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How to Make A Paper Fish

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How to Make A Paper Fish

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Hello everyone, I am back with my new tutorial. Like I have told you before we will always have a fun learning with paper and sheets. Remember I told you how to make an origami fish likewise, we will today learn to make a Paper Fish.

It is easy and it will grow interest in art-n-craft. So, without wasting anytime come let us do it step wise so that we can learn it sincerely and have fun learning it.

Follow the following steps to make and learn an interesting thing today.

How to Make A Paper Fish

Step : 1 – Take a square sheet of 19*19 cm of measurements.

Step : 2 –  Fold the sheet as it will become a triangle.

Step : 3 – Again, fold it and it will become a right-angled triangle.

Step : 4 –  Divide it into 3 equal parts by locating two points at 4.5 cm, 9 cm.

Step : 5 – Fold the triangle with the help of a scale at the point of 9 cm.

Step : 6 – Do the same at the point of 4.5 cm.

Step : 7 – Fold the larger part inside.

Step : 8 – Fold it from its lower part to make another triangle and fold it towards outside.

Step : 9 – Now rotate it towards it back and then bend the part to the end of the edge.

Step : 10 – Now come to the upper part of the sheet and fold the paper as it forms a right-angled triangle again.

Step : 11 – Fold it from the edge again.

Step : 12 – The part which is left outside has to be folded inside and outside both.

Step : 13 – Unfold the whole sheet.

Step : 14 – Rotate it towards its backside.

Step : 15 – Fold it with the following lines on the sheet.

Step : 16 – Repeat the same with the triangle of another side too.

Step : 17 –  You can see a square shape in the center of the sheet; fold the sheet according to the lines of the square.

Step : 18 – Fold it inside from its center line.

Step : 19 – You will observe two triangles on the sides and a quadrilateral and its legs downside.

Step : 20 – Fold the triangle in the shape of right-angled triangle.

Step : 21 – Unfold it to its center and then lie down on its center the triangle.

Step : 22 – Do the same for the other side of the center.

Step : 23 – Bring some space in between of it.

Step : 24 – Draw and paste its eyes.

Step : 25 – And your paper fish is ready.

See how simple it was and also very interesting. Go make, learn and teach your kids and siblings. It is really fun learning and it is learnings of something new and interesting.

It is very important to learn new things in life and also learn crafting as crafting gives a new confidence to you and in your lifestyle.

Hope you have liked my today’s tutorial.

We should spend at least 30 minutes of our day learning crafting. It will grow our interests in many new things.

Stay tuned for next tutorial…. Till then stay safe, stay healthy and learn more..

Activities for Kids
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