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Art Activities For 3-Year-Olds

art activities for 3 year olds

DIY and Crafts

Art Activities For 3-Year-Olds

A 3-year-old wants nothing more than to have fun! With today’s easy craft ideas, your little crafters will have a lot of fun and their imaginations will certainly be stretched! I know you will enjoy seeing what they come up with!

Your kids are surely getting bored in this pandemic situation as they can’t go out, nor can they meet new people. So what’s better than giving them some easy crafts to do. This article will help you do that.

Let’s Strom A 3-Year-Old With Easy Craft Ideas

Art Activities For 3-Year-Olds

Spraying Clours With Rubber Bands:

Image Source/Tutorial: Reading Confetti blog


This one will be the most fascinating one for them. Take a rubber cut it dip it in the colours and keep it above some white paper. They will pull those rubber and the colour will splatter all over the paper.

This will look artistic and I am pretty sure they will enjoy a lot doing this easy craft.

Colorful Chalk Designs On The Sidewalks:

Image Source/Tutorial: Housing a Forest

This is not only the best one but also the coolest one. I am pretty sure your neighbours will surely like a colourful sidewalk.

Buy them chalk of different colours and tell them to pay and draw on the sidewalks which will not only help them to work on the artistic side but also make new friends as most kids love to these drawings on sidewalks to make the locality colourful.

Shiny Tin Foil Activities:

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Tinfoil is not only helpful for elders but also can be used by kids for their art activities.

Help your kid to this art activity on a Sunday evening. They are surely going to enjoy doing this as the tin foil is shiny and they love shiny things a lot. And we know you will surely post this on your social media.

Colourful Bubble Time:

Image Source/Tutorial: Housing a Forest 

Take an empty jar to fill it with water till the half and some liquid soap to it. Add some colour droplets. The colour should be your kids favourite colour. Bring out a straw from the kitchen and put it in the jar.

Tell your kids to bring the straw to your mouth and blow. Then they will see the magic. They will love doing these colourful bubbles as this is the fascinating one.

Straw Collage:

Image Source/Tutorial: Nurture Store

Bring out straws of three different colours and cut them into different sizes just as shown in this picture.  Make a frame of paper give the straw pieces to your kids and tell them to arrange those as shown in the picture.

This helps them understand colour combination and help them storm their brains.

Playing With Crayons:

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Getting tired of your kids annoying you throughout the day? Well, we have a great idea to keep them busy for a while.

Your kids love crayons as they are colourful and very interesting to them. Bring out a paper give them crayons and tell them to draw anything they feel like. Trust me,  you will be surprised by the result because these little artists have magic in their little hands.

Colour Mixing:

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Take a small bowl and bring out different colours that you have to keep in front of your kids and tell them to play with me in the bowl. After doing so go and complete all your work.

After you are done, go and check the bowl in which they mixed all the colours you will be astonished by the new colour that they discovered. This will help them in identifying colours and mixing them.

Dust Chalk Art:

Image Source/Tutorial: Creative Playhouse

Colourful chalk is always your kids favourite. So bring out a white cloth and break all the colourful chalk into dust.

Give the dust and the white cloth to your child let them play with it, I am pretty sure they will make an amazing colourful design out of the chalk dust of different colours and white cloth. This art will be your favourite art piece.

Different Colour Shades:

Image Source/Tutorial: Laymon

Take different colour shades and a bowl. Sit with your kid and tell them to look at it very carefully.

Start putting colours one by one just like the phone. First, you pour the yellow, then orange and then red. It is always better to start with light colour which will make the dark colour prominent.

It will look like the sun and your kids will be amused by this. They will want to do it and let them do it themselves.

Spice Up The Drawing Paper:

Image Source/Tutorial: Learn With Play At Home

You will often see that your kids are messing around in the kitchen playing with the spices. They do these because the spices are colourful and fascinate them.

So bring out all the spices and tell them to draw with them I am pretty sure they will draw a masterpiece out of those spices and spice up the blank white sheet.

These activities will not only help to storm the brain of a 3-year-old but also learn new things themselves. They will surely discover new things every time they do these activities.  Even these activities will help you to bond with your kids more.

Let us know in the comment section which one you liked the most and which one your child loved.

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