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How to Make A Paper Butterfly

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How to Make A Paper Butterfly

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Crafts are something that makes you give wings to your creative self that you might. The importance of it never is limited to anything. Today You are going to learn origami art which will give more flow to that creative wings. You are going to make some beautiful origami butterflies today! Isn’t it amazing! Who doesn’t love butterflies right! The colorful wings of them make us go in wonder that How any creature can be so beautiful! Today you will be making these beautiful creatures in paper form. Kids will love the process. So, why are waiting! Let’s learn it!

How to Make A Paper Butterfly

Materials Required:

  1. A 20*20c.m color square paper.
  2. A 9*21c.m. color rectangular shape paper.
  3. A Binder clip.
  4. A bamboo stick
  5. A glue stick.


  1. Take a 9*21c.m. color rectangular shape paper and a bamboo stick, place the bamboo stick over the bottom corner of the page and roll the page all over it and attach the end of it with a glue stick.
  2. Put the bamboo stick from the page smoothly, then fold it and cut the edges of it straightly and smoothly. And fold it properly.
  3. Take the bamboo stick and roll both sides of it. It will make two butterfly strings.
  4. Stick glue in the middle of it and attach them and clip it with a binder clip.
  5. Take a 20*20c.m color square paper, fold it sidewise by making a rectangular shape. Look at the middle fold line and cut the page with a scissor by following the middle fold line.
  6. Take one piece of the page, fold it sidewise by making a rectangular shape. Unfold it.
  7. Place it like a rectangular shape, then fold the right side by making a half triangle on both sides of it. It will make a whole triangle on the left side.
  8. Do the same on the left side, but the triangles will be a little bigger than the right one.
  9. Fold it from the middle, then unfold. There is a fold line in the middle, follow it and fold from the bottom to up by rolling the page over and under straightly
  10. Do the same with the other cut piece page. It will be the wings of the butterfly.
  11. Fold the pieces from the middle and remember the upper part of the wing will be bigger than the lower.
  12. Stick glue in the middle of them.
  13. Take the string of the butterfly and remove the binder clip. Make it sure that it folds properly.
  14. Stick glue on both sides of the string and attach the wings in it with the glue properly.
  15. Your butterfly will be done.

Your beautiful butterfly is ready to fly! As you can see this process is so ready that anybody could make them. Kids can easily make them by following this procedure. Use your creativity and make as many of them as you can. Use your skills to add more shines and beauty to the butterflies. Kids can use them to decorate their projects, cards, notebook and can also use them as a present. The receiver will love them and will be impressed by their creativity. You can also use them to decorate your room, house, office, and stuff. So, let’s take hold of your materials and make these precious butterflies.

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