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How to Make An Origami Paper Panda

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How to Make An Origami Paper Panda

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There must be many of you who love pandas. Who doesn’t! just looking at these cute little animals makes our hearts melt. So what if we actually made one of them!! It will be really fun! Children love panda as it is related to their one of the favorite characters kung fu panda. The innocent face and looks of pandas adore by both adults and kids. Pandas represent innocence.  So, both the kids and adults will love making them and will have fun. So, let’s hold on to your stationaries and begin the process!

How to Make An Origami Paper Panda


  •  A 20*20 white paper
  • A black marker.


  1. Take a 20*20 c.m color paper, place it like a diamond shape on your desk. Fold it upside-down like a triangle shape. It should look like a triangle or a pyramid.
  2.  Fold the triangle shape paper sidewise like a triangle shape while making a fold line in the middle of it.
  3. Unfold the side triangle, notice the middle fold line. Then, fold the two sides of the line by making a little arrow shape and it folds within the middle. Remember these two folds might be placed from the side to center, ending at one point.
  4. Unfold both right and left sides triangle shapes, then roll them by making a rectangular space within it, then again roll them by making a small triangle. Do these folds properly, remember the first fold should be shaped like an arrow and the second like a triangle.
  5.  Turn over the page, then use your hand by making space between the up and bottom pages. Make a small triangle in the bottom and then fold the page with the small triangle within the middle of it.
  6. Turn over and make another small triangle at the bottom of this part.
  7. Use your skills, add nose, eyes, and identical black stripes over it.
  8. Don’t forget to put a cute smile on it.                                                                                                                                                    Your cute friend is ready to eat some bamboo! The panda will look so cute and attractive that everyone will love it. This process is so easy that every kid could make it. You should use these cuties for decorating rooms and stuff. Be more creative and add anything to it. Go through the process and it will be really fun. At the difficult time for the existence of these animals, as we all know they became really rare these days, making them will create a type of awareness for saving pandas. So, not wasting more time, hurry up and make one of your own adorable friends.
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