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How to Make A Paper Rabbit

How to Make A Paper Rabbit

Paper Crafts

How to Make A Paper Rabbit

It’s Bunny Time! Today you are going to learn to make a paper rabbit. All kids might hear the fables on rabbits, so they can easily connect to these animals. Kids are also kind rabbits cute and playful. That they will be overwhelmed to have a bunny pet. If you can’t give them a real bunny then give them these. They will be so happy and have fun. So let’s grab your materials make a cute bunny by yourself!

How to Make A Paper Rabbit


  1. A Color Page. (Your one hand’s palm should fit on the paper, and you can use any size.)
  2. Sketch Pens or colors (Pastel/ water).
  3. A pencil and rubber.
  4. A black marker pen.


  1. Take a color page, put your hand on the page and use another hand and draw your hand’s line on it with a pencil.
  2. Put out your hand after drawing the lines. Then draw two rabbit ears on the 2nd and third fingers of the hand’s outline. And draw a stand shape in the middle of it.
  3. Rub the unnecessary lines, fold the middle portion of the page up and down.
  4. Fold the side fingers over the page.
  5. Highlight the bunny ears, hands, and face with the colors and markers by using your creativity.
  6. Put a final touch on your rabbit with a smile and stand it on the ground.                                                                   

Who eats the carrots huh!! Jokes apart! Your cute rabbit is ready to play. As you can see this process will require very less amount, materials. Your child and you can make them as many as you want. Use various facial expressions on them and can make them funny and cute at the same them. Impress your teacher, parents, and friends with them. Decorate your house and stuff with them. So, without wasting any time let’s make them! How about a race after that! Hurry up!

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