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How to Make a Paper Elephant with a Moving Trunk

How to Make a Paper Elephant with a Moving Trunk

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How to Make a Paper Elephant with a Moving Trunk

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Let’s bring the elephant into the room! You all might hear this English idiom! Today’s craft is related to this idiom. You all might guess it right! We are going to learn how to make an origami elephant. But it’s going to move!! How? Then go through it. Children love this animal so much for its calm and friendly nature. They love to see elephants at zoos. In Hindu, culture elephants are worshipped as Lord Ganesha. So, We all kind of realize the impact this kind of creature has. So, let’s grab your stationeries and bring life to your new friend.

How to Make a Paper Elephant with a Moving Trunk


  • A big grey colour paper.
  • A white paper.
  • Colour crayons.
  • A black marker pen.
  • A glue stick.
  • A pencil.
  • Scissors.


  • Take a big grey colour paper, cut out two big same shape triangles and a wide-long paper strip with scissors.
  • Take a triangle-shaped paper, fold the top-middle angle tip of it a little by making a converse triangle.
  • Grab a glue stick, apply glue on this page and attach the folded tip part and also glue the whole piece.
  • Take a straw and attach it over the folded part and in the middle of the piece.
  • Take the wide-long paper strip and attach it partly over the straw and the folded glue part.
  • The strip’s tip should be over the Straw.
  • Attach them properly with the glue stick.
  • It should be the trunk of the elephant.
  • Take another triangle shaped paper, do the same fold on it.
  • Attach the fold within the piece with glue.
  • Apply glue all over the piece.
  • Attach this piece over the straw added properly.
  • The elephant’s base will be ready.
  • Fold the two sides of the edges into the piece by making an arrow-like shape.
  • The folds should be in front of the piece.
  • These folds will be the elephant’s ears.
  • Take a white paper, draw two same circles on it.
  • Take a black marker pen, draw two cute eyeballs on the circles.
  • Cut out the circles with scissors.
  • Attach them on the front of the elephant’s face with the glue stick.
  • Take the white paper and draw two small elephant teeth and cut them out with scissors.
  • Attach the teeth in the front bottom sides of the elephant’s face.
  • Take some colour crayons and highlight the elephant.
  • Turn over the elephant, take a pen and roll the long trunk with it from the end of it.
  • Pull out the pen from it.
  • Blow wind from the straw then you will see a moving elephant trunk.
  • Your elephant will be ready!

P.S- You can use different colour paper as per your help.

Just look at the trunk!! Your friend is ready for a piggyback ride!  You should use your own creativity and add some extra to this origami elephant.  So, let’s hurry up, make these cute friends and decorate your room and stuff.

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