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Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids

Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids


Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids

Activities for Kids

Here are 8 easy drawings kids must try. Your kids will have fun drawing these beautiful drawings. They will enhance their skills of drawing and also learn some new things about it. You can teach them how to draw it properly and they will follow you and learn it. You don’t need a lot of time for it. Down below are the steps provided for drawing these amazing drawings, here are 8 easy and simple drawings you must try.

Kids can draw these with their friends and they will enjoy it. They will love drawings as well as decorating these in their house or their rooms. So try these with your kids and help them in learning some new things which will help them.

Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids

Materials required:

  • Marker/ pencil
  • Paper
  • colors

Drawing 1: Bunny


  1. Draw a 3 by extending the middle line.
  2. Now from the end line of the 3 draw a curve line.
  3. Again draw a curve from that as shown.
  4. Then from the top of the 3 draw a half oval and then again a curve and merge the lines as in the video.
  5. Draw a reverse 3 on the inside of the oval and a 3 on the backside of the curve.
  6. Now draw a circle inside the curve and a small curvy line below it.
  7. Draw 2 lines on each leg.

Drawing 2: Shark


  1. Draw a 2 and then a 3 on the backside.
  2. Now from that 3 draw 2 lines from each side and merge them at the middle.
  3. Then from the middle-end draw a semi-circle and then a curve.
  4. Now from 2 draw 2 lines and merge them with 3.
  5. Draw a line and a semi-circle with a dot inside in between the 2 and 3.
  6. Now on both, sides draw a curvy triangle as fins.
  7. Draw a few zigzag patterns on the top as well as bottom as teeth on 2.

Drawing 3: Puppy


  1. Draw 6 circles in a line.
  2. Now draw reverse U from 2 and 3 circles and a dot inside each U.
  3. Draw a circle in the middle of the 2 and 3 circles.
  4. Then draw a reverse U from the end of the 1 circle to the starting of the 4 circles.
  5. Now draw 2 ears on each side and a few lines as shown.
  6. Draw a big curve from the top of the reverse U to the end of the 6 circles.
  7. Now draw a tail at the back of the curve as shown.

Drawing 4: Sunflower


  1. Draw a circle and lines all over the circle.
  2. Now draw petals all over the circle as shown.
  3. Draw 2 curves and 2 circles as the face inside the bigger circle.
  4. Now draw 2 curvy lines at the bottom and a small line to merge them.
  5. Then draw 2 lines on each side of the stem and draw 2 curvy lines on the top as well as the bottom.

Drawing 5: Shark


  1. Draw a semi-circle and from the top draw a curvy line to the end.
  2. Now at the end Draw a V shape and a curve.
  3. Draw curvy V on both sides as shown.
  4. Now draw a U shape towards the line and some zigzag patterns inside it.
  5. At the top of the U draw a circle and a line as the eye.
  6. Now draw a curvy line as the line before and 2 small V shapes.
  7. Draw a few water droplets at the top and a semi-circle inside the U shape.

Drawing 6: Crane


  1. Draw a 3 and a 4 below that.
  2. Now draw a curve and a line from the top of the 3 and then a zigzag pattern and merge the end of the 3.
  3. Draw a reverse U inside the 3 and a zigzag pattern at the end.
  4. Now at the top curve of the 3 draw a triangle shape with a line.
  5. Draw a curve at the top and an oval as the eye.
  6. Now draw a zigzag pattern at the end and a few lines and the ends of the 4.

Drawing 7: Kite


  1. Draw a straight line and from the top draw 2 lines making a triangle shape.
  2. At the end draw 2 curves and draw 2 curvy lines from the middle.
  3. Now from the bottom edges draw small rectangle shapes.
  4. Then from the middle draw 2 curvy lines and merge them.
  5. Again draw 4 curvy lines from the middle and merge them as well.
  6. Now draw a curvy line from the side.

Drawing 8: Beetroot


  1. Put your fingers on a paper and draw 3 zigzag patterns.
  2. Now from each side draw curvy figures and at the end merge them.
  3. Draw a horizontal line in between both the vertical curvy lines.
  4. Now draw lines in between the curvy finger shapes.
  5. Then draw a few lines as shown in the video.

That’s it! Your drawings are done. These are super easy to draw and will not take much time. You can help your kids in drawing these amazing drawings, they will learn some new things and will have fun drawing these. Your kids can draw these in their free time and can also decorate these drawings in their rooms.

FAQ’s on Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids

1. How do I get started with easy drawing ideas for kids?

A: Start with basic shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles, then use them to create more complex designs. Consider using simple shapes to create characters or animals. You can also start with a simple stick figure and add details to make it more interesting.

2. What are some easy drawing ideas for kids?

A: Creating cartoon characters, drawing animals, tracing shapes, and drawing from nature are all great ideas for kids. You can also look for tutorials online to get ideas for easy drawings.

3. What materials do I need for easy drawing ideas for kids?

A: All you need for drawing is a pencil and paper. However, if you want to draw more detailed drawings, you can also use paints, markers, or colored pencils.

4. What are some easy drawing tips for kids?

A: Start by sketching lightly and taking your time. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and erase them. Look closely at the details of the subject you are drawing. Break down complex objects into simpler shapes, and use lines to represent curves and angles.

5. How can I make my drawings look better?

A: Practice makes perfect! Make sure to draw often and experiment with different techniques. You can also look up tutorials online to help you with different techniques.

6. How can I make drawing fun for kids?

A: Draw with your kids and make it a collaborative activity. Have them come up with their own ideas, and ask them to help you draw. Also, make sure to give them plenty of encouragement and positive feedback.

7. What are some easy drawing activities for kids?

A: Drawing games such as Pictionary and doodle games are great for kids. You can also have them draw from photos, or draw from life. You can also try drawing with objects such as leaves, rocks, or pebbles.

8. How can I make drawing easier for kids?

A: Start with basic shapes and lines. Have them practice drawing the same shape over and over until they are comfortable with it. You can also have them trace over existing images or use a light box to help them draw.



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