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How to Make An Antistress Transformer Paper Toy

How to Make An Antistress Transformer Paper Toy

DIY and Crafts

How to Make An Antistress Transformer Paper Toy

Activities for Kids

Sometimes life must be so stressful, and you feel so exhausted from your everyday workaholic lifestyle. Not just  for adults but also for kids. Adults can deal with stress, but some little kids can not. So, why not make something which they think toy but also remove some of their stress. You are going to make an Anti Stress toy today, which is so fun. So, without wasting any time, let’s catch on. 

How to Make An Antistress Transformer Paper Toy

Materials Required:

  1. Two-color A4 pages.
  2. A centimeter scale.
  3. A pencil.
  4. A paper-knife.


  1. Take two A4 pages together one over another, make five points with a pencil over the right side of the page with a centimeter scale. The sizes would be 6,11,15,18,20 c.m. accordingly. Do the same with the left side as the same sizes accordingly.
  2. Then also make another five points on the left side with the scale and pencil. The sizes will be  5,10,14,17,19 c.m. accordingly.
  3. Take the scale and paper-knife and cut the page following the lines straightly
  4. The width of all five strips from the left and right sides will be 5 and 6 c.m of the first 4 and 5c.m of the second, 3 and 4 c.m of the third, 2 and 3c.m of the fourth, and 1 and 2 c.m of the fifth.
  5. Take all strips and stick them with a glue stick. You should attach the strips from left to another strip right with both colors. Attach them according to the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth-order mentioned previously. Don’t mix both colors.
  6. A long two-color page should be made, take them and fold each from the top sidewise then folds from left and right of both pages like a half triangle shape.
  7. Attach the left and right fold of the two pages under the half triangles, then fold them and roll the page over the other page like a triangle shape until it ends. Then cut the rest page after it ends.
  8. After your folding ends, it will look and a square-like diamond shape, turn it look at it from the bottom then stuck the all parts with one another. And it will be done. 

Your toy is ready! Let’s go play. Just look at its magic! As you can see it required less effort and materials and added so much fun. Kids will love the making process and playing with them. You can use them as gifts also. It will highly help both kids and adults to remove their stress. So, grab your stationery and make your own toy.

Activities for Kids
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