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Easy Baby Animal Drawing Ideas for Kids


Easy Baby Animal Drawing Ideas for Kids

Activities for Kids

Kids get most attracted to animals. They love pet animals. They have a soft corner for animals. Sometimes, we find it very difficult to draw animals. All we need to do is practice, once you’re interested to draw the one, then you need to try many times until you get the perfection. This piece of writing is dedicated to animal lovers and also to those who have been assigned projects related to drawing animals. We have drawn a variety of animals that are most commonly asked to draw in schools.

Simple Baby Animal Drawings for Kids

Draw A Dancing Teddy

Draw A Dancing Teddy

A teddy dancing to a piece of music is what the sketch is all about. Put on nice music and make the sketch while enjoying the music, and make sure your kid is enjoying and remains interested to make the drawing. There are music symbols where your kid might need your help, and the teddy is easy to make, with some concentration and focus it will be done pretty easily. You can create some more musical structures as well to make the craft more expressive and fun. Make good art and share happiness with your toddler.

Simple Cat Drawing

Simple Cat Drawing

Cats are the most common stuffy furry pets. They are adored by kids and adults as well. Cats bring happiness and relieve stress. They are of various breeds and hence vary in their fur color, size, etc. Singapura is the name of the world’s smallest cat while the world’s largest breed of cat is The Maine coon. Do you know? The jump of a cat depends on its size. It can jump six times more than its height. You can draw the above-given sleeping cat in your art or drawing books. It is very simple and beautiful. The difficulty level for this one is easy and the suitable age group for kids who can draw it easily is six plus.

Cute & Small Horse Drawing

Cute & Small Horse Drawing

A small horse can be seen in the above picture. A foal is a term used for a newborn baby horse until the age of three or four. The above animal can also be imagined as a foal. Horses are very faithful animals, with their strong body and long legs they are good runners and are used in horse racing, a performance sport, typically involving two or more horses being ridden by a rider. Horses are kept stable, they need on average 12 kg of dry fodder each day, their diet includes dried grass legumes and fresh grass which they eat while grazing and they require 38L to 45L of water every day.

Easy & Cute Dinosaur Drawing & Coloring For Kids

Easy & Cute Dinosaur Drawing For Kids

A dinosaur is an organism that roamed our planet millions of years ago. A bird is also a species of dinosaur and a survivor of the Jurassic extinction event. The sketch of a Sauropod dinosaur can be seen in the above picture. The species was one of the tallest living organisms that ever existed on Earth. They have long necks and whip-like tails; spikes can also be seen on the neck and tail. Some dinosaurs are carnivorous and some are herbivorous. Dinosaurs are depicted both as dangerous species and friendly species in various cartoons and movies.

Cute Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant

Elephants are the largest land animal on earth. A baby elephant is called a calf as shown in the above picture. The sketch of the calf is adorable. When born male calf weighs around 125 kg and the female 90-100 kg. African Bush Elephants are the largest among all other species found all around the world, adults weigh around 10.4 tons. Elephants are used as working animals in some countries, they are used to carry wood and heavy objects. Apart from labor, they are also used for the entertainment of people in circuses and shows.

Creative Drawing of Tall Giraffe


Tall Giraffe


Giraffes are the tallest living terrestrial animal on earth. Mostly giraffes are found in open woodlands and grasslands in East Africa. A sketch of a tall giraffe can be seen in the above picture. They have long necks and even toes. A unique feature is an ossicone on their head, which is a skin-covered bone, conical in shape. Their main source of food is leaves and shrubs which they get from acacia trees. They also prefer climbers, vines, fruits, and flowers.

Cute & Funny Monkeys

Funny Monkeys

Monkeys are naughty and clever animals who are capable of annoying any human being on Earth. There are incidents where they snatch money, food, documents, and valuable items from people. Monkeys are considered to be intelligent as well. Monkeys jump from tree to tree with their four limbs. Baby monkeys are attached to their mother’s bellies all the time. Monkeys find good use in community service where they are trained for helping disabled people.

