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DIY Recycled Magazine Bangle Ideas

DIY Recycled Magazine Bangle Ideas

Kids Activities

DIY Recycled Magazine Bangle Ideas

Activities for Kids

Recycle your old magazines and make colorful, glossy Bangle in your favorite colors! It’s the perfect craft for giving some old costume jewellery a new lease of life; for kids to get creative and make something unique and very pretty. It’s incredibly easy for young children to master and great for developing fine motor skills.

The method we applied to our bangles could easily be adapted to creating a trinket box, photo frame or perhaps some paper beads!

Recycled Magazine Bracelets

Recycled Magazine Bangles

Colorful bangles from recycled magazine

Book bead Bracelet

Watch Recycled Magazine Bracelets video tutorial:

Hope you like this Recycled Magazine Bangle ideas & tutorial.

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Activities for Kids
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