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Simple Animal & Bird Drawings for Kids


Simple Animal & Bird Drawings for Kids

If you’re searching for Simple animal & bird drawings for kids to do at home, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of animals & bird drawings like Parrot pair, smiling frog, duck, and cute baby chick.

Simple Animal & Bird Drawings for Kids

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Parrot Pair

Simple Animal & Birds Drawings for Kids Parrot Pair

This cute green parrot pair is very easy to make and a hidden trick had been used for making this drawing procedure more fun. The bodies of parrots have been made by four 2’s and then the tail and branch have been added. These parrots are easy and will be a good drawing theme for your kindergartener and preschooler. After the drawing is completed, kids can fill the parrots with green colors to give a beautiful colorful look to this drawing.

Smiling Frog

Simple Animal & Birds Drawings for Kids Smiling Frog

This super cute frog with a crown on his head is easy to make. Just look at the glittery shining eyes and smiling face of this innocent frog. It is surely going to add beauty to your kid’s drawing books. Frogs live in water and even on land. They hop and make a ‘grrr grrr’ noise. It is really fun to watch them hop and get vanished during rainy seasons.


Simple Animal & Birds Drawings for Kids Duck

Ducks are the water birds and they also live on land. Ducks love swimming in the water and it is a treat for the eyes of viewers to watch these birds floating smoothly on the water. They are familiar to kids and are involved in many nursery rhymes and poems. Drawing this duck will be easy for your toddlers. Colors can be added to make it more fun. Use yellow or white color.

Cute Baby Chick

Simple Animal & Birds Drawings for Kids Cute Baby Chick

This baby chick is not just very easy and fun to draw but looks amazingly innocent. It is a dancing chick that is seen in many television ads. It is a baby duck and ten times cuter. Your kindergartener and preschooler will love this cute piece of drawing. So without any delay, give them their drawing notebooks and let them get started.

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