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Easy Drawings for Kids – Girls, Boys, Father, Mother & Family


Easy Drawings for Kids – Girls, Boys, Father, Mother & Family

Do you often wonder how to teach drawing to kids? Don’t worry, we are here with simple and cute ideas to draw. Kids will love these easy drawings. Continue reading to learn more.

You will learn to make drawings like Innocent Girl, Princess, Smart Princess, Mini Girl, Lovely Girl, Fairy, Fairy with Wand, and Christian Bride.

Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids

Easy Drawings for Kids - Girls, Boys, Father, Mother & Family

Innocent Girl Drawing

Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids Innocent girl

This cute girl is so innocent, it can be seen in the picture above. Her eyes are closed and she’s blushing. She’s wearing a frock of white color and is looking very pretty. Her hair is brown and long. She has straight hair. Try to draw this girl in your drawing books. Draw the legs and arms of the girl carefully and color them properly.

Princess Drawing

Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids Princess

Princess is the daughter of the King and the queen. This is a little princess and she’s having a small crown on her head. She’s wearing a very beautiful long gown and a pretty shining expensive necklace. Her hair is of short length. You can draw it easily using a pencil. This piece of work is suitable for kids in the 7+ age group.

Smart Princess Drawing

Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids Smart Princess

Look at this princess, her eyes are shining. She has very long hair that is too straight. She’s smiling and looks happy. She’s wearing a long gown and it’s very attractive. Her crown on the head looks very precious and it’s due to this gown, we can say she’s a Princess. Draw this princess on your drawing books. Color is a very pretty combination of colors.

Little Girl Drawing

Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids Mini girl

This mini girl is very adorable. She’s wearing a simple T-shirt. Her hair is tied into two cute little plates and she looks very adorable. Her cheeks are pinkish as if she’s blushing. Anybody can draw her easily. It’s not a big deal. Draw some small circles around her plates as it represents the rubber bands used to tie the plates. Add some hearts to the background.

Lovely Girl Pencil Drawing

Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids Lovely girl

This lovely girl with short hair is very cute and you can draw her easily. Her frock is short and full of tiny flowers. She’s flaunting her dress as it has a beautiful floral print. Very little time is consumed while drawing this. You can color it with any of your favorite ones. This drawing is suitable for kids of age 8+. Give this one a try.

Fairy Girl Drawing Tutorial for Kids

Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids Fairy

Fairies are very gorgeous so is the one shown in the picture. She’s wearing an elegant crown and is holding a magic wand in her hand. Her dress is very long and it has a lot of flares hence making it more attractive. Fairy looks young and can do anything with her wand. Draw this fairy on your drawing books and get good grades from your teacher. You can fill it with colors of your own choice.

Fairy with Wand Drawing for Kids

Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids Fairy with wand

This fairy is very good-looking and charming. She looks joyful. Every fairy has its magic wand and they can do any magic using this wand. This fairy is having a star-shaped wand and she’s holding it firmly with her hand. Her gown and crown both are very grateful. Trace this fairy in your drawing book and let the magic begin.

Christian Bride Drawing

Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids Christian Bride

We call the bride to any girl who’s about to get married. The bride should look most beautiful and elegant than the guest. Usually, at Christian weddings, brides are supposed to wear white colored fancy gowns with very good flare. This bride in the image is also wearing the same one. She looks beautiful and charming. Her eyes are glowing with happiness. Draw this on your art book as it is very easy and less time-consuming.

Princess in Yellow Dress Drawing

Disney Princess

This drawing can capture the beauty and elegance of a fairytale princess. The bright hue of the dress combined with the softness of the drawing style can spark a sense of nostalgia and make you feel like you are part of the story. It is a great way to encourage creativity and imagination in children. Not only will it be fun and entertaining for them to draw and color, but it will also help them to practice their fine motor skills and develop an art appreciation.

Beautiful Doll Pencil Drawing

A Beautiful Doll

It is an amazing way to explore creativity in children. It encourages them to use their imagination and create something unique. Pencil drawings are an excellent way to teach children various skills such as composition, color theory, and shading. Using a variety of pencils and techniques, kids can create a wide range of creative designs. Pencil drawings are a great way to introduce children to the world of art and help them to develop their artistic skills.

