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15+ Good Deed Starters for Kids

15+ Good Deed Starters for Kids

DIY and Crafts

15+ Good Deed Starters for Kids

Activities for Kids

It’s important to teach our kids how to be kind and think of others! These 15+ good deed starters for kids are a great way for your kids to start helping those around them! It’s always so amazing to see how many lives can be touched with just a simple act of kindness!

The most important thing to keep in mind while raising kids is teaching them all the good ethics and deeds. It is very necessary to develop good traits in them. The deeds which we teach them while they are kids are going to depict their personality in future which must be amazing. So to do so, we have to tell them about good deeds, encourage them to do so.

This will make them a good person in their life. Good deeds or you can say good habits are always useful for them. This can include helping others, developing any productive habit, table manners and many more. Now in this article, I will tell you some of such deeds which kids can adopt to develop themselves.

Good Deeds For Kids

1. Reading And Preparing Bookmarks

GOOD DEED STARTERS FOR KIDS Reading And Preparing Bookmarks

Reading is very effective to develop someone’s mental ability and knowledge. So parents must motivate them to read more and more. Also, they can tell them to make bookmarks also which will increase their creativity and skills.

2. Blowing Bubble


It is the most fun activity during childhood to blow bubbles. Even adults love to blow bubbles as the flowing bubbles in the air gives so satisfaction. Kids can do this activity in their free time for some fun.

3. Table Manners


Everyone must know table manners nowadays because it reflects your personality in front of others. The kids must know how to use cutlery, napkins, sanitizers etc. It gives a positive impression on someone if you know all this ethics.

4. Good Deeds Jar


You can tell your kids to do a good deed daily and fill the empty jar as fast as you can. Then once they fill the jar you will give them some reward, this will encourage them to do good works and develop good habits.

5. Poster Making


Kids can make posters in their free time to utilize the time in a productive way. This will enhance their art and creativity skills too. When they make any awareness poster they will get to know about new things also.

6. Writing Letters


Kids can do writing in their free time. They can start by writing small letters and notes to their family members and friends. In initial stages, they will do a lot of mistakes but gradually they will overcome their mistakes and start writing error-free letters. Also, this will enhance their writing skills.

7. Art & Craft


These little ones’ minds are so creative and innovative. That’s why it is necessary to use that creativity in something productive which can be done by teaching them art & craft. In art & craft firstly we can teach them about cutting shapes like given in the above picture then increase their level gradually.

8. Saving Money


Kids must know the value of money They should know that it is very difficult to earn money so value every single penny. They must develop the habit of saving from childhood only. This habit of saving will definitely help them in future.

9. Drawing & Colouring

Drawing & Colouring-

Children can do coloring and draw in their free time instead of wasting the time in an unnecessary activity they can spend it on productive activity. This will increase their creativity and artistic skills too.

10. Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank

We used to save money in our piggy banks which is a very good habit. Kids must know the value of money and always saves money. As the saved money can be used in any future emergency. We have a live example for this which is this corona pandemic. Those who save money doesn’t face many problems during this situation.

11. Colourful Beads

Colourful Beads

Kids can play with colorful beads to spend their free time in an interesting way. They can make different things from these beads like bracelets and chains etc. They can use these waste beads in a new way.

12. Kindness Jar

 Kindness Jar

A very interesting idea to encourage kids to show their kindness towards others. As if they fill this jar with their deeds, then they will get some reward. This will develop a habit of helping others in them. Parents must try such a unique idea on their kids.

13. Eating Healthy Food

Eating Healthy Food

Nutrition is very important for kids’ growth and development. They must intake proper and healthy diet, especially during their growth years. Parents must give them healthy food and evolve the habit of healthy eating in them.

14. Planting Trees

Planting Trees

As we all know that without plants we can’t survive. So we must teach kids the importance of trees in like and encourage them to plant flowers in their gardens or backyards. This will make them more sensitive towards trees which is very important nowadays because of the reduction in the number of trees.

15. Respecting Teachers

Respecting Teachers

Kids must have special corners in their heart for their teachers. Kids can give them something as they are the one who makes them capable to do something in their lives. This little token of love will make their teachers very happy.

16. Layman Shapes

Layman Shapes

Kids can use these layman dummies to decorate their rooms and parties. Also, these different shapes will make their rooms more interesting and unique. Keep doing such weird and unique things in life.

17. Brushing Teeth

Brushing Teeth

The most basic and routine deed which kids must know. Kids do not brush their teeth properly. So it is very important to teach them brushing in a proper manner otherwise they will face problem any teeth problem in future.

These are some basic and valuable deeds which kids must know and implement these in their life. It is very important to add these deeds in kids routine to make them a good person in future. These basic but effective ethics make your personality unique.

Also showing kindness, behaving properly doesn’t cost you a penny instead you can earn others trust and smile with this. Keep showing kindness and spread love. I hope you all will like the article. Please give your reviews and comment

Activities for Kids
  • 15+ Good Deed Starters for Kids
  • 15+ Good Deed Starters for Kids
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