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How to Make a Crazy Paper Frog

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How to Make a Crazy Paper Frog

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Let’s make a fun toy! Today you are going to make a fun frog! Don’t be afraid of it! Kids will love it and play with them. Frogs are called the rain animal as when it is going to rain you can hear their voices everywhere kids love them. It will be so fun to play with them. Kids will love the process. So, Without wasting any time let’s make one!

How to Make a Crazy Paper Frog


  1. A 15*15c.m. color paper.
  2. A 6*15 c.m. color paper.
  3. A Glue stick.


  1. Take a 15*15c.m color paper, fold the paper side-wise in a rectangular shape. Then unfold it and fold it down to up in a rectangular shape.
  2. Unfold the paper, there should be four square fold lines. Look at them and fold them from corner to middle of the page.
  3. Turn over the page, make two triangles from the upper corner of the page from the two slides above the page.
  4. Turn over the page, fold both sides straightly and the above triangle of it.
  5. Turn over the page, there should be two rectangular shapes over the page. Then fold it properly.
  6. Take a  6*15 c.m. color paper, make a stick by folding them two times.
  7. Put the stick in the middle of the previous page.
  8. Make two eyes for the frog and put them over it with a glue stick
  9. Make a red long tongue of the frog and stick them on the mouth with a glue stick.

Yayyy!! Your crazy frog is ready to play! Just look at it with a long tongue. You can make many of them by using this process. As you can see it is so fun and requires less technique and materials. You can easily make them anytime. You can also give them to your kid as a toy and save money. Kids can also use them to surprise their parents, teachers, and friends. So, hurry up, get hold of your stationery, and get ready to play with your witty friend!

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