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Teach Your Kids The Joyful Art Of Drawing


Teach Your Kids The Joyful Art Of Drawing

Hello, We have here a list of amazing drawing activities for your kids, which are mind-boggling, fun, and illustrative. You will see your kid excited, joyful, and happy after doing these activities given here. The activities will provide learning, fun, and skills to fulfill all the needs of a child. So go ahead and try them out.

Teach Your Kids The Joyful Art Of Drawing

Teach Your Kids The Joyful Art Of Drawing

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Friendship To Eternity

Friendship To Eternity Teach Your Kids The Joyful Art Of Drawing

This sketch is good as it shows two beings as good friends. The elder one is adoring the younger one on a rainy day. The bond of friendship is very unique and exists in almost all living beings. Friendship is not similar to loving or a team, rather it is a virtue that is performed selflessly for others or others.

A friend is like a whole library that teaches you all the important life lessons. Through this sketch, we can teach our young generation the importance of friendship, and the world without it. The sketch is simple and exact, easy and doable for kids of any age, just the message that needs to reach every heart and tongue is important.

That Winter Snowfall

That Winter Snowfall Teach Your Kids The Joyful Art Of Drawing

This sketch depicts a boy walking on a nice winter day, amidst snowfall. This sketch is simple and contributes to the learning of a child. Some snowflakes are depicted with a blue sketch pen in a star shape. The boy is thinking about something while walking on his path. Kids will be able to draw the diagram of the boy, as it is very simple, the coat is blue and the boots are yellow.

We also have memories related to snowy or rainy days, which gives us relaxation and makes us happy when we recall those memories. Make this moment memorable as well by drawing this sketch with your child.

Girl With Funky Hairs

Girl With Funky Hairs Teach Your Kids The Joyful Art Of Drawing

This girl is shown as naughty, as she is winking. She has unorganized hair which represents the carelessness of growing age. She is wearing a pink dress and has pinkish cheeks. This sketch is doable, and kids can learn about winking through this sketch. As this sketch is simple and precise it has nothing much to say about the girl.

The main focus is to be given on the hairs, and kids can make it as the hairs are scribbled up that what kids like, scribbling. To show their eagerness and enthusiasm they scribble. So, guide them properly and make this sketch.

Goddess Of Moon

Goddess Of Moon Teach Your Kids The Joyful Art Of Drawing

This shows a woman flying to the Moon among the clouds. There is a belief in Eastern Asia that a woman lives on Moon, and there is a rabbit as well who lives with her. This sketch is very detailed, that on trying will leave kids with a good amount of skills. We can see the amount of detailing on the sketch and the number of colors used. The clouds are also differently shaped, and the woman is floating in the sky on a Full Moon night.

The woman is shown in an item of traditional clothing close to Taiwan and Japan. She is in an orange and pink gown, her hair is specially styled, decorated with flowers, and her eyes are bright as well. The sketch will consume a good amount of time for children as there is a lot to draw and color, but the efforts will be worth it.

Demonic Girl

Demonic Girl Teach Your Kids The Joyful Art Of Drawing

What we have here is not practically correct, but logically is a way of representing the evil and demonic side of human beings. A girl child and women are considered as a form of goddesses and treated first in a family. This sketch shows the evil side of the girl, as there are red horns like a devil on top of her head. She has no colors except red, and she has long hair that is beautiful and dense.

The devil side of a woman is seen when a woman does not feel something is right, or she feels that injustice is happening to her or her close one, i.e, the demonic side of women is constructive.

Heart And Blood

Heart And Blood Teach Your Kids The Joyful Art Of Drawing

This is a pencil sketch that requires shading, and it is a step towards shading. It shows a character who is sad, and walking with a blood bag he might be ill with some disease. It is a simple sketch and requires simple shading techniques. If your kid has not yet tried shading then this sketch is a source to teach them shading, the basics, and tricks.

The character is shaded with single and straight strokes of pencil shades, differing pencil shades will put an everlasting impact on the whole sketch. Try this sketch and move to the next one.

That Umbrella

That Umbrella Teach Your Kids The Joyful Art Of Drawing

This sketch reminds of the borrowed umbrella that was forgotten and didn’t reach the person. This sketch depicts the quality virtue of friendship, brotherhood, and unity. Imagine any random person helping another random person with an umbrella on a day when the sky is pouring heavily.

This sketch represents that scene, vision. This sketch speaks out about unity, love, and respect that lacks in today’s world. let’s teach our kids and future generations about the important virtues that will make this world a beautiful place. Make your child draw the sketch and absorb the learnings.

Rain And Tears

Rain And Tears Teach Your Kids The Joyful Art Of Drawing

This person is sad and another person is gratifying him so that he can get out of the state of sorrow, grief, and guilt. We all face some sort of guilt when we feel sorry over something, and we need someone by our side who can lift our mood and make us happy.

This sketch is sorrowful, the person is sad and the happy character is trying to lift the mood of the sad person thereby changing the intention of the sketch. Kids will learn about the feelings of other people and what to do when the person is hurt. This sketch is motivating, and fit for kids to draw.

Heartfelt Love

Heartfelt Love

Two characters are expressing love and affection that is shown in this sketch. both the characters are funny and comical, hugging each other in love, friendship, and desire. This sketch can be a moto for kids that love has no shape, it has no dimensions it can exist in any form, between any beings between any cosmos, and galaxies. There is no harm to show love and care to almost anything, be it a tiny ant. This is a positive sketch that provides a feeling of joy, and happiness to the viewers and kids will be able to draw it easily.

This is not the end, we have an infinite amount of activities going around our place, just go and grab one of them and enjoy it with your kids to the fullest. The activities are full of fun, learning, and skills. Please visit us again.

Thank You!

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