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Pinch Pot Craft Ideas For Kids

Pinch Pot Craft Ideas For Kids

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Pinch Pot Craft Ideas For Kids

Pinch pot ideas are something very unique and creative that kids can create to enhance their skills. Everyone thinks that making things with clay is so old-fashioned now, but they don’t know that clay is so useful and convenient, one can make a variety of joyful things with clay and also use them for their work.

SO, with this optimistic attitude, we are here with amazing ideas to make with clay. Just follow our pinch pot ideas and also tell your friends to try these out.

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Pinch Pot Craft Ideas For Kids

Pinch Pot Ideas For Kids

1. DIY Air-dry Clay Planters

A way useful thing to try with Air-Dry clay!

Pinch Pot Ideas For Kids Pinch Pot Ideas For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: The Bomb

Air-Dry clay planters are very easy to make as any kid can make it without any help. For making these beautiful and adorable clay planters, all you need is some Air-Dry clay, clay tools, and Colors of your choice. Try to make it and embellish your balcony decoration by putting these cute Air-Dry clay planters.

2. Clay Turtle

Enhance your creativity by making these Clay turtles.

Pinch Pot Ideas For Kids Clay Turtle

Image Source/Tutorial: Glynnis Lessing

Turtles are cute creatures and every kid likes turtles. Making your turtle with clay is the best idea to implement in your art class. Just take some clay and start making it by using clay tools, Surprise your friends and your art teacher by adding this beautiful creation to your artwork.

3. Color Creation With Clay

Light up your sad life and make these beautiful oil lamps.

Pinch Pot Ideas For Kids Color Creation With Clay

Image Source/Tutorial: Color For Everyone

Making new and innovative things is always fascinating, so kids start making this beautiful Diwali oil lamp made with clay. For Making these you need supplies like Air-Dry clay, bright colors, and your creativeness. Kids let’s just make some oil lamps with your family and also gift them to your close ones.

4. Pinch Pot Pets

Make your pets with clay!

Pinch Pot Ideas For Kids Pinch Pot Pets

Image Source/Tutorial: Cassie Stephens

Who doesn’t like pets? I know every kid likes them, so now make your pets with clay and make them splendid by adding beautiful colors on them. Just take some Air-Dry clay and start making your favorite pets, also give this innovative idea to your friends and enjoy with them.

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5. Sumerian Statues

Create Sumerian statues with clay.

Pinch Pot Ideas For Kids Sumerian Statues

Image Source/Tutorial: vivid layers Blogspot

Who knows you can create a variety of ornaments by using clay. So here we are with one more idea to add to your room decorations and it is Sumerian statues with clay. For making this all you need is Clay, tools for detailing, and colors. Try to make one and I know you will gonna love this.

6. Pinch Pot Octopus

Make a little scary and much adorable octopus with the pinch pot technique.

Pinch Pot Ideas For Kids Pinch Pot Octopus

Image Source/Tutorial: Emo Portfolio

Rather than seeing an octopus in water, now make your clay octopus and put it in your room so that everyone can see your creativeness. All you need is to add color subtly and make it with huge concentration. Surely try to make it and share your experience with your friends also.

7. Painted Mosaic Pinch Pots For Little Treasures

The magnificent and best thing to make with clay.

Pinch Pot Ideas For Kids Painted Mosaic Pinch Pots For Little Treasures Utilizing a pinch pot for children's crafts

Image Source/Tutorial: Handmade Charlotte

Kids love collecting small things and for this these Painted mosaic pinch pots are best for them to assemble cute small things in it. Some can predict that this is so hard to make but definitely, it is not, only you need to collect some supplies like Baking clay, painting colors, and some tools for making detailing. So try it out today!

8. Face Jugs

Face jugs are a great and useful thing to build out of clay.

Pinch Pot Ideas For Kids Face Jugs Making something special with a pinch pot for kids 9. Kid-friendly projects with a pinch pot

Image Source/Tutorial: HSES Arty Party

Create your face jugs with your humorous interpretations.   You can make these pots using a pinch pot technique. The bulk department of our local health food store had wheatgrass seeds, which you can purchase. You can tell your elders to do some research on how to grow wheatgrass and delegate the planting to our Environment Club. By the time they got them home, they had tripled in height and were much greener. These were a hit for both youngsters and adults.

9. Funny Face Mugs

Make your day not so serious and have fun by making these Funny face mugs.

Pinch Pot Ideas For Kids Funny Face Mugs . Making something special with a pinch pot for kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Create Art With Me

These funny face mugs are an American folk pottery art form. These are joyful to make and every kid loves these types of creative ideas to make. You can make it so easily by using Baking clay, so kids take your favorite character and make a splendid clay cup of them.

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Make these clay frogs and outshine in your art class.

