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How to Make An Elephant – Moving Paper Toy

How to Make An Elephant - Moving Paper Toy

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How to Make An Elephant – Moving Paper Toy

Let’s bring the elephant in the room! You all might hear this English idiom! Today’s craft is related to this idiom. You all might guess it right! We are going to learn how to make an origami elephant. But it’s going to move!! How? Then go through it. Children love this animal so much for its calm and friendly nature. They love to see elephants at zoos. In Hindu, culture elephants are worshiped as Lord Ganesha. So, We all kind of realize the impact this kind of creature has. So, let’s grab your stationeries and bring life to your new friend.

How to Make An Elephant – Moving Paper Toy


  1. Two 20*20 c.m. colors.
  2. A white paper. ( To make elephants teeth)
  3. Color sketch pens.
  4. Two-button eyes.
  5. A glue stick.
  6. A scissor.


  1. Take a 20*20c.m paper, placed it in your desk like a diamond shape, and folded sideways in a triangle shape left to right.
  2. Unfold it and follow the middle fold line, make twofold left and right from the up like a half triangle shape.
  3. Fold the bottom part of the page by making a full small triangle.
  4. Fold the whole paper from up to down by making a triangle shape. Then fold the right and left upper edges of it under the page like triangles. It will look like an elephant’s face.
  5. Highlight the elephant’s face. Put the eyeballs on the center of the face with a glue stick and give a complete touch to the face.
  6. Take a white page, fold it sidewise like a rectangular shape. Then take a scissor and make a narrow triangle like an elephant’s teeth. Stick them with glue under the elephant’s face.
  7. Stick glue under the elephant’s face and attach it.
  8. Take a 20*20c.m paper, then fold the paper sidewise left to right like a half square shape.
  9.  Then fold the upper portion of the page like a rectangular shape and stick it with glue.
  10. Turn over the page, fold the bottom part over and under like a small rectangular shape.
  11. Highlight the page with your sketch pen.
  12. Take the head of the elephant you made previously and put it over the body with glue.
  13. Put your hand on the body page of the elephant and make it open and stand it on the ground.

Just look at the trunk!! Your friend is ready for a piggyback ride! This process is so easy that anyone should easily make them, by going through this process. You and decorate your room with it. You should use your own creativity and add some extra to this origami elephant.  So, let’s hurry up, make these cute friends and decorate your room and stuff.

FAQ’s on How to Make An Elephant – Moving Paper Toy

1. What supplies do I need to make an elephant moving paper toy?

You will need scissors, glue, a piece of paper, two sticks, and two rubber bands.

2. How big should the piece of paper be?

The piece of paper should be 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

3. How do I cut the paper?

Cut the paper into four equal parts to make four squares.

4. How do I make the head?

Fold one of the squares in half and cut along the fold to make a semi-circle. This will be the head of the elephant.

5. How do I make the body?

Fold the other three squares in half and cut along the folds to make three semi-circles. These will be the body of the elephant.

6. How do I attach the body parts?

Glue the four pieces of paper together to form the body of the elephant.

7. How do I make the legs?

Take one of the sticks and cut it into four equal parts. Glue the four parts onto each corner of the elephant’s body.

8. How do I make the tail?

Take the other stick and cut it into two equal parts. Glue one of the parts onto the back of the elephant’s body.

9. How do I make the ears?

Take the two rubber bands and attach them to the sides of the elephant’s head.

10. How do I make the elephant move?

Push the stick connected to the elephant’s tail up and down to make the elephant move.

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