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Cute Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids


Cute Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids

Activities for Kids

We are here with cute girl drawing ideas for your kids. This fun drawing ideas for kids are a creative way to express their creative thinking. Use your imagination and colors to make all these beautiful drawings. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of learn-to-draw cute girls like rain walk, raining love, butterfly, young girl & boy, maturity, and winter hat.

Learn to Draw Cute Girls

Learn to Draw Cute Girls
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The Rainbow Rain

The Rainbow Rain Learn to Draw Cute Girls

Gray clouds, rainbow-colored umbrellas, and the joy of walking in the rain are a desire for everyone. The above picture is drawn to provide satisfaction and pleasure. We can see various colors on the umbrella-like orange, yellow, green, blue, sky blue, purple, violet, and pink. The holder of the umbrella might be a girl as it is clear from the skirt or it can be a boy wearing a raincoat. The raindrops are shown in blue, green, and red colors.

Rain Walk

Rain Walk Learn to Draw Cute Girls

To enjoy the rainy day a boy decides to go on a walk to experience the first rain of the season. The clouds are gray and pouring showers of joy and happiness. Wearing a blue raincoat and yellow boots a young youth of courage and a bundle of positivity, is moving freely. The sketch shows a clear image of the joy of young youth when it comes to playing in the rain.

Raining Love

Raining Love Learn to Draw Cute Girls

The rainy season is one of the most loved seasons by everyone as a lot of things happen many insects are born in the rain and the crops get a lot of water which helps the farmers. The above image shows the love between a girl and a boy on a rainy day. The boy is wearing a blue coat and the girl is wearing a yellow coat, and both are wearing yellow boots. Through sketch and drawing, it becomes easy to express a lot of feelings between humans.

Rain & Sorrow

Rain & Sorrow Learn to Draw Cute Girls

Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterdayThe sun becomes more beautiful after the rain, the same applies to life, it becomes brighter after the pain. Sorrow and joy are just two phases of the same wheel, nothing stays for too long, neither joy nor happiness. The above picture shows a boy standing in the rain and he is sad. He is wearing a blue raincoat and yellow boots.


Butterfly Learn to Draw Cute Girls

In the given sketch we can see a vivid description of a girl and a butterfly. The girl is following the butterfly. The scene drawn above is describing the moment after the rain. After rain resides the sun shines more brightly, all living beings are more joyful and free and come out to enjoy the weather. The girl in the above picture is wearing a pink dress and brown boots, her hairs are brown and she might be thinking about the freedom of the butterfly.

Young Girl

Young Girl Learn to Draw Cute Girls

When girls are born, they are considered a blessing of God in a family and are provided with lots of love and care, more than boys. The above picture is a sketch of a girl, who is beautiful, cute, and pretty, her hairs are brown and the curly part is covering her very cute forehead. She is in a thought process, might be thinking about her grandmother who is in hospital, or she might be thinking about a boy with whom she met on her way back home.

A Girl & A Boy

A Girl & A Boy Learn to Draw Cute Girls

A girl and a boy cannot be friends. They can be strangers to each other or can be in a relationship. The picture above is a sketch that represents two genders: a girl and a boy. The girl is winking. She is wearing a pink hoodie. I think she is in love with the boy, therefore she is winking at him. She is cute and funny. The boy is looking smart and handsome, he is wearing a blue hoodie, and he is happy that his friend is winking at him.


Maturity Learn to Draw Cute Girls

The sketch of a mature girl is drawn in the above picture. She looks intelligent and smart. Her hairs are brown and curly, there is a smile on her face, and pinkish color on her cheeks. Maturity comes with knowledge, not with age. So, in practice, an 18-year-old can be more mature than a 25-year0-old. These days kids are smarter as compared to old times. As technology is advancing we can see more smartness and maturity in younger ones.

Winter Hat

Winter Hat Learn to Draw Cute Girls

Winter is not a season, it’s a celebration. Winter is a season of preparation and healing, it’s a season of joy and feeling. Winters are the favorite season for everyone. In the above sketch, a girl is wearing a red winter cap, her hairs are long and silky, and she looks happy and confident. If there was a pale yellow color to her hair the sketch will look more realistic. Overall the sketch is simple and vivid.

We hope you like our list of Cute Girl’s Drawings and will surely try to make them. Read more crafts ideas at our website if you liked our learn-to-draw cute girls. Please let us know which cute girls drawing you like the most in the comment section.

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Activities for Kids
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