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Colorful Flower Drawing Ideas For Kids


Colorful Flower Drawing Ideas For Kids

Essence has bestowed us with many pleasant presents and flowers are one of them. We don’t only get attracted towards them due to their beauty but also due to their fragrance. The Garden without flowers looks dull. Flowers bring life to everything. They don’t only attract humans but also insects, like Butterflies. Wherever there is a flower, there is a butterfly. You will always see butterflies wandering around beautiful flowers they get their nectar from the flower. In this article, we will be discussing flowers and their Beauty. Kids this one is for drawing flowers and you will love tracing them on paper.

Flower Drawing Ideas For Kids

Colorful Flower Drawing Ideas For Kids

Flower And The Butterfly

Flower Drawing Ideas For Kids Flower And The Butterfly

As I said earlier that insects do get attracted to flowers and the same is shown in this drawing, a butterfly is sitting on the flower and trying to get some nectar from this flower. Sometimes we call flower ‘bloom’. Flowers are important parts of plants as they take part in the process of reproduction. We have filled the above-drawn flower with orange colour, you can fill it with any other colour of your wish. For butterflies, we have used a combination of yellow and black colours, you can use some other colour combinations as well. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group nine plus. The difficulty level for this one is medium.

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Pink Blossoms

Flower Drawing Ideas For Kids Pink Blossoms

A special part of any plant is its flowers. Flowers that are shed from trees are known as blossoms. You can see in the above figure, these pink coloured petals of the flower are beautifying the wooden brown branch of the tree. If you want to trace this one on your paper, then make sure to use watercolours or poster colours only. You can draw this one perfectly with the help of paintbrushes. If you’ll use a pencil or any sketch pen, then you wouldn’t get the exact look as shown in the image. Well, you should use the same colour combination as we have used, because combinations of pink, white and brown have enhanced the beauty of this painting. The difficulty level is tough to medium and this one is suitable for the kids of age group ten plus.

Pretty Flower

Pretty Flower

This flower is very attractive and it’s pink coloured. Some flowers have bloomed but some are still in the form of buds. Kids do you know? Flowers are ultimately converted into fruits. The difficulty level of this drawing is tough, so before you draw it make sure to do good practice of drawing it. Observe the shape of the petals carefully and then try to trace it. Stem and the leaves are very simple to draw. You don’t have to use the same pink colour, you can select any colour that you find good to colour the petals. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group eleven plus. Use a pencil for this one.

Lavender Love

Flower Drawing Ideas For Kids Lavender Love

Lavender is a plant that has purple coloured flowers. Lavender flowers are very helpful, as they are used for making honey, for making perfumes etc. This plant represents success, luck and happiness as rose represent love. The above image is the drawing of the lavender plant kept in a flower vase. This is a simple basic drawing and easy one. You need to practice using painting brushes as flowers and the stalk are made using them. For the vase, you can use a simple pencil. I’m sharing my tip with you, you can use earbuds for making the flowers of this plant as they look like dots. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group nine plus.

Easy Red Flowers

Easy Red Flowers

Plants have different parts of the body but the most important and attractive one is the flower. Flowers fascinate humans towards it due to their Beauty and essence. Flower drawing is the most common project that kids receive from their schools. You can see different varieties of flowers and some are difficult to draw. In the above image is a simple red flower that is easy to draw and it has an easy difficulty level so that kids can trace it well. We have kept the petals of this flower very simple so that you can draw them without any problem. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group eight plus. Don’t forget to colour it well.

Rose In Her Hands

Flower Drawing Ideas For Kids Rose In Her Hands

Roses are famous not only because of their beauty but also because they symbolise love. When we love somebody and we want to express our feelings to them then we give them a red rose. Rose plant grows in every part of the world. The above drawing is about the rose. Observe this drawing, you will see some lady is holding a red rose in her hand and some heart shapes have been traced in the background. This drawing is simple and kids can trace it easily. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group nine plus.

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Lotus is a flower that grows in water. It is pink in colour and its leaves are very big and grab all the attention. As you are all already aware of the fact that it is the national flower of India. Lotus has some religious significance in Buddhism. Kids do you know one of the facts about this flower?  Lotus open its petals during the day and when it becomes dark that is at night, it closes its petals. You can draw this unique flower on your art or drawing books. The difficulty level for this one is medium and this drawing is suitable for the kids of age group nine plus.

The Roses Are Red

Flower Drawing Ideas For Kids The Roses Are Red

Again this is a rose plant and this flower is looking very charming. Its blood-red colour fascinates others including kids. I must say, never pluck any flower as they’re also living and we should never hurt any living being. Roses have sharp spines on their stem which helps to protect themselves from enemies. You can trace this rose on a sheet of paper or your drawing or art book. This drawing is of medium difficulty level and kids of age group ten plus can trace it easily. Do fill it with blood-red colour properly as its red colour is the main secret behind its beauty.

Thank you readers for going through this article. I hope that you all liked this and kids got fascinated by observing these flowers. Do try to draw them with ease and do the colouring well. Mention your ideas and views regarding this article in the comment section below.

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