body and for legs you have to simply write the number four as you can see here. You can colour it with any suitable colour. This piece of drawing is suitable for kids of age group 7+.

Happy bunny buddy

Easy Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Happy bunny buddy

Rabbits are also called bunnies. Doe is the female rabbit and busk is the male one. The kit is the name given to baby rabbits. Rabbits eat carrots and also some green stuff like grass, plants etc. They sleep in their burrows. Rabbits can live more than 7 years. Rabbits are very social animals. She is a cute blushing bunny. Kids can draw it well without any extra effort using any simple pencil color. To make it more attractive you can colour it. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 8+.

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