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Handprint Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

Handprint Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

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Handprint Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

The handprint is very attractive and easy art nowadays. It will enhance their creative skills and knowledge. This shows that we can make a lot of innovative arts only by using our handprints. This makes kids busy in such innovative activities and increases their interest in art and craft.

Handprint Paper Craft Ideas

Handprint Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

In schools, extra art classes arranged for kids so that they can use their mind to the fullest. Parents should also encourage them and do not bound them only with academic studies. But also help them in art and craft. Kids can use art, craft and creativity as their carrier also because in today’s world it is a very demanding skill in a person.

Easy To Make Colourful Handprint Rocket Craft For Kindergarten

Easy To Make Colourful Handprint Rocket Craft For Kindergarten

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This easy and fun craft is a great way to get kids excited about space. With just a few simple materials, kids can make a colorful handprint rocket craft that is perfect for kindergarten. It’s a great way to get kids to learn while having fun.

A Handprint swan

In this image, there is a white swan made by a kid who is looking very lovely and inviting. Swan’s beak is made by a glittery sheet and the wings are made by cutting of handprints. Swan is standing on a pot which is made up of recycled paper. On seeing this art we can presume that the kid who made it can be a good artist.

Couple swans

Now, this is pretty good and interesting. A cute swan couple flying in the air with their wings open. A white and a brown swan looking towards each other. There is a little flower too. Their wings are made by the handprints of little kiddos. We must appreciate their arts by giving them little reward this will encourage them to make such arts.

Smiling sun

Bright sun with a bright smile which makes everyone smiles. The sun’s shining make everyone happy and enthusiastic. This sun is made of a paper plate and handprints with artificial eyes and has a big orange smile. Such arts also increase their knowledge of color, size and shapes. We can use this to decorate kids room and it will look awesome in it. Be like a sun,  always smile and shine.

Colorful Hen

A hen usually do cluck sound but in this art piece, our hen is singing. Though we can’t understand that the musical notes gives us an idea about that. So here we present a colorful hen with multicolor wings looking so beautiful. He also has a crown on his head made of a brown handprint. We can see so many colors only in one art. There are handprints grass and flowers too which is kind of an innovative thing.

Golden crown peacock

This is our national bird peacock. Whenever we saw this bird we saw pride in its walking as of a national bird’s pride. It is such a beautiful and mesmerizing bird. In this creativity also it is looking very attractive. It has colorful handprint wings with a beautiful golden crown sitting on a tree branch. A bright sun shining in the sky with blossoming flowers giving a beautiful look to the art piece.

Months loop

A circular loop with months name on it such a creative idea. It will help children to learn months name in a different way. It will also use as a door decorating piece which gives a contrasting look to it. This circular loop has a red, orange, yellow and green color which are basically bright colors. The loop is carved from the handprints of little ones.

Shiny sunflowers

Sunflowers, its name describes its quality – a flower which loves sunshine and always faces or reposition itself in the direction of the sun. So, in this image, we can see that the kids made sunflowers with their handprints made of used or recycled paper. The stem and leaves of sunflower are made of paper which is not really useful. It is a pretty good technique to use wasted paper.

Family tree

Family- we all love our family very much. So here is a cute little family tree made by Payton the elder child of the two. He writes about his mom, dad and sibling Annabel in hearts which are fruits of the tree. The leaves are made of green color handprints. The bark of the tree is of brown color which is connecting all the leaves and fruits together. We can correlate tree with family as a tree has branches, the family also has branches i.e. generations.

Happy joker

Joker always brings a smile on our face whenever we see them. He always too stupid thing to make us laugh. In a circus, a joker’s dress is always very unique and lively. And here we also have a vibrant and joyful joker. He has a funky cap, bow and weird shoes. The most unique thing is his dress which is crafted of multicolor handprints. We should make such arts and make everyone smile. Smile is the key to positivity.

Tulips greetings

Tulips are very pretty flowers. There are many tulip parks also which only do tulip farming as it is such a nice flower. In this art, kids make tulips on handprint sheets. These can use as a greeting card also. We can give these to our teachers, parents and elders. They will be amazed at seeing such cards. Cards having tulip in it and can also write a message for them. Different colors can be used to make it attractive.

Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is the most important part of Christmas. We decorate it in our homes, school and offices. In this picture, we can learn how to make a small Christmas tree step by step. Firstly draw your hands on a sheet and then cut them out. Then cut a triangle shape and start pasting those handprint cuttings on it from the bottom. Keep pasting it until it reaches the top and at top paste a different color cutting and your tree is ready.

