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Drawing Ideas for Kids to Enhance Their Skills

Drawing Ideas for Kids to Enhance Their Skills


Drawing Ideas for Kids to Enhance Their Skills

Activities for Kids

Drawing is the best method to represent our ideas and emotions. Drawing is 2D art. Drawing is the best hobby to adopt. It is very cost-effective as it needs only paper and pencil. Only with these two materials, you can make a drawing. But to make a drawing more effective, you can add colors to it. Colors are also very cheap. So you can easily adapt drawing as a hobby. There are various types of drawing like life drawing, geometric drawing, line drawing, cartoon drawing etc.

By using different types of drawings, we can draw innumerable types of art. It is very incredible to see that how can a person make a drawing with a mere piece of paper and pencil. Some drawings need very much patient and perfection while some arts are very easy to make. So following are some drawing ideas which will help to expand someone’s drawing knowledge.

Drawing Ideas for Kids

1. Graceful Doll

Enhance Drawing Skills of Your Kids

This a doll looking so graceful and pretty. The best way to learn drawing is to make that drawing step by step like given in the above picture. First, make the outline of the doll. This makes it easier for the artist to draw. So this is a way to make drawing better and faster. Parents always encourage their kids to do such methods to make their simple art in incredible art.

2. Ravishing Girl

Enhance Drawing Skills of Your Kids

Here comes a beautiful princess, looking pretty. This is best suitable for the kids of age( 5-10) group. At this age, kids have the curiosity to learn many new things. And if they get such methods to learn drawing will encourage them to do so. This will help them to enhance their skills and creativity. Such drawings help to make their projects creative and attractive.

3. Princess Snow White

Enhance Drawing Skills of Your Kids

Snow White is a very famous fictitious cartoon character. Basically, the main motive of these step drawing is to help kids a little. Now let’s examine this image a little. It takes 4 steps to make a princess. First, draw its outline then specify that a little then make her face then finally color her. Such an easy drawing method I must say. Always try to utilize your time by doing such activities.

4. Pleasing School Girl

Enhance Drawing Skills of Your Kids Pleasing School Girl

A little school girl, basically a school girl from any cartoon. She is wearing a cape, a bow, and has two little braids. This is best suitable for primary kids. This drawing will help them to gain the knowledge of a basic school girl’s look and about different color combinations which can be used together to make a drawing more inviting.

5. Pretty Mermaid

Enhance Drawing Skills of Your Kids Pretty Mermaid

Mermaid is an imaginary animal who lives in water. She is very pretty, the upper half of her body is like human and the other half is like a fish. By using the above-given procedure, we can make a mermaid very easily and rapidly within 10-20 minutes. Now such unique drawing also helps kids to learn about such imaginary beings which are very fascinating.

6. Cheerful Joker

Enhance Drawing Skills of Your Kids Cheerful Joker

Joker always makes us laugh and brings a big smile on our face. Here is a joker girl wearing a colorful costume. Now we must make a drawing of several types to amplify our skills and drawing’s knowledge. If we only make one type of drawing then we can’t broaden our knowledge. We should always explore more. This gives us knowledge about a wide variety of drawing.

7. Merry Cheery

Enhance Drawing Skills of Your Kids Merry Cheery

She is a simple girl ready to swim in her swimming suit. Basically, we can draw her very easily by the above-given steps. This drawing will help them to enhance their drawing skills and make them more perfect. Parents can use such methods to encourage their drawing activities. Don’t waste your time always invest them in productive work.

8. Oldy Granny

Enhance Drawing Skills of Your Kids Oldy Granny

Grandma, granny or grandmother many names but one word to describe her is love. She is the most lovely person in our life. She loves her grandchildren more than anything else. She always showers her blessings and love on them. Now we present an old but sweet granny. By this drawing a kid came to know about a granny about how she looks, what she usually wears and all. Such drawings can also be a gift to our granny on her birthday. She will be amazed at seeing such drawing by her loved ones.

9. Devil Lady

Enhance Drawing Skills of Your Kids Devil Lady

The coin has two sides head or tail like that everyone has a positive as well as negative side. Some people spread positivity by their nature but some do just opposite. We called such people devil. Basically, I am talking about a fictional world, not a real world. In the fiction world, the devil always teases good people and torture them. In this picture, we have a devil lady. By making such drawings kids came to know more about the fiction world and cartoons. Drawing also helps them to make their imagination real by copying them form their brain in a paper.

10. Pretty Girl

Enhance Drawing Skills of Your Kids Pretty Girl

She is looking like a small-town girl by her outfit. Basically, such types of the outfit are mostly worn by small-town girls. But she is looking lovely in this dress with two braids. Now it is little difficult for kids especially primary school kids to make such drawings in a first go. But if we follow the above-given steps then we can this drawing with ease. This will also tell kids about the appearance of a small-town girl.

