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Amazing Hot-air Balloon Clay Craft Step by Step Tutorial For Kids

Amazing Hot-air Balloon Clay Craft Step by Step Tutorial For Kids

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Amazing Hot-air Balloon Clay Craft Step by Step Tutorial For Kids

Activities for Kids

Obsessed with hot-air balloons? This step-by-step tutorial will be a guide for you to make a stunning DIY hot-air balloon craft in no time!

Welcome to the wonderful world of crafting! Today, we are going to learn, to make a  hot-air balloon craft using up the basic crafty materials that you already have at your home! This craft may seem tricky but is actually very easy to make with the help of our step-by-step tutorial guide! The results of the craftwork will definitely stun you and this craft is the perfect way to engage your kiddos in a fun learning activity in which they will be interested too! Unleash your crafty spirit and let’s begin to make it!

DIY Hot-air Balloon Clay Craft For KidsAmazing Hot-air Balloon Clay Craft Step by Step Tutorial For Kids

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Materials Required

  • Plastic Measuring Cup
  • Cotton Earbuds
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Colored Super Clay
  • Scissors
  • Cello Tape


Step 1: Taking A Measuring Cup

To begin this craft, take a small measuring cup.

Step 2: Pasting 2 Cotton Buds To The Cup

Take 2 cotton ear buds, cut the buds of them from one side using scissors. Now, paste the buds from the cotton side from inside the cup in front of each other using hot glue.

Step 3: Taking Out A Piece Of Brown Super Clay

Take brown-colored super clay and pull out a small piece from it.

Step 4: Making Clay Twisted Roll

Dough the clay into a long roll fold it in half and twist the ends to make a twisted roll.

Step 5: Sticking The Twisted Roll

Stick the twisted roll over the top of the cup around it.

Step 6: Sticking More Twisted Rolls

Following the same, make more twisted rolls and stick them one by one below one another to cover the whole cup.

Step 7: Taping White Clay And Making A Ball

Take white super clay and make a ball of it also apply a cello tape over the ball to cover it whole.

Step 8: Pasting The Ball To The Buds

Place and stick the ball on the top of the buds using hot glue. This will be the balloon of your craft.

Step 9: Making A Red Clay Ball

Using red clay, dough a small red clay ball.

Step 10: Sticking The Red Clay Ball Over Balloon

Stick the red clay ball over the ballon by applying gentle pressure to it.

Step 11: Sticking More Colorful Balls

Make more similar-sized balls from the different colored clay and paste them side by side to each other without leaving gaps.

This Is The Final Look Of Your Hot-Air Balloon Craft!

Cover the whole balloon with various colored clay balls to complete the craft!

Woah! Look at the colorful results of your hot air balloon! Can’t take your eyes off it right?!

You are definitely stunned by the resulting hot-air balloon craft! This is definitely a piece to showcase in your room or home! This hot air balloon will add colors to any corner it is being placed in! You can also hand it over to get the proper feel of it! This craft will be a banger for the younger kids, not only they will be fascinated by it but also will drive those motor skills while creating it!

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