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How to Make Paper Cat

How to Make Paper Cat

DIY and Crafts

How to Make Paper Cat

Activities for Kids

Hello to all our animal lovers! By the first line, you must be guessing why start with this? Here we offer something that makes you all very happy. We are going to learn to make a paper cat. Who doesn’t love cats! right!As you all know most children love animals, especially cats and dogs. They find them very cute and fascinating and play with them. So, They will find it very fun and interesting to make one of them. So without wasting any time grab your stationaries, Let’s make a new member of your family.

How to Make Paper Cat


  1.  A 20*20 c.m color paper.
  2. Coloring markers. ( for highlighting your cat)
  3. A Black marker.
  4. Pastel or watercolor.
  5. A Scale with round holes.                                                                                                                                                       P.S- It will require it to draw the eyes and eyeballs of the cat but you can also do it with your hand.


  1.  Take a 20*20 c.m color paper, place it like a diamond shape on your desk. Fold it upside-down like a triangle shape. It should look like a triangle or a pyramid.
  2.  Fold the triangle shape paper sidewise like a triangle shape with making a fold line in the middle of it.
  3. Unfold the side triangle, notice the middle fold line. then, fold the two sides of the line by making a little arrow shape fold sidely. Remember these two folds might be placed from the bottom, starting from one point.
  4.  Fold the middle of the piece, which looks like a triangle upside down making a small triangle conversely. Do the same with the side arrow-like triangles and with the bottom edge of the piece.
  5. Turn it over, then take a scale ( with round holes) or use your hand, draw two eyes and eyeballs with the black marker. As for help, you can also use other color materials like pastel or watercolor to give it more life.
  6. Take your coloring markers to highlight your cat’s eyes, mouth, smile, and mustaches.
  7. Give a final touch with the black markers, give more life to your cute pet.
  8. Your cute pet is ready to play! As you can see this requires very few materials and is so easy to make.
  9. Children can make many of them by themselves. You can use them to decorate your room, dairy, school projects, and many more. You can make happy your parents and friends with them.
  10. If they like cats then it will be a bonus. You can use them in many other creative and attractive ways as well like decorating your cat’s house.
  11. You can make one that can represent your pet cat! right! So go fast take hold of your materials and give wings to your creativity. Your little friend is on its way meow! meow!

FAQ’s on How to Make Paper Cat

1. What supplies do I need to make a paper cat?

You will need paper, scissors, a glue stick, a pen or marker, and some colorful materials such as ribbons, fabric scraps, or buttons.

2. How do I make a paper cat?

First, draw a cat’s body shape onto the paper. Cut out the shape and fold it in half lengthwise. Glue the two sides together and let it dry. Then, draw and cut out the cat’s legs, ears, and tail and glue them to the body. Finally, decorate the paper cat with the colorful materials.

3. What kind of paper should I use?

You can use any kind of paper you like, but cardstock is best for making a sturdy paper cat.

4. Can I make a paper cat without scissors?

Yes, you can make a paper cat without scissors by tracing the cat’s body onto a piece of cardstock and then cutting it out with an X-acto knife or craft knife.

5. What other materials can I use to make a paper cat?

You can use other materials such as felt, fabric, or even beads for the cat’s legs, ears, and tail. You can also use craft foam or pipe cleaners for the cat’s whiskers.

6. How do I make the cat’s face?

You can draw the cat’s face using a pen or marker, or cut out eyes and a nose from cardstock or felt.

7. How do I make the cat’s tail?

You can make the cat’s tail by cutting out a tail shape from paper or felt and then gluing it to the cat’s body.

8. Can I make a paper cat that stands up?

Yes, you can make a paper cat that stands up by using a thicker paper such as cardstock and adding a wire or pipe cleaner to the bottom of the cat’s body.

9. What other animals can I make with paper?

You can make a variety of animals with paper, such as dogs, birds, mice, and even fish.

10. What is the best way to store a paper cat?

The best way to store a paper cat is to put it in a box or bag so that it won’t get damaged. You can also hang it on a wall or display it on a shelf.

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Activities for Kids
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