11. Jolly Grandma

Jolly Grandma

No matter how old we become, but we always remain a kid for our lovely grandmother. She is the one who always supports us and sometimes protects us from our parents. She is such a sweet lady. Sometimes she will become jolly too and do fun with us like a kid. In the above-given picture, there is a grandma who is wearing an apron, specs and a beautiful dress. It is difficult to make such drawing but if we make it in a given procedure, then we can make it very easily.

12. Dancing Bella

Dancing Bella

Everyone loves dancing. Dancing makes us happy and joyful. So here we present a cute dancing girl in a form of drawing. Basically, there are numerous forms of dances and this picture is showing one of them which is ‘Ballet’. This is a very unique and one of the toughest dance form. So by making such drawings, kids can learn drawing as well as gain knowledge about a dancing form too.

13. Sweet Kid

Sweet Kid

Here again comes a little cute girl with her simple but awesome look. She is wearing a unique dress called ‘ dungaree’. Now by this drawing kids can know about new types of outfits and can easily make this drawing. The above-given procedure will help them a lot in that drawing.

14. Superwoman


A woman is always a superwoman for her family. She is a daughter, a mother, a wife and she plays all her role with such an ease which makes her a superwoman. So here is a little superwoman in her unique costume draws by a kid. By such drawings, the kid can learn about a woman and her powers. Best suitable for primary kids as at this age they are learning about new things from their surroundings.

15. Delighted Strawberry

Delighted Strawberry

A cute little girl wearing a strawberry costume. Mostly kids wear such drees in their Fancy drees competitions in schools. Wearing such unique dresses, they look very cute and sometimes funny too. Now by making this drawing they get to know how to draw a girl in a costume and also get a new idea for their competitions. Here is given a stepwise procedure of that drawing which will be helpful for them.

16. Content Captain

Content Captain

Here comes another costume, a ship captain or a sailing girl. A sailor is the captain of the ship, who sails the ship. Mostly men are the sailor of ships, but in this picture, a girl is a sailor. This will also give a unique costume idea to the kids for their competitions. Keep making drawings, again and again, will improve their art and make them a good artist.

Let’s summarize this article in some words. Through this article we want to tell you that learn anything in a prescribed procedure, it will make learning easier and faster. Same as for drawing, if we make any picture step by step, then it will become easy for us to make that picture. We should always encourage kids to do such artistic activities.

This will utilize their free time in productive work. Nowadays school and colleges also organize competitions, so that children can show their talent and can earn rewards also. Such competitions develop competitive spirit and confidence in children. So never underestimate your kid, always motivate them.

I hope you will like the article. Please comment and give your reviews, that will work as a motivation for us to write more and gives us idea of improvement.

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FAQ on Drawing Ideas for Kids to Enhance Their Skills

1. What are some basic drawing ideas for kids?

Basic drawing ideas for kids include drawing simple shapes like circles, squares, triangles and stars, as well as drawing basic objects like houses, trees, cars, animals and people. Drawing from observation is a great way to practice and enhance drawing skills.

2. What are some creative drawing ideas for kids?

Creative drawing ideas for kids include creating imaginary creatures, drawing characters from books, drawing family members, drawing scenes from their favorite movies, drawing their dreams and drawing abstract shapes and patterns.

3. What are the best materials to use when drawing?

The best materials to use when drawing include pencils, colored pencils, markers, crayons, paints and pastels.

4. What tips can help kids improve their drawing skills?

Tips to help kids improve their drawing skills include practicing regularly, studying how light interacts with objects, using different drawing tools and materials, experimenting with different techniques and textures, and looking at other artists’ drawings for inspiration.

5. How can I help my child become more creative with their drawings?

Encouraging your child to draw from their imagination and try new techniques is one of the best ways to help them become more creative with their drawings. You can also provide them with art supplies, books and other materials to help them explore their creativity.

6. What are some drawing techniques that can help kids improve?

Some drawing techniques that can help kids improve include using lines to create shapes and forms, shading to create depth and texture, and using perspective to create the illusion of space.

7. How can I help my child draw more accurately?

Helping your child draw more accurately involves teaching them about perspective and proportion, encouraging them to practice, and providing them with guidance as they learn. You can also give them reference materials to help them draw more accurately.

8. What are some fun drawing activities for kids?

Fun drawing activities for kids include drawing with friends, drawing from observation, drawing from their imagination, drawing from photographs, and drawing with different materials.

9. How can I help my child improve their drawing technique?

Helping your child improve their drawing technique involves teaching them about the basics of drawing, providing them with art supplies, encouraging them to practice, and providing them with guidance and feedback.

10. What are some tips to help kids draw more realistically?

Tips to help kids draw more realistically include studying how light interacts with objects, using reference materials, experimenting with different techniques, and looking at other artists’ work for inspiration.

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