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Backyard Fun Ideas And Games Activities For Kids

30+ Smart Backyard Fun And Game Activities Ideas for kids


Backyard Fun Ideas And Games Activities For Kids

“Discover exciting backyard fun ideas and engaging games and activities for kids. Turn your outdoor space into a playground!”

Today while we enjoy the convenience of all the electronic devices in our lives like computers, smartphones, laptops, and tablets in our lives, it has also taken away something from us, especially the kids of this generation. To capture the lost loves and fun of the childhood that most of us from the eighties and nineties and times before that enjoyed.

You simply have to create some smart backyard fun and game activity ideas for kids to get them going. It could be among the dreamy backyard escape ideas for your home.

We have all heard the saying, ” No play and all work makes Jack a dull boy”. This is very true because one who doesn’t do physical exercises or other game activities turns out to be dull, lazy, and comparatively unhealthy. What could be better if you made such game activities on your own so that your kids could enjoy these fun games anytime at home?

Backyard Fun Ideas And Games Activities For Kids

Backyard Fun Ideas And Games Activities For Kids

Playing such games is an excellent way of learning new things and improving physical as well as mental health as these games also require focus and attention. We have talked about some ways of creating these games and the benefits that they provide.

1. The Catapult Game

Backyard Fun And Game Activities Ideas for kids

Build this house from blocks and place a few soft toys in the spaces. Make a fixed catapult at some distance. The task here is to point and hit the pigs’ soft toys. Children will love this game and since this game requires focus and immense attention, it will help in the mental development of children.

2. The Hammock

Backyard Fun And Game Activities Ideas for kids

Build this hammock using a net and a big round tyre. Hang it on the tree where your kids and their friends can play. When kids go out and play these games with other kids they will evolve more socially and it will help in their intellectual and personality development more than the kids who stay inside.

3. The Slide

Backyard Fun And Game Activities Ideas for kids

Fix wooden logs in the ground and place a wooden platform on it. Further, attach a slide to it and place a water tub at the end of the slide. In this time of pandemic when we cannot step out, give this amazing feeling of an amusement park to your kids at home. When kids play and talk without any supervision, with free minds, it helps to develop social and communication skills that help them in the future.

4. The Garden House

Backyard Fun And Game Activities Ideas for kids

Make this gorgeous garden house for your kids and give them the best fairytale feeling. Work together with children and make the house. Fix wooden logs into the ground and then place wooden planks on it to cover the house. Paint it with vibrant colors and decorate it using curtains and lanterns. Hold a storytelling session with your kids and their friends in the house. Doing this will make children calmer and happier and undoubtedly grow their imagination skills.

5. The Water Balloon Game

Backyard Fun And Game Activities Ideas for kids

Fill water in balloons of different colors and then tie them on trees. Divide children into several groups and allot each team a certain time to burst the balloons of their team’s color. Whoever bursts the maximum in the allotted time wins the game. A very easy and amazing way for children’s fun. Such games provide a meaningful way of channelizing the children’s energy in the right direction.

6. The Garden House

Backyard Fun And Game Activities Ideas for kids

Build this stunning and smart garden house for your kids and then paint and decorate them with your kids. You and your kids can sit here in the monsoon and enjoy the rain as well as enjoy the pleasant sun in winter. When Children help you in building these it develops their fine motor skills and also increase their love for nature. Both the pictures shown below are examples of some beautiful garden houses. Make the best out of your creative skills.

7. The Goals Game

Backyard Fun And Game Activities Ideas for kids

On a huge plastic sheet make such cuttings as shown below in the picture and write scores below each such space. Children have to try to pass the ball through the highest score. It is an amazing game and will be enjoyed by kids as well as adults. Kids who productively involve in outdoor games are more likely to lead a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle later in their adulthood.

8. The Hammock And The Tree House

Backyard Fun And Game Activities Ideas for kids

Build this amazingly beautiful treehouse for your kids and also place hammocks on the ground floor. It is a lovely place for relaxing and reading while enjoying the weather and nature. This is challenging to make but that is the best part when you develop your child’s physical strength and mental imagination while building this.

