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How to Make An Origami Fish

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How to Make An Origami Fish

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Hello everyone, I am back with my new and a different tutorial. Like I have told you before we will always have fun learning with paper and sheets. Come on let’s have some fun making an Origami Fish, sounds different right. It is easy and it will grow your interest in art and craft. So, without wasting any time come let us do it stepwise so that we can learn wisely without forgetting everything.

Follow the following steps to make and learn an interesting thing today.

How to Make An Origami Fish

Step : 1 – Take a sheet of 20 * 20 cm.

Step : 2 – Fold it in a shape of a rectangle

Step : 3 – Again, give it a fold to make four equal square sections in the sheet.

Step : 4 – Fold the sheet inside in every square to make a triangle in each square.

Step : 5 – Fold the upper part of it bringing it to the end the center.

Step : 6 – Repeat the same with the other half.

Step : 7 – It will be shaped as a big triangle and in its down part it will be a smaller triangle.

Step : 8 – Unfold the upper part and make it fold half to the same.

Step : 9 – Repeat the same with lower part of it.

Step : 10 – You will see two triangles up and down to each other.

Step : 11 – Fold both the triangles equally to meet the center point on the line of the smaller triangle made earlier.

Step : 12 – Wander it to other side and your fish is ready.

Step : 13 – Draw its eyes and lines on her with sketch pens.

Step : 14 – Your fish is ready.

See how simple and easy it is also interesting. Go make, learn and teach your younger ones and your kids. It is really fun learning and it is learnings of something new and interesting. Now-a-days it is important to spend some time with our kids as technology has taken it’s space in our lives. To make sure this that we have more space than technology in our kid’s life we have to spend lovable time with them.

We have brought this so that you can spend time with your younger ones and kids.

Hope you have liked today’s tutorial, then go spend some loving time with your kids and younger ones.

Stay tuned for the next tutorial, till then stay safe and stay healthy.

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