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Easy DIY Animal Crafts: An Origami Zoo Of Your Own!

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Easy DIY Animal Crafts: An Origami Zoo Of Your Own!

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Haven’t you often wished to own a little animal farm where you could live with all your favourite beings- a little white bunny, a jumbo friendly elephant, cute little birds, hundreds of colorful butterflies etc. Well, we are here to help you handcraft your own cute and fun animal farm with simple DIY origami and paper craft techniques.

Easy DIY Paper Animal Craft Ideas

These paper craft animals will help you beautify your rooms, classrooms and fetch you good marks in creative school projects as well. Learn facts about these little beings as you create them and impress your friends with your knowledge about your animal farm!

1. Easy Frog And Cat Paper craft

Frogs symbolize sheer joy. They remind us to be always merry, to eat, play and rest at the right time and to always sing with happiness when it rains. Make a smiley frog with a crown using materials as few as colored papers, sketch pen, scissors and some glue.

Using a similar technique and a little creativity, add a little black cat to your animal farm and have fun with your new play buddies.

2. DIY Bird Wall Hanging

From singing sweet songs to make your mornings cheerful to making Mother Nature so beautiful by their presence, aren’t birds the most beautiful of all creatures?

Give wings to your imaginations and follow this guide to make easy DIY bird wall hanging that will grace your room and your animal farm.

3. Colorful And Easy Butterfly Paper craft

Butterflies, as asserted quite rightly, are nature’s angels. People of all age groups admire these colorful beings with equal awe and excitement. Would you like to handcraft your own radiant butterflies? Follow our step by step guide and a dash of myriad colors to your room, to your animal farm and to your dreams.

4. DIY Paper craft Jellyfish

The extensive underwater kingdom fills and thrills our hearts with amazement. Jellyfish are one of the oldest creatures to have lived on our planet and that too without having brains. Isn’t it funny? You can make a paper craft jellyfish using paper cutting and folding styles. Let the jellyfish swim free in the endless sea of your creativity.

5. Easy Teddy Bear Using Paper Cut Circles

Cut circles of different sizes using colored paper of your choice and that’s all you need to make a chubby little teddy bear which can be used to make hand made cards, as a bookmark and of course it will be the centre of attraction of your animal farm.

6. The Fanfold Origami Rabbit

Bunnies are just as cute as ………… Bunnies! When it comes to cuteness rabbits do not have any rival. Using the very famous “FANFOLD” technique you can make little rabbits to hop around your farm. Just keep them at a safe distance from your cat!

7. Easy Octopus Paper craft

Did you know that an octopus has nine brains! He must be the most intelligent student in the “underwater school”.

Bless your little animal kingdom with this unique eight-limbed fellow by following our guidelines. Who knows maybe he too desperately wants to be your friend!

8. DIY Quilling Origami Snails

Snails are always the last to arrive due to their slow speed. In our article to they come last but our surely not the least.

Using this simple origami technique of quilling, make little snails and let them rest on your bookshelf, wardrobe, tables, in short wherever you want.


As an animal lover, you must protect the environment so that all beings can live happily together. Recycle waste straws and funnel to make fun games to play with your friends.


Craft is indeed the best use of leisure time. Have a great time trying out these ideas and let us know your experiences in the comment section below. To enhance and develop your creativity further, view more such ideas at our website.

Wish you a creative day ahead!

Activities for Kids
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