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How to Make a Paper Flamingo


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How to Make a Paper Flamingo

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Hello guys! Let’s make a very interesting craft bird today. You must be thinking what it might be! Don’t get confused as it going to reveal. Today you’re going to learn to make a paper flamingo. Amazing right! But the most interesting thing about the craft will be it’s moving wings. Flamingo is a kind of bird we are all fascinated about.

These bird’s bright pink shades can be beautiful and interesting at the same time. You might be shocked to know that these bright pink colours they got from their foods. They are a total of six of these species. They built their house with mud. They are so unique in every sense and very different from other birds.

How to Make a Paper Flamingo


  • A big pink colour rectangle paper.
  • A white paper.
  • A black marker pen.
  • A glue stick.
  • Scissors.


  • Take a big pink colour rectangle paper, place it horizontally on your desk.
  • Fold the paper from up to middle by making a middle fold line.
  • Cut the folds outside parts with scissors.
  • Take the long piece, fold it from both sides by leaving space in the middle.
  • Fold one side from middle to corner then the other side by leaving a space between the previous fold line to the corner to leave a pop up part in the middle.
  • Fold the sides together, the sides should be the same.
  • Cut the corner of the non folded side like a flamingo’s feather with scissors.
  • Open the shape, the flamingo’s wings will be ready.
  • Take the rest piece from the cut pink page, cut out a long-straight piece from it with scissors.
  • Fold the long piece in half.
  • Grab a pencil and draw a flamingo’s big neck and face in it.
  • Cut out the drawn part with scissors.
  • Take a white piece of paper, place it on between the both sides on the tip of the mouth of the flamingo.
  • Grab a black marker pen, draw a flamingo’s beak and cover black the tip of the beak.
  • Cut out the beak.
  • Open the flamingo’s neck- face piece sides, attach glue over its one side and attach the beak and the both sides together with the glue stick.
  • The flamingo’s neck-face piece will be ready.
  • Draw a small eye with an eyeball on the white paper and cut out that.
  • Attach the eye on the flamingo’s face.
  • Turn it over.
  • Attach the piece on the middle pop up part of the flamingo’s wings with the glue stick.
  • Cut out two small rectangle shapes from the pink paper with scissors.
  • Roll the pieces like a ring.
  • Attach the pieces on the middle of the both sides of the back of the wings with the glue stick.
  • Put your fingers on them and try to move it.
  • Take a long straight paper strip by cutting from the pink paper with scissors.
  • Cut the piece in half with scissors.
  • Attach the pieces together in the middle between the flamingo’s back with the glue stick.
  • Cut out two same size feet from it with scissors.
  • Attach the pieces under the legs of the flamingo with a glue stick.
  • Fold the part a little.
  • Your cute flamingo will be ready!

Look how amazing it looks! The best part is the moving wings. Hurry up, grab your stationery and let’s make a cute paper flamingo.

Activities for Kids
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