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Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas for Kids To Play

Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas for Kids To Play

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Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas for Kids To Play

Activities for Kids

Creativity is a constructive process that results in the production of essentially a new product.  Creativity is seeing or expressing new relationships. It is not only limited to the objects of everyday use, but also an instrument for increasing knowledge.

Art and Craft not only improve the creativity and imagination of children but also helps in their social and academic development as a lot of things can be taught through art and craft. In this post, we are going to discuss such craft ideas which will help in the development of kids’ brains.

Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas

Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas for Kids To Play

The Spoon Body Parts

Creative and Amazing Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas The Spoon Body Parts

Make these amazing crafts to teach the five senses to children. Make cuttings from a craft sheet to make the lips, hand, eyes, nose, and ear and stick each on a spoon. Ask kids to make the faces with a sketch pen and while they make this craft tell them about these parts and their functions. Also, teach kids the five senses. They will definitely learn a lot through this fun learning activity.

Writing Names On Plastic Spoon

Creative and Amazing Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas Writing Names On Plastic Spoon

Cut out letters and paste them each on a plastic spoon. Kids of 3-6 years of age will learn the alphabets and other spellings with this interesting craft. To make it even more interesting, use wool to make the hair. Not only for learning but this craft can also be used for decoration at birthday parties. This will also help in managing the budget that is spent on decoration.

Learning Numbers

Creative and Amazing Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas Learning Numbers

Cut out numbers from colorful scrap paper and paste it on these plastic spoons. Teach children numbers and ask them to decorate the spoons in whatever way they like. Do a puppet show for kids using the spoons to teach numbers and children will learn these things without getting bored and will not run away from studying.

Making Shapes On Plastic Spoons

Creative and Amazing Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas Making Shapes On Plastic Spoons

Cut out different shapes such as squares, star, circle, rectangle, triangle, etc. and paste these shapes on colorful plastic spoons. Make face and hair using sketch pens and wool. Involve kids in the same and ask them to learn about each shape and its properties. This will enhance the imagination power of kids and also help them academically.

Fruits and Vegetables on Plastic Spoons

Creative and Amazing Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas Fruits and Vegetables on Plastic Spoons

Creative and Amazing Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas Fruits and Vegetables on Plastic Spoons

On scrap sheets, make different fruits such as apple, orange, grapes, and other fruits of your choice. Ask children to make the fruit craft and paste them on a plastic spoon and also decorate the spoon with bows, hair, and facial features. Tell them the benefits of all these fruits and that how important it is for kids to eat these fruits.

Similarly, make the craft of various vegetables and tell the health benefits to children. Children will automatically start eating all these healthy fruits and vegetables when they will spend so much effort on making all these crafts on their own and learn their importance.

Colorful Plants on Plastic Spoons

Creative and Amazing Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas Colorful Plants on Plastic Spoons

Using colorful scrap papers, make flowers and different plants and ask children to decorate them. Paste them on spoons and make the facial features and hair to give a more interesting look to your craft. Ask children to learn about all these flowers and plants.

You can also use the craft to decorate your rooms and it is a fantastic idea for decorating a garden party. Make many of these and hang them together in a row in the garden.

The Plastic Spoon Sea Creatures

Creative and Amazing Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas

With colorful scrap papers, make various sea animals like fishes, sea horses, octopus, starfish, seaweed snd other things. Kids will learn through this fun learning process. Such ideas of learning are coming more into the picture because children learn more through such activities than traditional learning and schooling. You can also use these to decorate near your aquarium to give a more perfect background.

The Categorized Animals Craft

Creative and Amazing Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas

The Categorized Animals Craft

It is very important for kids to know about animals and their different kinds. You can categorize and make crafts of such animals as aerial and land separately. By doing this, children will easily learn about the different kinds of animals without getting confused and bored.

With your kid make a customized zoo and aquarium and fill it up with many such crafts of animals and plants. It will be a treat to the eyes as well as empower one’s creative skills. Both the pictures shown below are some craft ideas using scrap paper and plastic spoons.

Teaching Professions

Teaching Professions

Make this craft where you have to depict people from different professions using craft sheets and colorful plastic spoons. Make the craft of pope, doctor, and nurse, and any other profession. Tell children about all these and their jobs for it is very essential for kids to know all this. Such crafts also help to develop the manual dexterity of children along with expanding their horizon of knowledge.

The Family Spoon Craft

The Family Spoon Craft

This one is very interesting and funny and children will love these. Here, instead of making the traditional family tree, make this spoon craft by allotting one to each family member. Ask children to make the craft of their family members. An amazing way of developing the brains of children up to 6 years of age. When children will express themselves, you will also get to know how their brain functions, and they will learn to be more intellectual and socially expressive.

Creativity is a valuable workplace skill because it can be a useful tool for developing new ideas, increasing efficiency, and devising solutions to complex problems. These crafts benefit one in all the ways as it helps in the overall development of a child, be it socially or academically and even develops hand to eye coordination which is very important for the growth of a child.

You can help kids learn through these activities and also be economical as you need not spend extra money on decorating or teaching some basics to children. Try these crafts and benefit yourselves. Connect to us in the comments section and also check out other wonderful posts on our website with more ideas about crafts and festivals.

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