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How To Make A Paper Flowers

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How To Make A Paper Flowers

Activities for Kids

Flowers are the symbol of beauty and affection. You can make everything beautiful with a flower. This craft is about making paper flowers. With these beautiful-looking flowers, you will be able to make anything beautiful. Kids also loved flowers, they can be more creative by making them. So, without wasting any time let’s make some beautiful flowers.

How To Make A Paper Flowers


  1.  7*14 c.m. color papers ( The number of the papers depends on how big a flower you want to make, It will count as the petals of the flower)
  2. A glue stick.
  3. A pearl-like round stone.


  1. Take a 7*14 c.m paper, fold it sidewise like a square shape by making a fold line in the middle of it.
  2. Follow the middle fold line and make half triangle shapes from both sides right and left in the middle. Now it will look like a  full triangle.
  3. Turn the page and make a converse small triangle from the top to the bottom of the page with the top edge of the triangle. Then unfold it and make the same fold on the contrary.
  4. Turn the paper and make a half triangle into the middle line from top to bottom on both half triangle sides. The new half triangle will be narrow.
  5. Turn the page and roll the small little triangle from the bottom of the page upwards. Now it will look like a small triangle within a big one.
  6.  Fold the whole triangle sidewise like a half triangle leaving a middle fold line.
  7. Take the page and put your fingers under it and fold like a diamond shape on the edge. Then turn it and stick the little triangles from the bottom with a glue stick.
  8. Turn it and open it under the sides of the page with your fingers, make it look like a flower petal. And your one flower petal is ready!
  9. Make as many petals as you like the previous way. It depends on how big a flower you want to make! Stick all sides of the petals together and make it from a flower. 
  10. Add a pearl stone in the center of the flower by adding a final touch.                                                                                Your beautiful flower is ready! You can make as many of them by using different papers. Kids will love making them. You can decorate anything with them.

You can decorate your room, flower pot, make gifts, and also use them to decorate school projects, Your teachers will be very impressed by your creativity. You can also make many of them to make a bouquet. Give wings to your creative self and create a beautiful piece of art by them. So Hurry up get a hold of your stationers and start a journey to a beautiful flower world!

Activities for Kids
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