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Fun Bubble Activities For Kids

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Fun Bubble Activities For Kids

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Hey out there! Hope you are doing fine. Today is all about Bubbles. Take your kids on a fun adventure by making bubbles of all types, and having all the fun. Blowing out bubbles is a good exercise for the lungs, which comes with a pack of fun and learning. Making a bubble mixture is super simple, soap+water+glycerine makes a good bubble mixture. If we add some non-toxic colors to the mixture it will do great.

Below are 13 bubbles activities that are a must-try for your toddler. So, pack your things and embrace your little ones’ to go on a youthful bubbly adventure.

Fun Bubble Activities For Kids

Fun Bubble Activities For Kids

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Easily Blow A Mountain Of Bubbles

Easily Blow A Mountain Of Bubbles

Image Source/Tutorial: Jell – O scented bubbles 

Here is an activity where you have to blow out bubbles. Just get a small bowl or container fill it with bubble mixture, get a straw, and blow from your mouth into the mixture, and see a mountain of bubbles is created. Add a suitable color to the mixture before blowing, you will have a colored mountain. Try it, you will love it. This activity will not only teach your kid the way of blowing but also make their lungs stronger. It’s a willful and exciting activity suitable for all ages.

Prepare Yourself A Frothy Bathtub

Fun Bubble Activities For Kids Prepare Yourself A Frothy Bathtub

Image Source/Tutorial: bubble-filled tub

Taking a bath daily is a good habit. What about a frothy bath, or just a tub filled with bubbles. Here is an activity where you can prepare your kid a bubbly bath. On hot summer days, it has proven to be beneficial to fight the heat. You can prepare it by filling the tub with a soapy solution, using a soap that is soft on the skin. Enjoy with your kid and click some pictures for future memories.

Make Huge Size Bubbles

Make Huge Size Bubbles

Image Source/Tutorial: HUGE bubbles

Make huge size bubbles that can even fit your kid inside. When that huge bubble is ready, a shiny rainbow color is visible at the spherical edges. Beautiful learning from bubbles, is that beautiful things don’t stay for long, and too much attachment to a thing makes us weak. Try the activity to spend some memorable time with your loved little kids.

Blow Out Yellow Color Bubbles

Fun Bubble Activities For Kids Blow Out Yellow Color Bubbles

Image Source/Tutorial: soap-free bubble prints

Ever thought of making yellow bubbles that can stay for long. You need a cup and the prepared soap solution, along with a blowing straw, add a pinch or two of turmeric powder to the solution and here, your yellow-colored bubble solution is ready to be blown out. Turmeric is a natural color and is safe. First, blow and show your toddler how it’s done. Have a great day blowing.

Make Marvelous Bubbles

Make Marvelous Bubbles

Image Source/Tutorial: bubble wands

Huge bubbles add the fun we want from making bubbles. Kids love large spherical bubbles. By using bubble wands these large bubbles can be created. A bubble wand is a tool that can be created from two medium-sized sticks with attached ropes from one end of each stick. Dipping the rope in soap solution and curving it in the air will create big bubbles. Have fun with your kids.

Create Trail Of Bubbles

Fun Bubble Activities For Kids Create Trail Of Bubbles

Image Source/Tutorial: big, flowy giant bubbles

Flowy giant bubbles are pretty to watch. They are more vibrant and flowy. Make a perfect solution for the perfect bubbles, using soap(detergent)+glycerine+cornstarch+baking soda, in the right amount to make a solution that proves to be perfect. Again using the bubble wand as given in the previous craft, start making the flowy bubbles. To make them flow, keep the wand up in the air and move back to let the air blow the bubble.

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Blow Out Bubbles

Blow Out Bubbles

Image Source/Tutorial: bubble Science experiments

For this activity, you will need a cup, soap solution, and a straw. Make giant eyes with circular lips on the cup. Blow the bubbles, and the craft will look like a ghost who got its brain spilled. It is a good craft, more faces can be drawn on the cup and more cups with different faces can be used to make the activity look funny and enjoyable.

Blow And Create Bubbles By Hands

Fun Bubble Activities For Kids Blow And Create Bubbles By Hands

For this creative activity, your toddler will only need a pair of his own hands. First, cover your hands in soap and join them by the thumb, then blow out from your mouth gently to create a bubble. Teach your kid how it’s done, then encourage them to try it out themselves. The benefit of the activity is that it will prevent any chances of soap solution getting into the mouth of your toddler which generally gets into their while using a straw.

Invent A Bubble Blower For Yourself

Invent A Bubble Blower For Yourself

Image Source/Tutorial: bubble-blowing machine

Get a simple DIY bubble blower made from scratch. All you need is an old water bottle, which can be cut in half from the closed end. Cover the roughy ends of the bottle with melted plastic to make it smooth. Start making bubbles by dipping into a soap solution. A simple DIY bubble machine is ready for your toddler to start making bubbles.

Make Bubbles Cuisine

Fun Bubble Activities For Kids Make Bubbles Cuisine

Image Source/Tutorial: different utensils

Hand over your kids’ kitchen utensils and see them make some cuisine from the bucket full of bubbled foam. You want your kid to be creative and skillful, teach them how to be skillful and creative at the same time. If they will learn now then only they will learn then. Kids learn what they see and hear, they adapt things quickly. Have fun with your kids.

Marvelous Bubble Art

Marvelous Bubble Art

Image Source/Tutorial: bubble art

Blowing out bubbles to make art I a fun activity to try with your toddler. Make three colored solutions in a plastic cup, then blow any one of the colored solutions, when it’s full, bring white paper and cover the cup from the mouth to make a colored print on the paper. Try with different colors to make colorful art. It also explains the hyperbolic pressure, which can be discussed during the activity.

Colored Frothy Bubble ART

Fun Bubble Activities For Kids Colored Frothy Bubble ART

Image Source/Tutorial: ridiculously vibrant bubble foam

Wondering how to make a thick luxurious foam. Well, you need only dish soap, warm water, and liquid gel that’s all. Mix all the ingredients in a mixer at full speed and here, your luxurious frothy foam is ready. Mix brilliant colors and let your kids play with them.

Make Some Bouncy Bubbles

Make Some Bouncy Bubbles

Image Source/Tutorial: bubbles bounce

Here is an activity where you can create some bubbles with everlasting strength, just mix soap, glycerine, warm water, and corn syrup, and you are all set to make super-strong bubbles capable of bouncing and dancing. Make your kids laugh make themselves feel better and spent some quality time together.

Hope that all the above activities were easy and useful for your kid and helped you spend some quality time with your loved ones, keep visiting the websites and keep trying new activities which are being posted on our website, to make all the fun with your toddler.

Don’t forget to leave feedback, do tell us about your experience after trying the above activities, we love to hear from you that we were of little help and could contribute to your happiness.

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