Peppa Pig Drawing For Kids

Peppa Pig

Peppa pig is a preschool animated television series, loved and adored by kids. Peppers Peppa Pig is a loud and energetic piglet who is easily excited, curious, and playful at times. She is a 4-year-old little piglet who loves playing with her friends, and her brother George, or doing something with Suzy Sheep and the rest of the pig family. She lives with her brother George, Mummy pig, Daddy pig, Grandma pig, and her pet fish goldie. She dearly loves her family.

Simple Drawing of Baby elephant For Kids

Baby elephant

Elephants are giant creatures, but if we talk about baby elephants, they are small. They are cute and innocent. They need love and care from their mama elephant. Draw this baby elephant on your drawing books. Since elephants are grey you can do shading using a normal pencil instead of filling it with colors. If you have drawn the tusks of elephants then don’t shade tusks as they’re white. The head of the tail of the elephant is leaf-shaped and funny.

The Animal Kingdom Drawing

1. The Animal Kingdom

We are going to draw sketches of various animals. Animals are very essential to our ecosystem. We as humans, by our various activities, have made their habitat poor. One of the drawn animals is the lion. He is considered the king of the jungle. He generally hunts down other animals for food and hunts only when he feels hungry. Another animal drawn is a cow. Cows are very useful animals. They provide us with milk, the ultimate form of food. There are many things that can be made through milk. Apart from milk cows are famed as livestock by farmers for meat. Another animal drawn is a chimpanzee. Chimpanzees are a species of great ape. They are very smart and intelligent animals. Their smartness is almost like a human toddler. The fourth animal drawn is a bull. Bulls are a quiet and strong form of cattle. Sometimes they are a bit aggressive as seen in a bullfight, they are purposely forced to be aggressive for only entertainment purposes, which is a very wrong and rude form of entertainment enjoyed by humans. They are not of much use so often they are butchered for meat.

How to Draw a Cute Dinosaur

2. Dinosaur

We are going to draw a sketch of a cute dinosaur. The tongue of the dinosaur is hanging out of its mouth. There are many details in the sketch. There are many spikes on its back and its hands and legs are drawn short, which makes the sketch cuter. These species of dinosaurs are called T-rex, when they existed, they were very large and huge.

Draw A Cute Giraffe

3. Giraffe

We are going to draw a very cute and vivid sketch of a baby giraffe. Giraffes are the tallest living terrestrial and the largest ruminant on planet Earth. They have very long necks, to reach out to tall trees for their meal. They generally eat new shoots and new leaves from thorny acacia trees. The mark pattern on each giraffe is unique in each giraffe, just like the fingerprint of each human is unique. They live up to 26 years in wildlife.

Cute Drawing of Pony For Kids


We are going to draw a handsome and smart pony, which is running and jumping happily on the open field. Ponies are small horses, shorter than horses in height. They are very gentle and kind animals with lots of endurance and capabilities. They are found in many parts of the world, they are kid-friendly and most of the species are bred for shows and entertainment. The pony drawn above is comical and descriptive.

The King

The King

The sketch of a lion is drawn in the above drawing. Roaring is a common nature of a lion. it is called the king of the jungle, not because it hunts and eats every animal in the wild, but because of the fact that every animal is afraid of the lion. They generally live in groups with a male lion ahead and many female lions. The lion drawn above looks a little aggressive, but in actuality, they are very quiet and self-occupied animals, they hunt when they are hungry or when they have cubs to feed.

Clever Monkey

Clever Monkey

Monkeys are clever animals, and a clever one is drawn in the above sketch. They jump from one tree to another. There are many species of monkeys. They have very long tails and are usually smaller in size. Monkeys are a symbol of playfulness, mischief, and fun. Monkeys have varied relationships with humans, some are kept as pets, and others are used as model organisms in laboratories and space missions. They are often used as service animals.

Farmer Pig

Farmer Pig

We can see a sketch of a pig holding a rake in his hand. He is looking happy as if today’s farming was very good and satisfactory. His ears are very large and cute, and his nose is large and cute. He is in common Japanese clothing. These pigs as a farmer show their contribution to them the environment. Pigs are very cute domestic animals. They are kept as pets. In agriculture, pigs are primarily farmed for the production of meat. A group of pigs is called a passel.

It’s time to say goodbye. We will be returning soon with much more beautiful drawing ideas articles. I hope this one was helpful for you all. We give our best to serve you all with the best ideas for drawing. Give your feedback in the comment section below.

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