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How to Make a Paper Flower Pot for Women’s Day

How to Make a Paper Flower Pot for Women's Day

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How to Make a Paper Flower Pot for Women’s Day

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Hello guys! Let’s make an amazing ‘ Women’s day ’ craft today. As you know we come with new interesting craft ideas to bring joy to you. So, let’s make a beautiful craft to pass your extra time creatively. What is better than doing crafts to remove your stress! Right! So, by removing your stress you can do this creative craft.

You can present this craft to your mother, sister, friend or wife on women’s day? You must be wondering what the craft might be? So, today you’re going to learn to make a flower pot that will suit this special day. The flower pot will stand on the ground. This flower pot will be so fascinating. Your receivers will love them for their colours and beautiful structure. So, without wasting any time let’s get started with the process!

How to Make a Paper Flower Pot for Women’s Day


  • A big sky blue colour paper.
  • A green colour paper.
  • A red colour paper.
  • A yellow colour paper.
  • A glue stick.
  • Scissors.


  1. Take a big sky blue colour paper, cut out two same size triangle shapes from it with scissors.
  2. Take the big sky blue colour paper and cut out two same sizes wide, straight paper strips from it with scissors.
  3. Take a green colour paper, cut out a wide, straight paper strip from it with scissors.
  4. It will be the flower’s stem.
  5. Take the green colour paper, cut out two leaf shapes from it with scissors.
  6. It will be the flower’s leaves.
  7. Take a sky-blue triangle and place it conversely on your desk like a pot, then take the green paper flower’s stem, attach the stem on the top middle of the converse triangle with a glue stick.
  8. Take the two green paper leaves, attach them to the bottom sides of the stem with the glue stick.
  9. Take the other sky-blue colour triangle shape and place it over this triangle conversely by attaching it with the glue stick.
  10. Take the two sky-blue colour wide, straight strips and attach them on the top of the triangle sides over and under with the glue stick.
  11. Take a scissor, cut the sharp bottom on the triangle to make it look like a pot.
  12. Your pot will be done.
  13. Fold the sides of the bottom of the pot straightly in an opposite way to one and the other side to make it stand.
  14. Take a red colour paper cut out the same size two circles from it with scissors.
  15. Take a yellow colour paper, cut out two small same size circles from it with scissors.
  16. Place the yellow circles in the middle of the red circles by attaching them with the glue stick.
  17. Cut the sides of the circles by making parallel lines on them vertically with scissors.
  18. The flowers will be ready.
  19. Attach the flowers on both sides of the stem on its top with the glue stick.
  20. Your beautiful flower pot is ready!

P.S- You can use different colour paper as per your help

Look how amazing it looks! You can write a message on it to wish your mother, sister, friend or wife a ‘Happy women’s day. By doing this simple process you can bring so much joy to your loved ones. And it also requires fewer materials. If you use different colour paper for this craft it will be more beautifully bloomed. Be more creative with your sense to highlight it. Encourage your kids to make it. Hurry up, grab your stationery and let’s make a cute paper toy.

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