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Crumpled Paper Crafts for Kids

Crumpled Paper Crafts for Kids

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Crumpled Paper Crafts for Kids

Waste paper can be utilized in several useful ways which many of us do not even know about. They can be soaked and used to make crafts, they can be used to make covers of surfaces, or crumpled into small portions to make interesting crafts. Here in this post, we are to dive deeper into the method of making DIY paper crafts by crumpling sheets of paper and colouring them into our desired ways.

Thus we are going to see how paper birds, bugs, beetles, flowers and even more can be made to make use of waste paper in a creative way. By these methods, young children can also be educated about the importance of conserving paper, as it takes a lot of effort to make so.

Crumpled Paper Crafts for Kids

Crumpled Paper Crafts for Kids

1. Holding A Sapling In Hands

Crumpled Paper Crafts for Kids

Here in this first example, we see the image of a hand holding a miniature tree, symbolizing the need for us to protect trees and nature, as responsible human beings. A brilliant idea for an art project, this cute artwork carries an important message to future generations.

2. Paper Parakeet

Crumpled Paper Crafts for Kids

Here a parakeet is replicated in the form of this pretty artwork with crumpled sheets. Sticking this by the doorway of a house or a classroom can be a great welcome gift to visitors!

3. Owl See You Later!

Crumpled Paper Crafts for Kids Owl See You Later

Owls are always iconic, be it in actual life form, or used in decorations. With their large googly eyes and pointed beaks, they’ll make sure to capture the attention of any passerby. Thus, using owls in any craft form, including crumpled papers is always a bonus.

4. The Butterfly Effect

Crumpled Paper Crafts for Kids The Butterfly Effect

Aren’t butterflies the most gorgeous thing ever? With their colourful wings fluttering, they sure bring joy to all our lives. Especially this one made with crumpled paper in the hues of mauve, purple and pink.

5. Fly With The Wind

Crumpled Paper Crafts for Kids Fly With The Wind 

Once again we meet our fluttery friend. This time the butterfly is accompanied by two cute crumpled paper flowers on its sides. Overall, the colour scheme of this work is extremely attractive and thus, can be great for putting up at any art exhibition.

6. Beetles With A Flower

Crumpled Paper Crafts for Kids Beetles With A Flower

This landscape is a gorgeous one with two beetles looking up to a flower with fluffy clouds floating in the background. The flower is pure white, complementing the tone of the artwork well with the bright yellow background.

7. Sea you, Sea Horse!

Crumpled Paper Crafts for Kids Sea you, Sea Horse

Here we see a little girl holding up what looks like a sea horse made of crumpled coloured paper. There are so many vibrant colours coexisting here in this piece-red, yellow, green, pink etc and the result looks absolutely pretty.

8. A Tortoise On A Sunny Day

Crumpled Paper Crafts for Kids A Tortoise On A Sunny Day

This image is eye-catching as well. The main focus of this work is a cute small tortoise wearing a hat taking a stroll in a garden, with trees and the sun shining bright in the background. The shell of the tortoise is made up of crumpled papers in a pattern of red, yellow and blue consecutively.

9. Paper Tissue Buddies

Paper Tissue Buddies

Here we have a butterfly, a starfish, a fish and a little bird made up of crumpled papers here respectively. Doing crafts like these can help children become more educated about nature and biodiversity, in air, land and water alike.

10. Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket

An apple, a pear and a few grapes contribute to this absolutely gorgeous fruit basket shown here in this above picture. The importance of having fruits in diet can be drilled in this way from a young age, as colourful displays of fruits may encourage children to know more about them.

11. Carrot Anyone?

Carrot Anyone

Don’t you just love this carrot smiling at you with the beady eyes? The bright vermillion colour further adds to the cuteness of it. We cannot just resist eating up this carrot for a nutritious, healthy meal, can we?

12. Paper Pumpkin

Paper Pumpkin

The colour palette of browns, oranges and earthy greens is very aesthetically pleasing here in this depiction of a pumpkin. Pumpkins have various health benefits as they’re highly nutritious and have great antioxidant content, so it is a great health lesson to learn from this one!

13. Rainbow Pop

Rainbow Pop 

Who doesn’t love rainbow icicles? People of all ages love to slurp up on one, especially during hot summer days where we need a burst of coolness to keep us going. Making Popsicle projects like these, thus, can be extremely fun and engaging as it reminds us of all the good memories.

14. The Glory Of  Friendship

The Glory Of  Friendship

This scenery is absolutely breathtaking, isn’t it? Two friends peacefully enjoying a bright sunny day on the grass as birds fly high in the sky. The joy of friendship is shown beautifully here in this piece, and looking at this scenery for a while brings peace to the mind.

15. Colour Your Dreams

Colour Your Dreams

Balloons are uplifting, just like the dreams that encourage us to go ahead in life, which colour our vision. Just like holding on to a set of balloons give you a feeling of being super light, they transport us to our happiest dreams of joy and mirth and forget our worries for a while.

16. Under The Umbrella

Under The Umbrella

Umbrellas have to be one of the most gorgeous creations ever with their splash of colours and beautiful patterns everywhere. For example, this craft above does a great job at capturing their beauty, while also honouring the utility they provide us in all weathers.

It was amazing, thus, how we visited the lovely land of beautiful animals, umbrellas, fruits and vegetables through the method of making crafts by crumpling papers. It is truly amazing how the simplest things in life can provide the greatest joys of all time, such as reminiscing daily items through creative methods like craft making. This post covered several types of beautiful items that could be made, thus making use of waste papers in a really innovative way, while also being a great learning method for kids.

If you enjoyed this post, kindly make sure to visit other similar posts on this website again. And please leave a comment down below! Thank you and have an amazing day/night ahead.

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