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Learn A Magic Trick with Paper Craft

Learn A Magic Trick with Paper Craft

Paper Crafts

Learn A Magic Trick with Paper Craft

Activities for Kids

Want some magic in your life? Who doesn’t want to be a magician right! Kids are always fascinated with magic. And If you wanted to teach them some of the tricks, They must get super excited. Today’s Craft is all about that. How about if you change the color of anything? What it will be called? Magic !! Right! You are going to change the color of a paper ring. Then it will be called a magic ring. Isn’t it like your Disney movies?. And Yes! you can do it, and the process is so easy. So, common our magicians, Let us start the trick!

How To Learn A Magic Trick With Paper Craft


  1. Color papers. ( Not too big or too small)                                                                                                                             
  2.  A scissor.
  3.  A glue stick.
  4. A centimeter scale.
  5. A paper-knife.
  6. A sellotape roll.
  7. A pencil.


  1. Take a color paper cut out 2*12 c.m paper strip from it with a scissor.
  2. Add some glue with a glue stick on the side of the strip, place the strip over another color paper. Remember the two paper colors must be different.
  3. Cut out the paper like the 2*12 c.m strip with the scissor and a paper-knife. The two paper strips will attach to one another., make one strip.
  4. Cut the paper strip from the center. Measure the strip at 6 c.m from both sides.
  5. Take the two pieces together and make three folds of  2 c.m over it with a centimeter scale. To not mistaken the measurement you can draw points over it with a pencil.
  6. After using the scale for folding, use your hands to fold it more properly.
  7. Attach the two pieces from their edges with the help of sellotape. It will make a ring. Remember the colors of both sides of each piece must be different.
  8. Cover the sellotapes properly on the edges of the pieces.                                                                                                           

It’s magic! Your magic ring is ready!  Just turn the ring and look at the color-changing magic! You have successfully become a magician! As you can see the steps are so easy and fun making that every kid should be wanted to do it. Kids can make as many magic rings as they want. You can organize your own magic show with your friends. You can show it at your school’s talent show competition and give a shock to everyone. Your parents should be so happy. So, without wasting more time grab your stuff and become a magician!

Activities for Kids
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