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Drawing Ideas For 5-Year-Old Kids


Drawing Ideas For 5-Year-Old Kids

Activities for Kids

Sometimes kids find drawing very difficult so they start losing interest in it. Drawing is something that helps kids to depict their imagination on paper. If you want to become a good artist then kids you have to practice drawing different geometrical shapes. In this new article, we can give you many ideas for drawing different things out of basic geometrical shapes. This article will help you to draw those things that you found difficult before.

Drawing Ideas For 5-Year-Old Kids

Drawing Ideas For 5-Year-Old Kids

Cute Little Things

Drawing Ideas For Kids From Basic Geometrical Shapes Cute Little Things

In the above picture, all the drawings are very simple. You just need to be tricky while drawing these. Ribbon is very simple, it’s just V-shaped. The flower is also simple, its petals are heart-shaped. All the petals are clustered to form flowers. Handmade paper windmills are awesome. Few D shapes are traced one upon the other in the shape of a circle. Then you need to draw a stick. Lemon is most easy. Just one circle which has been divided with lines in different shapes. For snowflakes, draw lines in different directions and then make some tiny twig-like lines on each line. Pineapples are healthy and juicy.

You can also draw this fruit as shown above. You need to colour each image with appropriate and desired colours. All the above-given images are suitable for the kids of age group 6+.

Triangular Shaped Things

Triangular Shaped Things

In the above image, we tried to draw a tree, ice cream cone, pie, rat, fish, and birthday cap from one single shape which is a triangle. Focus on the above images and observe that we have used triangles for all drawings. In the tree, the trunk is triangular. In the ice cream cone, the cone is triangular. In pie, the main body is triangular. The body of the rat is triangular. The fish has a triangular head. The top of the birthday party cap is also triangular. So every drawing is made out of triangles, all you need is to do further detailing like in pie, draw cherry, for ice cream cone draw the topping etc.

This drawing is suitable for kids of any age group between 5 to 7 years old. These ideas are meant for kindergarten kids. To add more beauty to your drawing, don’t forget to fill it with bright colours.

Sun Vs Moon

Drawing Ideas For Kids From Basic Geometrical Shapes Sun Vs Moon

Kids, you know that the sun and moon both are heavenly bodies. We can see the sun in the day and the moon appears during the night. Sun gives us light and heat as it is a huge ball of fire. Do you know? Moon doesn’t have its light, the moonlight that we see during the night is the light of the sun that passes through the moon. Sun has only one fixed spherical shape while the moon keeps on changing its shape. Sometimes, it may be spherical, semi-circular, even crescent as well. In the above picture, you can see that there are sun, moon, clouds, rain, umbrella, snowflake, thunder clouds with lightning. Sun is hiding in clouds. Umbrella can be used during rain. And it rains only when there are clouds in the sky and during heavy rain, we observe thundering with lightning.

So all these images are interrelated with each other. These are some easy pictures that you can trace on your drawing books. Do colour them carefully. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 9+.

Circular Sun

Circular Sun

Hey kids! In the above image, you can its sun everywhere. But when you see the face of the sun, it has different moods at different times. Sometimes it seems happy, sometimes sad, sometimes angry, sometimes blushing, sometimes crying, sometimes kissing. So yeah, the sun is having mood swings. You can draw all the mood swings of the sun easily. One thing that is common in all is that its face is circular, you just need to do the detailing of each face differently that will represent the actual expressions of the sun. You can also add colours to show the brightness of the Sun or you can keep it as it is. Just a tip here kids, do colour the sun with the mix of yellow and orange. It gives a quite real look to the sun. This type of art is suitable for kids of age group 8+.

Basic Shapes

Drawing Ideas For Kids From Basic Geometrical Shapes Basic Shapes

Well, we all are aware of the basic shapes that we learned when we were toddlers. We have some basic geometrical shapes like circles, triangles, squares, rectangular, cones, spheres, ovals, etc. By drawing these basic shapes, we can create and draw some more difficult things like shown above a magician’s hat is simple and you can draw it from a basic cone shape. Fish can be traced from the basic oval shape. For beetle, a red-colored insect we need to draw a circle for its body. For the moon, we need to draw the crescent shape. Just observe the above given drawing pictures well and then try to trace them on your art or drawing books. I’m sure you will draw them easily without any problem. Colour helps to make our drawings more attractive. So, colouring is a must. Do colour your drawn pictures well and with patience. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 8+.

We need to stop here. Kids, first you try to draw all the above drawings. Once you’re done with these, then we will come up with more new amazing drawing ideas. I hope you enjoyed it a lot today, we will give you more ideas for drawing in the upcoming articles. Kids, if you loved this article then do tell us in the comment section. If you find this one helpful then stay tuned for upcoming articles. Thank you.

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