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Super Easy Drawings for Kids – Animals, Leaves & More

Super Easy Drawings for Kids - Animals, Leaves & More

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Super Easy Drawings for Kids – Animals, Leaves & More

Well, as we all are aware that kids can’t go to school during the pandemic and we must be thinking that there are countless experiences and things that they are missing. We have listed here some really fun and cool activities for you to perform with your child. It will also help them in learning about all the natural things in our surroundings while having some fun. You can find the materials for the activities on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc.

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Easy Animal Drawings


We have brought an amazing activity for you which includes drawing these cute little insects and having to learn a lot about them. For this, we only require a sheet of white paper and a bunch of different colored sketch pens. They are super easy to make and only require a little help from the elders to teach the kids once and then they can go on after them. We can start by writing the number 1 to 8 and you will be amazed by the fact that you can draw caterpillars, fish, snails, parrots, and what not from these.

Suitable age group: 7-14 years

Drawing Faces


In this activity which we call drawing faces, concludes sketching the faces of different animals, animals that we love. This is a super easy yet fun activity to perform with kids. It will also help them in learning about different kind of animals and their very distinct characteristics. They are suitable for any age group but if toddlers can perform this, it will be great for their development. For this activity, we just need a bunch of colored sketch pens and a white sheet of paper. Parents can also help and show the kids firstly how to do it and then the kids can pick it up.

Suitable age group: 7-14 years

Natural Elements


In this activity, we can make our kids learn about the different elements which represent the frequent climatic changes. It will initiate their learning capabilities and will focus on their motor skills. They can draw these by simply using colored sketch pens and crayons on a white sheet of paper. We can draw an umbrella representing rain, snowman representing winters, sun representing sunny days, cloudy whether representing thunder. Parents can also help their children in the initial stages and after that kids can pick it up on their own.

Suitable age group: 7-14 years

Different Types Of Leaves


As we have previously suggested so many activities. I have another idea that is drawing the different types of leaves as we have already stated so many ways in which we can teach kids about the different seasons so why not teach them about different kinds of leaves that we witness every season? For this, we only require a bunch of colored sketch pens, some crayons, and a white sheet of paper. Leaves are very essential for our growth and survival.

Suitable age group: 7-14 years

I hope this activity has helped you in finding the right activity for your child. Do let us know in the comment section which was your favorite activity and what you enjoyed the most! Also, feel free to ask any questions that you may have in the comment section. Do visit our site for future references.

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