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Easy Animal Drawing for Kids – Step By Step Tutorials


Easy Animal Drawing for Kids – Step By Step Tutorials

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Grow your kid’s drawing skills by helping them in drawing pictures of animals.

Growing children are filled with curiosity. To hunt some answers for their curiosity they often do things that help them in discovering new skills. So, if your kid is showing interest in drawing, help him or her in familiarizing if that is what they want to further achieve by handing them some colors, paints and some drawing papers. Build their base by guiding them to draw easy pictures.

And when it comes to looking for ideas of easy pictures, we got your back. In this article, you will be provided with some easy drawing of animals which your kid can draw without any haste.

Easy drawing for kids to build their drawing skills

1. Draw an oval bear

Easy drawing for kids to build their drawing skills Draw a oval bear

The steps needed to draw this bear are simply easy. All they need to do is make some ovals of different size. Drawing this requires no advanced skills hence making it possible for kids of age between 4-8 years old to draw.

2. The simple pig face


Easy drawing for kids to build their drawing skills The simple pig face

The method requires to make the face of the pig is easy hence they can make without even guidance from anyone. By drawing this, they will learn to fly solo if needed in any situation.

3. Draw a tiger

Easy drawing for kids to build their drawing skills Draw a tiger

To draw a face of tiger, image reference is provided above. Teach your kid the national animal of India by helping them drawing one with a crayon on a chart paper.

4. Draw a mouse

Easy drawing for kids to build their drawing skills Draw a mouse

Tell them a trick to make a mouse out of the shape of a triangle. Anyone who jas learned the basic shapes and had an upper hand in even basic drawing can make this. Making this will help them in learning how the variation of animals can be built out of a variation of symmetrical shapes.

5. Drawing using the shape of a circle

Drawing using the shape of circle

Drawing this as well hardly require any advancement of skills. Anyone who is above 4 years old can make this if their favorite color of the crayon is handed to him or her.

6. Draw a full-grown mouse

Draw a full grown mouse

Drawing of this figure requires the same skill as drawing of the face of the figure in the previous point. No heavy work or pro-level skills is needed. Just guide them with the above following procedures and watch them using the drawing.

7. Drawing of another tiger with some additional features

Easy drawing for kids to build their drawing skills Drawing of another tiger with some additional features


The drawing given above is that of a tiger but with some refined touch which is easy to make. Any kid who is above 5+ years old can make this without any need of advanced tools, just some simple crayons and voila they are ready to do magic with their hands.

8. Draw a fish

Draw a fish


The requirement of the above-given figure is very small. All it requires is some crayons and that is it. Firstly, demonstrate the drawing and ask them to follow. If the kid is discovering his or her profound drawing skills, starting with basics is the best help you can provide.

9. An easy drawing of porcupine


An easy drawing of porcupine

Like most of the suggestions in the given article, this drawing does not require a lot of time and talent making it perfect for kids who are about to build a foundation in the world of drawing and art. This drawing is suitable for kids who are between 6-13 years old.

10. An easy drawing of an animal

An easy drawing of animal

If your kid can do magics in making circles, then this drawing is for her or him. Just some drawing of full circle, small circle, minicircle and half-circle and the drawing is done. Easy methods are what is sought in making this animal.

11. Drawing of a bird

Drawing of bird

Again, if your kid excels in making different shapes but majorly circle, then he or she can make the drawing of the bird without causing any difficulty or using any advanced techniques.

12. The drawing of a crab

The drawing of a crab

To make the picture of crab that is provided above, all that requires is lowkey basic skills and a favorite color crayon. After that, with good assistance, you will see your younger one making a fine crab with his or her crayon on the paper.

13. Easy drawing of a bug

Easy drawing of a bug

The drawing of a bug can be made by any kid who is above 5 years old. Make sure you lend them your helping hand when they face problem in their drawing for they will know through this action of yours that you always got their back.

These were a few very basic drawings that your kid can draw to strengthen his or her newly discovered foundation of drawing. Through this, if they see themselves excelling and making good progress in this field, they can choose this as their career as well and hence marking his or her name in the history of drawing.

If you liked this article check out other articles from the website. Also, feedback will be appreciated because it is very valuable and helpful for us in knowing whether if you liked the article or not.

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