9. The Treehouse Swing

Backyard Fun And Game Activities Ideas for kids

Build this open treehouse and attach swings and climbers to it. This is a very nice way of playing amidst nature. Decorate it with paints and cloth lanterns. Also, make the staircase and a small birdhouse. This is an amazing way of telling kids about the importance of nature.

10. The Trampoline

Backyard Fun And Game Activities Ideas for kids

Place a trampoline in your garden where your kids can play around and jump. Jumping is a great physical exercise and these games make them lead a healthier lifestyle. When playing outdoor games, they learn to be independent and self-reliant.

11. The Numbers Game

Backyard Fun And Game Activities Ideas for kids

Write with paint, numbers from one to nine on small rectangular wooden slabs, and then fix them to the ground. Place them in the manner shown below and ask children to play the game where tell them on which numbers to stand with two legs, one leg, and where to jump and run. This is an excellent way of developing the brain to quick responses and to keep children fit.

12. Fast Roping

Backyard Fun And Game Activities Ideas for kids

Place or build this in your garden and ask children to use the easier version of commando net and fast-roping. It is a wonderful way of developing stamina and staying fit as doing physical exercises might get boring but when you play such games you develop stamina and strength automatically without even realizing it. It also induces team spirit and sportsmanship in children.

13. The Fairytale Treehouse

Backyard Fun And Game Activities Ideas for kids

Decorate your garden trees with these interesting ideas, make small windows of wood and place them all over the tree. Make a tiny door and put it in front of the tree at the bottom. You can keep small wooden dolls also there to give a more beautiful look. Working on these develops manual dexterity of children which helps them use their mind and hands better.

14. The Garden House

Backyard Fun And Game Activities Ideas for kids
This is another amazing way of building a beautiful garden house out of wooden logs and slabs. Paint it and decorate it with lights, curtains, and flowers. When children make these, it develops their spatial skills. You can also host garden parties where this garden house can be used for guests to sit and kids to play.

15. The Balcony Slide

Backyard Fun And Game Activities Ideas for kids

Make this exquisite slide attached to your balcony. If you do not have the space to make a completely separate slide or other games, this is a wonderful space-saving idea for building a slide. In this technologically advanced time, it is very necessary for kids to go out and play instead of being stuck to phones or televisions and parents must definitely do something about it because it is essential for the child’s development.

16. Your Customized Playground

Your Customized Playground

Now you can make your personalized playground for your kids with swings of your choice. Make all these challenging games by hanging ropes and building ladders. These games are very good for a fit body and also act as a catalyst for growing children in increasing height and strengthening muscles.

17. The Hammock

The Hammock

Build this extremely large hammock for the entire family by hanging a large sheet to four trees. Relax and release stress and enjoy yourself with your family on weekends. You can also invite friends over and plan a picnic where kids can play and you can have quality time with friends.

18. The Cute Little Treehouse

The Cute Little Treehouse

Build this cute treehouse with a staircase and slide with your kids. In old times people used to visit houses on their own, you can tell all these to your kids and get them more interested in it. Host parties and let people see your personalized swings and garden house. You can also do activities such as flower exhibitions in this treehouse with your kids and help them learn more.

19. Water Rides With Nature

 Water Rides with nature

Spread out a large and fluffy air plastic by filling the air in it. Place these plastic lifeguards on the surface and then run water on its surface. You will experience a water ride in your own garden with this innovative idea.

20. The Virtual Merry Go Round

The Virtual Merry Go Round

Kids absolutely love this. It is a fun activity and kids learn to balance their bodies well. It helps in developing their brain to body coordination well.

21. Sitting On The Trees

Sitting On The Trees

Build these sitting platforms around tree trunks by placing rectangular slabs of wood around the tree. Attach wooden logs to the tree to make the exquisite staircase to climb up and down. Kids who do all such activities have intelligent minds and also learn decision making.

