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Educational Craft Activities for Kids

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Educational Craft Activities for Kids

Activities for Kids

Educational Craft Activities for Kids: Tired of making your child sit to learn something new??? Particularly when they have mobile phones in hand!!! Tensed of those boring YouTube cartoons??? Here is a simple way to make learning, an easy task. Make your children learn by playing. Nothing much tougher. Have happy learning!!!

Educational Craft Activities for Kids

Educational Craft Activities for Kids

1. One, Two And…What Mom??

Educational Craft Activities for Kids ONE,TWO AND...WHAT MOM

Counting numbers is difficult for children and parents must stand upside down to make them remember it. What if it is taught easily and funnily using tasks. Make them arrange according to numbers and as days goes by numbers are made easy. See the count and enjoy with math.

2. Easter Counting

Educational Craft Activities for Kids EASTER COUNTING

Easter eggs are colourful and give a pleasant feel to look at. Write numbers in it and learn them. Children enjoy this kind of tasks. Make them do these eggs by themselves. They enjoy doing these.

3. Home Sweet Home

Educational Craft Activities for Kids HOME SWEET HOME

HOME, the place where we feel comfortable. We can be like ourselves in our own homes. Time to make such homes using simple items. Make children to learn the shape of the house. They are capable of building a palace in future. Everything starts with a single step. They can be done with simple things like clay, sticks or anything else.

4. Coloured Pills

Educational Craft Activities for Kids COLOURED PILLS

This game makes the little buddies learn colours. This a simple mind game which makes them enjoy and at the same time learn colours. The pills are double coloured and children are asked to keep them in the correct combination. It can be kept as a contest to develop the spirit in them.

5. Fly High Butterflies

Educational Craft Activities for Kids FLY HIGH BUTTERFLIES

“Butterfly, Butterfly come with me”

Wings are kept to fly, don’t make them useless. Fly like a butterfly. Yes, butterflies look pretty. But they are known for their determination. Develops from a cocoon. Make children match wings and teach them to fly like a butterfly. And one more thing, FLY HIGH.

6. Separate Things


Identifying things and arranging them is a boring task and children hate them. It can be made interesting and funnier by these. It can be done in a simple way. Children can arrange them accordingly. Do this in between their online classes to make them feel refreshed and ready for a happy day.

7. No More Children Jumping On The Bed


Jumping and hopping are the most enjoyable activity done by children. Make them more interesting than ever before and never after. Make them hop in shapes !!! Draw different shapes and make it a competitive race between them. Encourage them and make them perform. Win or lose, performance matters!!

8. Our Environment


Sky, ground and water make our life. It can be identified easily. The vehicles can be arranged accordingly. Vehicles give us the enjoyment of travelling which cannot be replaced by anything. All of us miss travelling experience in this quarantine. Get ready for a cool travelling ♥️

9. Match And Match


Matching puzzles are easier to solve. Make it, even more, easier and exciting by these colourful handmade vehicles. It is not as tougher as you think. Have the happiest learning ever.

10. Caps And Colours


Traffic lights play a major part on roads. Even we get confused about the traffic light colours. Make it clear to the children by making lights out of old bottle caps. These can also be used to make the tires of trucks. Green!!! Go now and make things!!!

11. Dazzling Dice


Dice are the only things which make children learn numbers in an easy way. Make this type of game and enjoy along with learning. Instead of using hands, use gloves to make it even more interesting.

12. Face Maker

Senses, the first thing children are taught in school. Have you been ever tensed when your child says ears as eyes? It is the worst feeling ever. Make them clear about the senses and teach them the names. Select the proper and best eyes for the face to make it funny and crazy.

Learning with having fun is what all parents expect particularly during this quarantine. After all these simple Educational Craft Activities, children will ask you to come for learning.

Write your comments and suggestions in the comment box. See all crafts on our website and make life enjoyable. HAPPY LEARNING!!

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Activities for Kids
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