Happy Girl Drawing

Easy Peasy And Fun Drawing For Kids Girl With Long Hair

Happy Girl Drawing for Kids is an engaging way to help children develop their artistic skills. The long and silky hair of the girl with her eyes closed makes her more beautiful. The simple drawing is made only with the use of a pencil. This activity will help kids to learn about many curves and shapes. Moreover, it is a great way to spend time together as a family, bonding over a creative and enjoyable activity.

Little Mermaid Drawing For Kids

Beautiful Water Fairy

This Little Mermaid is a great way to get your kid’s creative juices flowing! This classic Disney character is full of color and life and is sure to be a hit with any little artist. Using crayons and pencils your kids will have a blast bringing the Little Mermaid to life on paper. This mermaid is cute and beautiful with pink fins. The two yellow fishes are making her smile.

A Little Girl With Cap and Scarf In Winter Drawing

Easy Peasy And Fun Drawing For Kids Cute Girl With Cap

A little girl wrapped up in a warm winter cap and scarf. This is easy to make drawing for kids. Colors are only used to make the scarf, cap, and cheeks of the girl. The cute little girl is winking her eyes. You can add colors to this drawing to make it more attractive. Using a black marker, the outline of the drawing is made. Kids can learn about shapes and body parts through this activity.

A Baby Girl With Long Hair Drawing

Teach Kids Friendship, Love And Unity By Drawing Decency and Sincerity

This is an image of a sweet girl which is effortless to create. No colors have been employed in the whole illustration. A light pink hue was only utilized on the cheek and two hearts were drawn on the right side of the doll. This doll looks very attractive. We can make it come alive by applying color to its clothes and face.

Teen Girl With Big Eyes Drawing

Teach Kids Friendship, Love And Unity By Drawing Funky Teen

This drawing features a teenage girl with an alluring expression and thick hair in a single braid. It requires a lot of effort and details to make this teenage girl with big and beautiful eyes. She is wearing a beautiful dress with ribbons. The drawing requires no color and is made using a black sketch pen only. Kids who love sketching should try this drawing.

A Cute Girl With Two Braids Drawing

Teach Kids Friendship, Love And Unity By Drawing Lovely Picture

This illustration displays a simple but beautiful little girl. Its cheeks have been delicately painted in light pink and its hair is styled in two braids. The doll’s eyes are small and a heart is drawn on its side, adding to its beauty. Kids will likely be drawn to this simple sketch and be able to draw it well.

Easy Princess Pencil Drawing For Kids

Teach Kids Friendship, Love And Unity By Drawing Charming Girl

This drawing is for kids who love drawing cartoons and characters using a pencil. The crown is placed on her head and what a beautiful long dress she is wearing! Her eyes are sparky and charming smile. This drawing for kids can be a fun and creative way to spark a child’s imagination and inspire them to explore the world of art.

Easy Boy Drawing Ideas for Kids

A School Going Kid Easy Drawing

Easy Way To Draw Anime Male Figure School Going Boy

This is a drawing of a boy who is ready to go to school. The use of different colors in the drawing makes it more attractive. This drawing has a medium level of difficulty and needs careful detailing of the boy’s facial features. The bag is not visible but you can see his shoulders to assume the bag. Children of age 7 and above can try and make this drawing.

Birthday Boy Drawing

Boy in Different Roles - Easy Drawings for Kids Birthday Hat

A birthday boy drawing can be as simple or as detailed as desired. It can start with a basic sketch of the birthday boy, or incorporate more elements such as balloons, a cake, or presents. Regardless of the details, creating a birthday boy drawing is a wonderful way to capture the joy and excitement of the day. The above image is of a birthday boy wearing a birthday cap who is excited about his day.

Sport Boy Drawing


This artwork portrays a child who is scowling with his fists clenched. His eyes are wide and fierce, reflecting the competitive nature of sports. His body is tense and ready for action. This drawing perfectly captures the intensity and emotion of sports and conveys how difficult and rewarding it can be to compete.

Simple Boy Wearing Mask Drawing

Boy in Different Roles - Easy Drawings for Kids Hope

This simple yet striking drawing of a boy wearing a mask is both thought-provoking and powerful. The drawing is a beautiful reminder of the strength and perseverance of the human spirit in the face of adversity. The young boy looks up to the star of hope, wishing that things return to the way they used to be before the pandemic.

Fire Fighter Boy Drawing

Fire Fighter

The Fire Fighter Boy Drawing is a wonderful piece of art that captures the brave and heroic spirit of the firefighter. The drawing depicts a young boy dressed in a firefighters uniform, bravely looking out to the horizon. The details of the uniform and the boy’s facial expression give the drawing a realistic feel. It is a beautiful and inspiring piece of art that celebrates the brave people who serve in the firefighting profession.