22. The Natural Table Tennis

 Sitting On The Trees

Create this extremely exquisite table tennis outside. On pile pf stones or bricks, place a flat rectangular wooden slab and then place net in the center to divide the table. Enjoy the beauty of nature and play this indoor game outside. These are some very enthusiastic ideas for organizing a picnic for both adults as well as children.

23. The Water Swing

The Water Swing

Use ropes and connect to it a rectangular small slab to make the seat. Hang it on a wooden log and place the seat beneath the shallow water. Enjoy this beautiful swing with the water and the greenery and relax your mind from worldly affairs with the scenic beauty of nature which will be a treat to the eyes

24. Bowling


Make a wooden platform to play bowling. Your kids will love to play it with their friends. You can also make these on your own in school playgrounds or your garden. Children will understand nature and you should teach them to respect and protect nature.

25. The Playground

The Playground

Build your own playground by making all these swings, slides, and other games in your own garden. When children work on making this playground, they will feel more self-confident, self-reliant, and satisfied. They will learn to be cordial and try to work in a group with co-operation.

26. The Swing Benches

The Swing Benches

Make these extraordinary swing benches to sit across the bar. It is a very unique and wonderful way of decorating your bar on a low budget with extensive use of creativity. You have to just attach ropes to these wooden slabs and then hang them for the customers to sit. People will absolutely love this idea and you can also attract customers with such creative ideas.

27. Placing The Ball

Placing The Ball

This is a fun game. Tie buckets and tins of different sizes to a wooden log and then from a certain distance ask children to throw the ball in a particular bucket. Keep different scores for each throw based on the difficulty level. It will enhance the brain activity of children and develop coordination along with focus. When playing together, children might also develop leadership and teamwork qualities.

28. Sleeping Under The Sky

sleep under the sky

Sleeping under the sky sounds so fascinating and you can try to make it even more beautiful by building this beautiful bed with a sunshade. Enjoy your holidays by laying there and relaxing your mind.

29. The Sand Slide

The Sand Slide

Make this slide and place a trough filled with sand and ask children to make different figures and write alphabets in the sand. Place blocks of different shapes and sizes and also place a blackboard. Teach kids using all these and children will learn faster because they might get bored through normal teaching but they will absolutely love this method of teaching and learn even without realizing.

30. The Hammock

The Hammock

Create this huge hammock by tying the ends to trees and spend quality time with friends family and kids. Fill up your school with such things on your own and cut down your expenses on the playground.

31. The Tyre Swings

 The Tyre Swings

Make these swings out of tyres by attaching ropes to it and then by hanging them on trees. Children will love these natural swings and enjoy themselves with their friends. This will help them relax and soothe all five senses. It is very important for kids to be connected to nature and not spend all their time on tablets and televisions for their development.

32. Playhouse Slide Craft Idea

Playhouse Slide Craft Idea

You can consider this another idea to organize a fun activity for your kids. This playhouse slide is one amazing way for kids to spend their time. When kids have their own comfortable space, it also gives them an opportunity to learn things themselves and be expressive. Children can play, rest, and learn at this place.

Sliding helps develop the vestibular system, therefore their sense of balance. Unstructured play allows children to develop their vestibular system. This system is responsible for our balance and the sense of touch. It also develops the proprioceptive system, which is our system of tendons, muscles, and joints.

When kids play outside, they gain a sense of mastery and competency skills. They try climbing, running; throwing and they feel they can do it, which in turn builds up their confidence level. Even when they are playing any game and they win the game, it helps in developing the winning spirit. It’s the best way to boost their self-esteem as well.

Smart Backyard Fun And Game Activities Ideas for kids

When you make all these games and swings for your kids, it is also very economical at the same time. So, try all these ideas and give us your feedback in the comment section. Also, check out other posts on our website related to fashion, kids, craft, and festivals for more such interesting ideas.

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