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Clay Footprint DIY Baby Keepsake

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Clay Footprint DIY Baby Keepsake

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Mold the memory by doing the simple craft called Clay Footprint DIY Baby Keepsake.Clay Footprint of child  are one memorable  thing to be taken during the childhood as we take first picture of child.Like first picture of the child it gives you  a lot more joy,memories and happiness.

Clay Footprint of Baby  are amazing DIY  craft which can be made easily and will be memorable for many years. When child looks back the craft,she/he will feel something special about it.Clay Footprint OF Baby are fantastic  one to do at early age of him. This is a fantastic way to preserve your baby or children’s footprints. Keepsake crafts are beautiful and loving by everyone. Kids love looking back at their clay keepsakes, comparing against their larger hands and feet, and chatting about what they were like as babies.

Clay Footprint DIY Baby Keepsake


You can make the clay footprints at home very easily  and gift them too.Doing the craft is pretty simple.Clay is foremost item to do the craft.Capture the footprint over the small pieces at many number of clay.Take the clay with different color and make impression of child feet over the clay .The clay can be of different size and color.See how the elegant prints are.the clay print can be simple with oval shape  but footprint makes more pretty.



First make shape of the clay and then take the footprint .The shape can be of circle .Persons like  mom,dad or relative who are doing it   can gift it to the child after some ages and child feel more happy than seeing other gifts.As  children  foot are small and easy to take print of it,we can make their hands as print too.To make the footprints we  don’t need much items to be purchased.Clay is needed to have the prints on it and if you wish to make the design over it you can do as your wish.Name and at which age of child you have done and date and time can also be mentioned.Why the footprints remain  great things? because the foot of the child grows with the year and but when you have footprint of it, whenever you see  it,it just remains you the  childhood  things back, you can have photo of child to remember his childhood but more the photograph the footprint which is unique one of child remains as the one great and emotional things of your child.


Take the clay of size you need and make it even over the surface and make your child footprint by keeping the foot over the clay press gently to have impression over the clay.Prints cannot be left as such,if designs are needed then take button and make impression over the clay of prints at the edges  to look more prettier than usual  and name it as your the name of  child at top and 1st birthday at bottom and if wish to write  more yes you can.Any other design at the edge can also be made to make it more elegant.


The size of the clay can be your wish if need it in heart shape you can make the heart shaped clay  and make the footprint over it.At the edge  designs like flower,star can made and that looks  like extra cream on the cake.Make  impression of the foot first and then hand or vise versa.Make the impression of name  and year to be memorable over the year.Make the hole at two edges and tie white  ribbon at hole and use it as wall hangings or it can be left as decorative thing too.Make the design if you need or make the sentence as at 6 months,on 1 birthday and mention the name .If you want print over the large clay is well and do or print over the small with more prints are also great.


The footprints color  look like frozen,I named it as frozen footprints.Likewise you want theme background of the clay you can choose and make it.Place the clay over  stand and  give the look like photo frame.Make the hole at two edges and tie the white ribbon at edges .While seeing the footprints after 10 years you will  find how small he was and how fast year were passed.I’m sure you will love doing this craft with your kids or maybe doing it for a friend as a gift.

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