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Bell Pepper Crafts & Activities for Kids

Bell Pepper Crafts & Activities for Kids

DIY and Crafts

Bell Pepper Crafts & Activities for Kids

The lovely and vivid “pop” of bell peppers has always captivated me. What better way to honor this wonderful vegetable than by creating our own 3D papercraft: Pop-up Peppers?

The Magic Of Paper Art In 3d

Image Source/Tutorial: Platein

It’s astonishing how much effort it takes to make your artwork leap off the page, giving it a lovely 3D impression. The style and feel of their one-of-a-kind works of art will delight children.

Krokotak’s lovely 3D Paper Apples were the inspiration for our Bell Pepper 3D paper project. We discovered a slew of other fun 3D art projects for kids during our investigation, including these 3D Paper Apple Trees, this Simple 3D Rainbow Craft, and this Butterfly Template for creating lovely 3D butterflies.

Stamping Pepper Art Is A Lot Of Fun.

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafts by Courtney

I decided to try a couple more food stamping projects, and the results were fantastic. Pepper stamping was another excellent idea, and we always have peppers on hand. My husband and children enjoy them as a snack.

The pepper stamping is one of my favorites because it resembles a flower. Who’d have guessed? AND, because we already have peppers on hand, this project was simple and almost free.


  • I bought a few peppers and let my son choose the paint colors he wanted.
  • Cut your peppers in the first step.
  • It’s quite simple to prepare the peppers. Simply split them in half and pull them apart to give the flower a pleasing form, I worked hard to maintain the center in place.


  • Design a Flower Stamp
  • My son dipped the pepper in the paint and began making flowers on the paper. He performed an excellent job, and the shapes turned out fantastically. This concept could be used in a variety of situations.

Finishing Touches (Step 3):

  • My son was overjoyed with the outcome of his flowers. You can add steams to your blooms if you wish.

Peppers And Hummus For Thanksgiving Turkey

Image Source/Tutorial: Super healthy kids

Do I share too many peppers and hummus recipes? We become addicted to it the more we eat it! These days, we usually always keep them in the fridge for a fast snack.

So make some turkey peppers this week, or whenever you’re celebrating Thanksgiving! We simply filled the cavity of a turkey with hummus and arranged pepper slices inside the hummus to create the following:

But don’t you hate it when you see something adorable but aren’t sure what to do next? Well, we’re getting a lot better at photographing the steps! So there you have it!

Step 1: We began with gorgeous, ripe, and colorful peppers.

Step 2: We removed the stem from one of the peppers and cut a small “head” out of it.

Step 3: For the beak, we cut a carrot.

Step 4: We received our Wilton candied Eyeballs (I’ve had one bag that has lasted over a year!). The bag was simply a few dollars at the cake supplies section of crafts).

Step 5) Using a sharp knife, cut the peppers into strips.

Step 6) Glued eyes on with hummus and secured beak with a toothpick. Pepper with hummus and pepper feathers inside.

That’s all there is to it!! Isn’t it simple and delicious? Here’s the recipe for the hummus we make all the time.

We’d like to communicate with you!! We’d love for you to leave us some feedback! Especially if you are a woman.

Image Source/Tutorial: Sadanduseless

It’s a lot more fun to cut bell peppers with googly eyes on them.

Googly eyes make everything better (including cutting bell peppers), and the greatest part is that they only cost a few dollars on Amazon. See the funniest examples by scrolling down!

Coasters With Bell Peppers

Image Source/Tutorial: Eamylove

Since I met so many fantastic bloggers through the original Zakka Style Sew Along, I couldn’t resist joining Lindsey and Debbie!

Let’s get started with the craft for week one: Bell Pepper Coasters!

  • I’m happy to say that this job is simple and quick.
  • That didn’t stop me from making a blunder with my first pepper.
  • Before I stitched the front and back pieces together, I forgot to put the batting inside!!!
  • Anyway, the following time I tried, I got it correctly.
  • Look at how adorable the back is, too!
  • Then I got smart and built the other three coasters in an assembly line fashion.
  • I cut out all of my scrap pieces and covered them in freezer paper.

Bell Pepper Free Template – Vegetable Papercraft

Image Source/Tutorial: Papercraftsquare

The Bell Pepper (also known as sweet pepper, pepper, or capsicum) is a cultivar group of the Capsicum annuum species, and the paper model was created by Sasatoku. The plant’s cultivars yield fruits in a variety of colours, including red, yellow, orange, and green. “Sweet peppers” is a term used to describe bell peppers and other peppers with a milder flavor. Mexico, Central America, and northern South America are home to peppers. In 1493, pepper seeds were transported to Spain, where they spread to various European, African, and Asian countries. China, followed by Mexico, is the world’s greatest pepper grower now.

Warm soil, ideally between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, that is kept moist but not waterlogged are optimum growing conditions for bell peppers.

Pepper stamps for painting

Image Source/Tutorial: Preschooltoolkit

Use wasted or leftover food as paint stamps in a variety of inventive ways. A pumpkin’s cutouts can be utilized in an art project. Okra and french beans are used to make flowers by Artsy Craftsy Mom. How to paint with celery stalks is demonstrated by Crafty Morning.

Although, like the tomato, we typically refer to it as a vegetable, bell pepper is officially a fruit and not a vegetable. The color changes from green to yellow to orange to red as it stays on the stem length.

This is a hardy fruit that is perfect for painting with toddlers and preschoolers.
The tops of the peppers you remove during dinner preparation will be used in this exercise. Peppers with long stems are best.

Choose peppers that have long stems for the greatest handling. The peppers can be chopped in a variety of ways to make a variety of stamps.

To make the task more interesting, use different colors of peppers and paints.

How to use pepper stamps to make flowers:

  1. To make flower petals, cut notches in the red pepper stamp.
  2.  Paint the red pepper red and stamp the flower petals onto the paper with it.
  3. To make the pollen in the center of the flower, dip the smaller pepper stamp in yellow paint.
  4. To make the flower stem, dip the yellow pepper in green paint and make a long swipe.

Peppers For Printing

Image Source/Tutorial: Theimaginationtree

Pepper printing is a fun art project for toddlers and preschoolers! This is one of my favorite art projects to do with young children because it is simple, easy for them to do on their own, and the results are stunning.

I adore all printing activities, and I adore how even a baby can print with reasonable control and success using Duplo blocks and other discovered objects.

Printing with fruits and vegetables is a great approach to start a conversation about what might be discovered on the inside before moving on to seeds, stalks, and stones. Combination of science and art.

I halved a few peppers (bell peppers to those outside the UK!) through the center of the stalk so that they could be used.

Veggie Dip with Octopus

Image Source/Tutorial: Kixcereal

This octopus veggie dip is a delicious way to convince your children to eat more vegetables. It’s a terrific snack for kids’ parties and play dates because it’s so simple to make. It’ll be a hit with your kids – and their friends!

What You’ll Require:

  • 2 bell peppers, orange
  • carrots, 3 slices
  • 1 tiny red pepper slice
  • 2 sliced black olives
  • Ranch veggie dip – or any other flavor you like
  • Food coloring in the color of blue


  • a knife for the kitchen (please supervise children if allowing them to slice)
  • toothpicks (three)

What You’ll Need:

  • To make your vegetable dip blue, add a few drops of blue food coloring. Mix till a nice pale blue color emerges. Place the dip on a plate and spread it out evenly.

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