Pinch Pot Ideas For Kids CLAY FROGS Arts and crafts for kids using a pinch pot

Image Source/Tutorial: K-8 Art

A pinch pot was used to make these clay frogs. For making this you need to follow some basic steps like, rolled coils for the legs and tongue while the pot was heating up, then use the letter “s” to construct the longer back legs and the tongue has been flattened slightly after that attach the mouth and tongue,   The toes were jammed in with a toothpick after the small feet were softly flattened. Make eyes with a small ball of clay stamped and done!

11. Clay Lights

A unique and attractive thing to make with clay.

Pinch Pot Ideas For Kids Clay Lights  Fun ways for kids to use a pinch pot

Image Source/Tutorial: That Artist Woman

If you are going out fishing then surely make these unique clay lights. For making this all you need is Dry air clay, a small container of water, acrylic craft paint, newspaper, wax paper,  and tea lights. I will recommend you to enjoy making these clay lights with your family and friends

12. Clay Castle

Nothing is more beautiful than an attractive clay castle.

Clay Castle 5. Projects for kids using a pinch pot

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun Art For Kids

Who will know that you can make these diversified things with clay? Clay castle is another amazing idea one can build with the help of clay. This looks magnificent moreover it is very easy to make that any kid can make it without taking any help from elders. So kids assemble your clay and beautiful colors and try to make this clay castle.

13. Cupcakes Clay

Making tempting cupcakes from clay is an amazing idea.

Cupcakes Clay Creative activities for kids that use a pinch pot

Image Source/Tutorial: ArtSonia

Kids can create a simple pinch pot out of clay, which they then place inside the baking cup and squeeze around the edges and corners to fill in the cupcake grooves. After that, the children obtained additional clay and produced a clay pancake for the cupcake top. On top of that, they applied icing with the coils and, on occasion, clay globs. They can embellish the cake with cherries, sprinkles, and candles. They turned out to be a lot of fun!

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14. Ceramic animal pinch pots

Ceramic animal pinch pots are an incredible thing to make with your friends.

Ceramic animal pinch pots

Image Source/Tutorial: Mrs. Willie’s Art Room

If you want to make something with pinch pots, then making these cute animals are best. For making it all you need is Sculpey clay, painting colors, tools for giving detailing, and a paintbrush. You can decorate them on your showcase as well as you can use them as your sketch pens or colors holder.

15. Rainbow Pinch Pots And Sorting Activity

Fun and helpful activity for Toddlers.

Rainbow Pinch Pots And Sorting Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Hello, Wonderful

Rainbow pinch pots and sorting is a fun activity for toddlers, this is very easy to make with Sculpey clay this clay gets harder after baking. Only you have to do is take clay and make it a bowl shape by pinching technique. You can use it to make your kids learn about colors or with the help of these they can learn to assemble things.

15. Clay Charms

Clay Charms, A beautiful thing to make with clay.

Clay Charms Children's craft projects using a pinch pot

Image Source/Tutorial: Artolazzi

If you want to gift your mother or sister a memorable and handmade gift then these clay charms are best for you to make and gift to your charms. These are very easy to make all you need supplies like clay, thread, Printing tool, and colors of your choice.

16. Funny Pinch Pot Characters

Make funny creatures Pinch pot technique!

Funny Pinch Pot Characters  Crafts for kids that involve a pinch pot

Image Source/Tutorial: Color and Collage

By using some clay you can make these cute and funny characters. These pinch pot characters are very simple to make and kids love these types of creatures, also you can gift them to small kids and make them happy. Just fill in the colors of your choice and make it more splendid.

I hope you like our Pinch pot ideas for kids and will surely try to make them. If you like our ideas and want to read more crafts ideas, then read more posts on and please let us know in the comment section which Pinch pot idea you like the most.

Thank you and have a nice day!

FAQ on

1. What supplies do I need for making a pinch pot?

Answer: You will need air-dry clay, a rolling pin, a flat surface, a cup of water, a craft knife, and a paintbrush.

2. How do I roll out the clay for a pinch pot?

Answer: Place the clay on a flat surface and roll it out with a rolling pin until it is about 1/4 inch thick.

3. How do I make the base of the pinch pot?

Answer: Pinch the edges of the clay together to form a base.

4. How do I create the walls of the pinch pot?

Answer: Pinch the sides of the clay together to form the walls of the pinch pot.

5. How do I make sure the walls of the pinch pot are even?

Answer: Roll the clay with a rolling pin to ensure the walls are even.

6. How do I add texture to the pinch pot?

Answer: You can use a craft knife to add texture to the pinch pot.

7. How do I join two pieces of clay together?

Answer: Use a damp paintbrush to join two pieces together.

8. How do I paint my pinch pot?

Answer: Use acrylic paints to paint your pinch pot.

9. How do I make the pinch pot more durable?

Answer: Once the clay has dried, you can use a clear sealant to make it more durable.

10. How long does it take for the pinch pot to dry?

Answer: Depending on the size and thickness, it can take three to five days for the pinch pot to air dry.

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