Easy Clown Boy Drawing


Drawing clowns can be a lot of fun, especially if you are a beginner at drawing. Easy Clown Boy Drawing is a great way to start, as it requires just a few simple steps to complete. This easy and simple art teaches the basics of drawings to young artists. The clown always seems happy and spreads happiness and laughter everywhere.

Master Chef Boy Drawing

Boy in Different Roles - Easy Drawings for Kids Master Chef

Master Chef Boy Drawing for kids is an excellent way to help children develop their artistic skills! Designed with children in mind, this drawing illustration features a Chef Boy, as well as fun activities that children can do to help them learn how to draw. This drawing is an excellent activity for teaching children the basics of drawing and will provide hours of creative fun!

Gentleman Cartoon Drawing

Easy Way To Draw Anime Male Figure A Gentleman

The style of drawing is typically whimsical and lighthearted. The drawing is featuring a tall, fit, and light skin tone man who is in formal attire. The artist can use their imagination and creativity to come up with a unique and eye-catching drawing that will bring out the best in the person. His face is attractive and you can practice hard to make it perfectly.

Cartoon Monkey King Drawing

Monkey King

This drawing is a great example of a classic character from Chinese folklore. This sketch depicts a monkey with a rod in its arms and dressed like a traditional samurai. The Monkey King is an iconic symbol of strength, wisdom, and bravery, and this cartoon drawing perfectly captures the Monkey King’s spirit. The vibrant colors and dynamic poses lend the drawing a sense of motion and excitement.

Prince Boy Drawing

Victorious Prince

The prince is seen in the image, holding a sword and waving his hand to admirers, a clear indication of his victory. It is a popular genre of art with a fantasy or fairytale theme. The drawing is often created in a variety of mediums such as watercolor, pencil, marker, and oil paints. It can be used for both personal expression and to create works of art for others to admire.

Easy to Learn Father Drawings for Kids

Son On Father’s Shoulder Drawing

The beautiful picture of a son sitting on his father’s shoulders brings a feeling of warmth, love, and joy. The father looks content and proud, while the son looks secure and excited to be in his father’s arms. The colors of the picture are vibrant and full of life, representing the strong bond between father and son. It’s a beautiful reminder of the power of love, and the importance of cherishing the moments with our loved ones.

Girl Playing On Her Father’s Back Drawing

Easy Way To Draw Anime Male Figure Girl Having Fun in Dad's Back

This touching drawing depicts a young girl playing on her father’s back. The girl’s face is full of joy and innocence as she sitting on her father’s back with a gleeful smile. The father looks content and contented as he bears his daughter’s weight. The drawing is filled with warm and inviting colors that bring out the tenderness of the father-daughter moment. This drawing speaks of the special bond between a father and daughter and reminds us of the importance of cherishing the precious moments we have with our loved ones.

Son Having Fun On His Father’s Shoulder Drawing

The invisible love of Father for his Son

The picture of a father carrying his son on his shoulders brings a sense of joy and warmth. The little boy is having an absolute blast, with a huge smile on his face, as he looks out at the world from his newfound height. The father is looking happy to filled with love and pride, clearly enjoying the moment just as much as his son. The bond between the two is unmistakable, making this a truly heartwarming scene.

Father with Kids Video Tutorial

Mother Drawing for Kids

Mother Holding Her New Born Baby Drawing

Teach Kids Friendship, Love And Unity By Drawing Mother's Love

A mother holding her newborn baby drawing is a beautiful representation of the bond between a mother and her child. It captures the tenderness and love between the two, as the mother looks down at her child, cradling them close to her heart. The mother’s face is filled with joy, and her eyes are filled with the admiration and adoration that only a mother can show for her newborn. The drawing is a reminder of the overwhelming emotion and deep connection that a mother has for her baby, and the love that will continue to grow as the child grows.

Family Drawing for Kids

Faces Of Every Family Member Drawing

Easy Peasy And Fun Drawing For Kids All Age Face Drawing

Drawing the faces of each family member is a wonderful way to capture and preserve memories. It is a creative and meaningful activity that can bring families closer together. The artwork has been skillfully composed with simple lines and circles, and could be even more stunning if colors and other details were added. From grandparents to grandchildren, you can make face of each member of your family and make them feel special.

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