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11 Things to do together when Kids go to School

11 Things to do together when Kids go to School

Kids Activities

11 Things to do together when Kids go to School

Activities for Kids

If you have older kids who are heading back to school and leaving their younger siblings behind, they’ll be some adjusting to do at first! You can help keep your younger children busy by trying these 11 things to do together when kids go back to school.

1. Learn about Symmetry with Mirrors & Tessellating Block Play

Image Source/Tutorial: bloglovin

Basic blocks take on a whole new dimension when you play on a mirror!

2. Fine motor weaving busy bag

Image Source/Tutorial: coffeecupsandcrayons

This colorful weaving activity is lots of fun- and helps your child practice their fine motor skills!

3. Jump! with Paper Plates

Image Source/Tutorial: handsonaswegrow

This game is so simple- all you need is paper plates and your imagination!

4. Back to School Snack Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: creativekidsnacks

Celebrate the older siblings’ return to school with these adorable back to school snacks!

5. BUTTON CRAFT: Make a button bracelet

Image Source/Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog

Why not try making some DIY jewelry together? You could even make coordinating pieces for each of you!

6. Toddler/ Preschool Color Treasure Hunt Get up and get moving!

Image Source/Tutorial: tipsfromatypicalmomblog

This fun activity comes in two parts- first a color scavenger hunt and then a colorful collage to hang on the wall!

7. FROZEN Kids Craft Activities & Tutorial

Image Source/Tutorial:

FROZEN Silly Putty crafts ideas are kids special.


Image Source/Tutorial: teachbesideme

Don’t throw away those old jeans! Turn them into roads for your child’s toy cars!

9. Building Our Own Tire Climber…

Image Source/Tutorial: mysmallpotatoes

Wow- you can make your own backyard climber with a couple of old tires and some paint!

10. Milk Science Experiment – fun for young kids too

Image Source/Tutorial: frogsandsnailsandpuppydogtail

Even if your little ones aren’t in school yet, they can still do a fun science experiment! They’ll love watching the swirls form on the top of the milk!

11. Finger Painting for Toddlers to Make Tape Resist Art

Image Source/Tutorial: handsonaswegrow

You’ve probably tried finger paint before, but have you tried finger paint you can eat?!

Hope you like these things to do kids activities.

Activities for Kids
  • 11 Things to do together when Kids go to School
  • 11 Things to do together when Kids go to School
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