Flying butterflies

A butterfly here and there, everywhere butterfly seems so beautiful. We usually see butterflies in the garden over the flowers sucking the nectar. Here is a group of butterflies made by handprints. This is looking so attractive and really inviting. Handprints are like the wings of the butterflies. This art has every color in it. Pretty butterflies made by a pretty kid. Such arts taught kids about nature too like this one. By this, they can learn about butterflies.

Cute parrots

A tree full of parrots looks so amazing and capturing moment. In this art also these colorful parrots are giving such a real look. Parrots are sitting on every branch of the tree. These are made by the cutting of handprints using 5-6 such cuttings then arrange them in the shape of parrot and making eyes and beak with paper. That is very easy to make. Kids can easily create such things.

Party masks

Whenever I think about any mask, the first thing that comes in my mind is a mask party. Usually, we use the mask in that only. But that’s a very creative idea to use masks as it becomes like a game to find people behind masks. Kids can make their own masks for their birthday parties as we have shown in this picture. Here are some masks made by kids’ handprint with a big smile and some dots. This is an idea to keep them busy as well as make their parties interesting. Parents always motivate them to do such activities.

Cock’s family

So, earlier we saw a family tree and now there is a family of cock has a cock, a hen and their chick. All are looking colorful and beautiful. Having pretty handprint wings and brown colored body with a yellow beak and little legs. This family is looking nice and happy together.

Flower pot

Flower pots look really beautiful in our homes. It gives nice and positive vibes in our surroundings. Nowadays everyone prefers to place flower pots in their houses. But there is one flaw in it, we have to change flowers daily. So we can make an artificial flower pot. Even our kids can make it like the above picture. It will have twice benefit, one is used to decorate the house and another one is making our children creative. So keep doing such things and involve children in it.

Swan in the water

Let’s guess what is this?? This is a swan which is floating on water. Seems like it’s floating because of its posture. Basically, swans are of white color but in this picture, we have a colorful and unique swan. Its wings are made of colorful handprint cuttings of paper. It has a small orange beak. Swan is a very attractive creature which looks beautiful while floating on water.

Bird’s flee

Birds flying in the sky with their open wings look so beautiful. There are a lot of birds in this image. They have colorful handprint wings and they all are connected with each other through a branch. Some are flying and some are taking rest on the branches of the tree. Basically, the birds with such types of the beak are known as the hummingbird. This bird beak’s size is relatively more than its body. So through the art, we came to know about many new and interesting facts also.

Snowy Snowman

A snowman is the first art which comes in our mind when we see snow. We all love to play with snow and make a snowman. We make his eyes and nose too and also give him a muffler to protect him from cold which is really childish. This snowman also has all the qualities of the real snowman except it is made of handprints. He has a bright smile, muffler and gloves too. Here we replaced snow by the paper handprint cuttings.

Funky Man

A funky man ‘Joker’ is making us happy with his funny deeds. He does dancing, singing and comedy acts. His attire makes him different from others. Especially the dress which gives an inviting look. Mostly kids attract towards him easily on seeing such colorful creature. This joker is also looking so vivid that anyone can attract him. Having handprint dress, orange shoes, funky hairs and a cap too. We can decorate nursing schools with such art and craft.

Shining joker

Joker is everybody’s friend makes everyone happy and joyful. Joker always looks so vivid and bright. Always keep a big smile on his face. In this picture, we can see that quality of the joker. He has funky and weird pink hairs, glittery hat and shoes. The dress made of handprints and the most important thing his red nose which makes him different from everyone else. But it takes a lot of effort to be a joker and make anyone laugh.

Fun Paper Finger Puppet Snowman Craft Project for Kids

A Fun Paper Finger Puppet Craft Project for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This fun craft project is perfect for kids! They can have a blast making their own paper finger puppets and creating stories with them. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to keep kids entertained and have fun with their creativity!

We can conclude this by saying that art is the best thing to do in their free time. It will make the use of our free time in a beautiful thing. We can make many more arts by using handprints. These are only a few examples of that. Especially kids can relate to this. Their parents involve them in such activities so that they can do their work without their kid’s intervention. So we must appreciate them for such activities by rewarding them with their favourite food items. This will also help in recycling of waste products like newspaper, paper cuttings and unused stones. Now by winding up this article all I can say that…

Art is the best way to express our feelings and creativity.

I hope all the readers will like the article. Visit the website, a growing art and media page for more such interesting articles.

Give your feedback and comment for appreciation and motivation.

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