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DIY Art with Paper Circles – Craft Ideas for Kids

DIY Art with Paper Circles - Craft Ideas for Kids

Kids Activities

DIY Art with Paper Circles – Craft Ideas for Kids

ORIGAMI – A paper folding art!

Art and craft involve making different thing from different materials by one’s own hand. It is the best hobby for one to adopt. Both elders and children enjoy it. There are many types of art and craft. We can make art through paper, textile, cardboard, useless plastic etc. By the use of paper only various objects can be created like calligraphy, origami, collage making, card making etc. But the most interesting among all of them is ORIGAMI.

Hundreds of shapes, objects can be carved out from paper by origami art. Everyone loves to make such origami art. Origami art enhances visualization skills by teaching hand on learning skills. There are some origami images are given below which are best examples of such art. So let’s know something about it.

DIY Art with Paper Circles

DIY Art with Paper Circles - Craft Ideas for Kids

Beautiful paper flowers

The above-given art can be used as a greeting card which we can use to wish someone. It will look very amazing as a card. Basically, the children of age group (6-10) can make such arts. This will help kids to learn about flowers and it’s parts. This will also enhance their creativity and crafting skills.

Fishy paper Fish

Here is a fish, who is swimming inside water. This can be an effective way of teaching about marine life. By making fishes, snails, starfish, octopus and many more by paper. This will intensify their knowledge about marine plants too. Basically useful art for (3-6) year old. Also, we can use it to enhance the beauty of the children’s room wall.

 Cute Chick Coco

This chick is looking so sweet and cute. Basically, the chick is hen’s child. This type is art is suitable for (2-5) years of kid. It is so basic and simple but makes study and learning effectively. Children easily attract towards colors and drawings. So this will help parents to amplify their kid’s knowledge.

Nature’s precious gems

Flowers are nature’s precious gems. Without flower nature is nothing. Flowers gives colors to our nature. So it is necessary to learn about them. Here we make some origami flowers not as beautiful as the natural ones, but tried our best. It is useful to teach kids about the flowers and to make decorative items using flowers.

Happy Crocodile

Basically, the crocodile is a very dangerous reptile. But in this picture, we have a happy version of him. So through this art, we can learn about a crocodile and things related to him like it is a reptile which is a new term for kids. Always use unique art to make study effective and interesting. This will encourage kids to learn more and more.

Hen & her chicks

Such a big fatty hen with her chicks but looking amazing in this art. This will amplify their knowledge about hens and chicks. Knowledge like about their color, crown, and tail, shape, size etc. We can use such arts to present a  poem about hen so that they can memorize that poem easily. This will also keep children busy.

One leg swan

There are many breeds of a swan and the above picture is showing one of them i.e. one leg swan. This is a swan who has only one leg, seems really interesting. This is the benefit of art that through a single craft we learn new things like this is one leg swan. This is will help students who want deep knowledge about any bird in a creative way.

Pretty flower

A flower makes everything beautiful and pretty. We must make such pretty arts to make things attractive. This will best suitable for (2-5) age group. As children love colors very much and in this picture there is a beautiful combination of red and yellow color with sweet little green leaves.

Orange art

Orange is a very bright and vivid color. But orange flowers look damn attractive. As it’s natural color is a sign of beauty. These arts can helpful to decorate greeting cards, charts, school projects etc. These flowers give an attractive and effective look to such arts.

Smiling butterfly

Children love to watch butterflies and flowers, as it seems attractive. Now,if we see the above art, we can observe many things from that like color combinations, pattern of butterfly wings, flower petals. This will help them to learn about these things in a different and unique manner. Most suitable for primary kids.

Blacky bug

A bug usually found under our beds also known as a bedbug. This is a very common bug but in reality we can’t see it properly. But through this origami, we can observe him properly and read about this creature. Art creates curiosity in kids to know more about something. So craft is the best method to memorize anything rapidly.

Marine life

Marine Life is a very interesting and important topic. But sometimes it is very difficult to teach kids about it. So here is an innovative way to do that by making an origami art including fishes, plants, starfish etc. Children can grab the thing easily by watching them practically instead of reading them theoretically. Best suitable for the age group (3-10) years.

Joyful Seal

Seal, acute and joyful animal. They love to play with balls. By making arts of such animals which kids don’t see in their real-life will upgrade their knowledge about animals. Especially the kids of  (3-10) year age group. This will really beneficial for them. This origami is clearly showing about the seal and it’s happy nature. Children memorise things easily when they see them.

Nature – an art

Nature is an art in itself. Here we turn that natural art into paper art. This is a beautiful scene which help children to learn about nature and it’s components like tree, sun, clouds etc. The colors used in the picture can help kids to learn about all the colors. This is useful for children of age group (1-5). As in such a young age, they can grab that knowledge in an effective way of origami.

Beauty butterfly

The butterfly is one of the most beautiful things of nature. There are many types of butterfly having different colors, pattern, sizes, wings etc. Now to learn about the basic structure of a butterfly, we can use these arts. Children can grab the knowledge of butterfly easily through art. Best suitable for kindergarten kids.

Falling leaves

This is basically a view of the tree in the autumn season. As in autumn season, leaves isolated from the tree. This is depicting that quality of the season. So by such arts, we can teach children about seasons and their specifications. This is helpful for preschool kids. We can give such homework to children so to amplify their season’s knowledge.

Flying birds

Flying, colourful birds are flying in the sky. These are the best art for children of age group (1-5) years. As in that age, they recognise everything. So that’s the best way to teach them. This art will tell them about birds and their organs like leg, wings, tail etc. Such arts can be used to decorate their room’s roof and walls too.

Lovely flowers

So this is a pretty flower pot with elegant flowers. This will look amazing as a photo frame in the drawing room as art made by kids. Parents will do such things it will appreciate kids to do more and more artwork and craft. Best suitable for the age group (5-10).

Unique art

Basically, these are flowers but looking like that plant which eats animal naming pitcher plant. Now, this is the creative way to teach kids about new varities of flowers and their characteristics. This will increase their knowledge too.

A parakeet

At first, glance when we see this, we will think that it is a parrot. But it is not really a parrot, it’s a parakeet i.e. American parrot. It has colorful tail. Now you can see the usefulness of art, we came to know about a more creature through it. It can be used to decorate roofs of the room. It will look awesome on it. The material requirements list is also available.

Overall I can say that art is the most precious gift to a human being. It is the best habit to adopt by someone. This will help them to learn new things in a new way. I must say that art is very useful and effective in many ways. It will amplify the knowledge and skills of someone. So don’t waste your free time. Always make your time useful and create more and more arts.

I hope you all will like the article. Please like and comment and give your reviews. It will give us the motivation to write more for all of you. For more such articles check other articles on our website.

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