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10+ Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

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10+ Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

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These 15 fun fine motor activities for toddlers are a great way to keep your child entertained while they’re learning!

If you’re looking for a resource of fine motor play ideas, this is it! They’re creative, open-ended, appropriate and varied with ideas for practising motor skills through art, sensory play and simple manipulative games, and there are so many to choose from!

According to various developmental theories, the age up to 5 years is crucial for a child’s mental development. It is in these early years that a toddler understands the world around him which helps him to communicate and interact with the surroundings in later stages. The following motor activities for toddlers have been carefully designed to support your child’s development.

In this modern, fast-paced era it is not very wise to merely rely upon school education to make your child a champion. Learning is a 360-degree process which should never stop. So parents, switch from meaningless play and futile games to healthy motor activities which are only entertaining but rich in value as well.

Motor Activities For Healthy Mental & Physical Development

1. Concentration Circles

Motor Activities For Healthy Mental And Physical Development Concentration Circles

Focus is the key to success in all spheres of life. Unless a child learns to concentrate on a task, it is unlikely that he/she would ever develop an interest in the same. Instil concentration ability in young minds with this simple activity. Draw concentric shapes and let your child place equidistant paint dots on them. It might be hard in the beginning but soon your kids will be perfect at it. This activity is very helpful for children showing hyperactive traits.

2. Make A Rainbow

Motor Activities For Healthy Mental And Physical Development Make A Rainbow

Give your kids a few soft-edged threads and colorful beads. Let them create their own rainbows with it. This activity makes color recognition easier and promotes gross motor skill development.

3. Button Up

Motor Activities For Healthy Mental And Physical Development Button Up

Want your child to dress up independently? well, this is a gradual learning process but we are here to make it fun and easy  for you. Cut slits in vibrant colored fabrics and let your toddler pull an elastic attached button through it. With repeated trials, errors would become less and the next time they might dress up all by themselves.

4. Cut It

Motor Activities For Healthy Mental And Physical Development Cut It

Paper cutting is a great way to develop muscle coordination and control in kids. Be careful to use child-friendly scissors and make the activity colorful to hold on the attention.

5. Potato Painting

Motor Activities For Healthy Mental And Physical Development Potato Painting

Colors are so therapeutic in nature and to touch them is itself a relaxation of all senses. Introduce your child to the world of colors with potato painting. Shape recognition and muscle control become polished with this one.

6. Straw Fun

Motor Activities For Healthy Mental And Physical Development Straw Fun

There are multiple learning opportunities in every moment. When it comes to motor development, there is no better way to it than exploration. Allow your toddler to insert straws in a holed structure to let them learn the art of handling and manipulating objects in accordance with needs.

7. Sponge Balls

Motor Activities For Healthy Mental And Physical Development Sponge Balls

Pushing, pressing and other such flexes are learnt by kids solely with practice.  Check out this activity and contribute to your toddler’s growth the fun way.

8. Clayey Stuff

Motor Activities For Healthy Mental And Physical Development Clayey Stuff

Motor Activities For Healthy Mental And Physical Development

Molding clay is an excellent sport. It provides stimulation to muscles of fingers and hand and allows kids to give shape to their dreams. It will enhance the creative aptitude of young minds as your kids simply have fun with it.

9. Innovative Tubes

Motor Activities For Healthy Mental And Physical Development Innovative Tubes

Take some earbuds and a few thin straws. Cut the straws into colorful pieces and ask your kid to cover up the buds using the same. They can further group it according to colors. This activity is engaging and thrilling for toddlers as they learn new skills through it.

10. Stretch It

Stretch It

Gross motor skills include the ability to stretch and place objects at a particular place. Hand over an empty can and a few rubber bands to your kids and let them organize them on the can. An amazing exercise, an interesting activity and plethora of learning, this one is a complete developmental package.

11. String Of Knowledge

String Of Knowledge

Break free from the monotony of pen-paper learning and introduce your ward to alphabets and numbers the fun way with the help of soft strings and glue. Learning made with the use of multiple senses as in this case stays in the long term memory for a long time.

12. Drop By Drop

Drop By Drop

Give your child a dropper and let him/her carefully place just a drop in each bowl. Pressing and concentrating will help develop your child’s motor and mental capabilities.

As adults, these activities often appear baseless to us but too young minds, these activities hold a lot of importance. Not all skills are learned through books and for such skills, motor activities are the way forward.

Keep learning with us and help us grow too by commenting and sharing this further. If you want to see more interesting and creative articles, do not forget to visit our website.

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