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Landscape Sketching Ideas for Beginners


Landscape Sketching Ideas for Beginners

Have you ever tried landscape sketching? Well, get your pencils out and learn how to draw landscapes with these beautiful and easy to make ideas.

Landscape Sketching Ideas for Beginners

1. Sunset Pencil Scenery

Pencil sketches are one of the most beautiful forms of artistry. Creating sketches with ordinary stuff like a pencil is the true definition of art. An artist shows all his creativity, emotion, and love in his sketches. Drawing different landscapes using pencil shades is one of the most preferred sketches art. This sunset view sketch is very common and we all might have drawn it at least once in our lives as students or adults.

2. A Bridge Sketch

We have our second simple pencil sketch which depicts a lone bridge and its surroundings which is in absence of human presence. This sketch looks very pretty and is not very hard to make. You need hard graphite and a soft graphite pencil to make this sketch. Now you may proceed with the construction of the bridge, uphill grasses, and a little portion of the house along with home retreating birds in the sky.

3. House and Pine Trees Sketch

One of the prettiest sketch paintings of all time is the house surrounded by water bodies and big trees. This looks like an amazing dream place we all crave to live in. This house and pine tree sketch is easy and looks beautiful. It can be used as a wall handing in our houses. Take a drawing sheet and make a beautiful house. Add the lake in surroundings and finally the big pine trees reaching the sky heights. Do the water shading for beautification.

4. Beautiful Mountain Scenery Pencil Sketch

Drawing the specimen mountainous sketch is the most common sketch paintings by artists and even beginners. It is easy to make and looks mesmerizing. The mountain view opens up the mind and heart spheres of a person. Paintings are not just a piece of art for decoration or selling but are a way of finding peace and expressing our emotions and inner feelings on a piece of paper. This beautiful mountain, river, and tree view will be an amazing kick start for your sketching journey. Must try.

5. Japanese Town Street Pencil Sketch

One of the basic pencil sketch art is the depiction of a street view of a city. It explains a lot about the lifestyle of the people living in the city, the living standard, and development. This street view of a Japanese town tells us about the traditional view of a typical Japanese street.

There is a walking bridge with under passage, the traditional Japanese house- Minka which has tatami flooring, sliding doors, and surroundings of a garden. It is the time of fall season as the trees do not have leaves on them. Birds are drawn for further detailing.

6. A Village Scenery Pencil Sketch

Choosing a landscape is very important for pencil sketching. A perfect landscape results in a perfect portrait. Mostly the artists choose to sketch the rural areas, a village area, mountains, street views, or natural events like sunrise or sunset. This beautiful and easy pencil sketch consists of village scenery.

Houses are drawn which look abandoned as no one can be seen around. The trees are also dry and no greenery is seen. The passageway looks less traveled. This pencil sketch is about an abandoned village or a very less resided area and portrays solitary peace.

7. Trees and Mountain Scenery Sketch

Remember when we used to travel by road to a hill station. This exact view was visible from our car windows. The outlining of far mountains, the long conical trees by the roadside, the electric wire towers, birds flying, the pleasant cold wind, The natural smell, the sunshine. Wow! This easy pencil sketch of trees and mountain view is a suggested sketch for everyone out there. Get your hands on drawing sheets.

8. Peaceful River Flowing Pencil Sketch

This last pencil sketch is my favorite. Well, it has to be. It is indeed very true that pictures do speak a lot. The same goes for the paintings. Paintings speak for themselves. Like in the above painting we can feel the real emotions of the sketches. It is made by someone who loves peace and is a solitary soul, someone who is far from the worldly chaos and is in constant hunger for peace.

The smooth and calm flowing river into the plain area and getting faded into woods is the peak of nature’s beautiful depiction in the sketch. This peaceful river flowing image with calm natural surroundings is a perfect sketch for you to make.

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