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Ganesh Chaturthi Crafts and Activities for Kids 2023

Ganesh Chaturthi Crafts and Activities for Kids 2022

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Ganesh Chaturthi Crafts and Activities for Kids 2023

Activities for Kids

Ganesh Chaturthi Crafts and Activities for Kids 2023!

Lord Ganesha’s birthday is celebrated as Ganesha Chaturthi. It falls on the month of September in the English calendar. In 2023, it will be celebrated on 10th September. The day we celebrate ganesh chaturthi is declared as holiday. Usually in India, they worship the lord Ganesha idols. Vinayar is portrayed with elephant’s head on the body. He is the fortune giver and he is also patron god of travelling. He is the son of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati.

Kids love to help out in their own little ways, it makes them feel important and nice about themselves. Now here are some little ideas that could make Ganesh Chaturthi special for your family.

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with particular fanfare in western India, the celebrations in other states are no less spectacular! Whether you’re having a grand procession or a private ceremony at home, you can always set aside some time for festive activities with your kids. Here are 15 Ganesh Chaturthi crafts and activities for kids to try out with your little ones – there’s something for all ages here!

Ganesh Chaturthi Crafts and Activities for Kids 2023

Ganesh Chaturthi Crafts and Activities for Kids 2023

Let’s celebrate this Ganesh Chaturthi with the art and crafts .

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 2023

Ganesh Chaturthi Crafts and Activities for Kids 2023

Boondi Laddoo / Bundi Laddu / Modak – By Food Connection

  • It’s yummy sweet called lad0o which is favorite among most people because it tastes so nice and one of the best sweets in India. The taste is so good and makes tempt to eat more than one.
  • These decorated lodoo tempts us so much. Try to get away way of it until worship get over. Making of laddo known by many but  decoration of it is known by few.
  • Try to do the different decorations on the laddo not as usual.

Ganapati Paper Craft via instructables

  • Ganesh chartuthi occurs and celebration is in  so great way. But kids can contribute  and celebrate by crafts .This needs the little help of elder ones and easily can be done at short span of time.
  • Boxes and paints and sketches are all needed. Eyes  that can be of printed format and eyes can be downloaded from internet.
  • Try to get help from the elder ones and it is easy when they help you.

  • Drawing is one of the best way to represent the happiness and other form of worship. The drawing can be of lord Ganesha or another thing.
  • Try to outline first and then draw the full structure color it. Give life to it by your color.
  • Don’t make any mistake while final coloring. First decide which color to which part and the start coloring.

Ganesha Umbrella via artplatter

  • During Ganesha chartuthi  rally the lord Ganesha is kept under the umbrella. It is of big size and for crafts it can be of small .
  • Use many decorative which are good looking. The umbrella should be beautifully decorated one.
  • It takes more time to dry ,other than that art is easy to do one.

How to make Eco-friendly Ganesh Idol at Home via artncraftideas

  • Now-a-days Ganesha idols are made of artificial materials and we see the water gets polluted when the idol reaches the water body after the rally.
  • It cannot be stopped but it can be prevented by natural way of making it in home.
  • It’s very difficult to bring the shape and much time is needed to do.

Ganpati rangoli design with rice & betel nut via Youtube

  • Rice Rangoli  which is ancient style of celebrating the festivals but with rangoli which is drawn using the rice grained water.
  • But due to modern life style,rice filled rangoli are drawn at door step with betel nut.
  • The betel can be at the end or outlined one.

How to make paper Craft Wall hanging – Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration via StepByStepIdeas

  • Wall hanging using the vinayak design at its center are super cool to hang out in the wall. With the bells are edge makes much more elegant and beautiful.
  • Glass designed elements at the  edges can be used and threads are in need.
  • At the center of the wall hanging the Ganesha should be placed.

Colored Paper Ganesha via Thegoldenthreadoftruth

  •  Elephant craft are made  using the colored paper with the folding. The colored elephant are cute and adorable one .
  • It came out really well with color papers.Googly eyes are needed in addition.
  • It represents the lord Ganesha.Kids can do this for vinayak chartuthi celebration at school.

Make a Lotus shaped Seat for Ganesha

  • The worshiping of god takes place and to place the idols of lord Ganesha,the seat is made with much more decorative. The leaf at the back of the seat is grand .
  • The place where the Ganesha sits should be of clean,neat and decorated very well.
  • The color sheets and golden outline should be needed.

Ganesha Theme Food via gnaana

  • While thinking how to decorate with the food.An idea make by,that’s pizza is the best way to.Olives ,sauce and pizza base are in need.
  • The face of the vinayar is obtained by these things .Many other foods can also be included in the food carving for celebration.

Thermocol Balls Ganesha

  • Beautifully decorated thermocol Ganesha! Really nice to have him on the thermocol. The white balls are outlined beautifully.
  • The thermocol and paints are needed in the requirement.

Lord Ganesha’s sweet – Modak via Origami Modak

  • Modak is the favorite for the vinayak and kids too. On Ganesha chartuthi every thing becomes art and crafts .For the artificially made Ganesha ,the artificially made modak is presented.
  • Vinayak loves to eat it and we love to see will get interest on it .

Ganesh Chaturthi Crafts and Activities for Kids 2022

Vinayak , lord Ganesha may celebrate this chartuthi   by crafts which is presented by the kids . Let kids enjoy the day with their own craft.Give them requirements and your valuable time.Spend time with them and know them better. Let them enjoy the crafts making and try to do by themselves. Happy Ganesha Chartuthi.

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Activities for Kids
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Crafts and Activities for Kids 2022
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Crafts and Activities for Kids 2022
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Crafts and Activities for Kids 2023
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Crafts and Activities for Kids 2022
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Crafts and Activities for Kids 2022
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Crafts and Activities for Kids 2023
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