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Easy recycling crafts & game activities for kids

Easy Recycling Crafts & Game Activities for Kids


Easy recycling crafts & game activities for kids

Activities for Kids
Make a Ball Maze Hand-Eye Coordination Game

Turn a cardboard box into a fun ball maze! This is a great hand-eye coordination game for kids, as well as an awesome boredom buster since you probably have all these materials on hand. This game is similar to our cardboard box labyrinth, but with a lower frustration level for young kids. Preschoolers will enjoy.

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs!

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs! An easy and fun experiment to do at home!

Ring Toss Game From Disposable Plates

Entertain and educate your kids with these games that you can make at home.

Jelly Bean Color Experiment

Here’s a fun jelly bean science experiment you can do with your kids! Supplies Needed: Water Jelly Beans Plate Arrange jelly beans in a circle or square on a plate. Pour water in the middle (doesn’t matter if it’s cold or hot) and let it sit! Over the next minute or so it will spread

Ping pong ball run

Little ones will love this obstacle course of sorts. You can use paper towel rolls and other stuff you have lying around your house for a fun and cheap activity.

Knock the Balls Down Nerf Target Game
Here’s a simple Nerf game that you can put together in 5 minutes from stuff in the recycling bin! I recycled the cardboard box from our Pumpkin Patch Counting game and made this fun Nerf target. Shoot the balls and make them fly off the cardboard tubes! We used our lightweight plastic ball pit balls

DIY: Giant Jenga

DIY Giant Jenga Lighter weight; made from Recycle old soda cartons We could look into this as a way to do Jenga at Kickoff or with with younger kids around…

DIY Catapult for Kids STEM Project

This Catapult for Kids craft is both easy and inexpensive to make. Plus it will keep the kids busy for hours which is a bonus in any parent’s book. It’s a STEM project too, so you’ll love that it helps teach them science while having fun!

How to Make a Nerf Spinning Target

Build a Nerf target game with spinning targets! This simple game is fun to make and does not require a lot of special materials. We used a dowel rod, cardboard from a cereal box, and a simple PVC pipe frame to build this target. The targets rotate on the dowel so that they spin.

Weaving with Kids
Kids can weave with this DIY cardboard loom.

Hope you like these crafts & game activities for kids.

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Activities for Kids
  • Easy Recycling Crafts & Game Activities for Kids
  • Easy Recycling Crafts & Game Activities for Kids
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