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Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids


Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids

Activities for Kids

Do you often wonder how to teach drawing to kids? Don’t worry, we are here with simple and cute ideas to draw. Kids will love these easy drawings. Continue reading to learn more.

You will learn to make drawings like Innocent girl, Princess, Smart Princess, Mini girl, Lovely girl, Fairy, Fairy with wand , and Christian Bride.

Cute & Simple Girl Drawings for Kids

There are many simple girl drawing ideas for kids. Some of these include drawing a girl with a big smile, drawing a girl with long hair, or drawing a girl with a pretty dress. Whatever the child’s preference may be, there are many different ways to draw a simple girl that will please any young artist.

Innocent girl

Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids Innocent girl

This cute girl is so innocent, it can be seen in the picture above. Her eyes are closed and she’s blushing. She’s wearing a frock of white colour and is looking very pretty. Her hair is brown and is long. She has straight hair. Try to draw this girl on your drawing books. Draw the legs and arms of the girl carefully and colour them properly.


Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids Princess

Princess is the daughter of the King and the queen. This is a little princess and she’s having a small crown on her head. She’s wearing a very beautiful long gown and a pretty shining expensive necklace. Her hair is of short length. You can draw it easily using a pencil. This piece of work is suitable for kids of the 7+ age group.

Smart Princess

Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids Smart Princess

Look at this princess, her eyes are shining. She has very long hair that is too straight. She’s smiling and looks happy. She’s wearing a long gown and it’s very attractive. Her crown on the head looks very precious and it’s due to this gown, we can say she’s a Princess. Draw this princess on your drawing books. Colour it very some pretty combination of colours.

Mini girl

Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids Mini girl

This mini girl is very adorable. She’s wearing a simple t-shirt. Her hair is tied into two cute little plates and she looks very adorable. Her cheeks are pinkish as if she’s blushing. Anybody can draw her easily. It’s not a big deal. Draw some small circles around her plates as it represents the rubber bands used to tie the plates. Add some hearts to the background.

Lovely girl

Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids Lovely girl

This lovely girl with short hair is very cute and you can draw her easily. Her frock is short and full of tiny flowers. She’s flaunting her dress as it has a beautiful floral print. Very little time is consumed while drawing this. You can colour it with any of your favourite ones. This drawing is suitable for kids of age 8+. Give this one a try.

FairySimple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids Fairy

Fairies are very gorgeous so is the one as shown in the picture. She’s wearing an elegant crown and is holding a magic wand in her hand. Her dress is very long and it has a lot of flares hence making it more attractive. Fairy looks young and can do anything with her wand. Draw this fairy on your drawing books and get good grades from your teacher. You can fill it with colours of your own choice.

Fairy with wand

Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids Fairy with wand

This fairy is very good-looking and charming. She looks joyful. Every fairy has its magic wand and they can do any magic using this wand. This fairy is having a star-shaped wand and she’s holding it firmly with her hand. Her gown and crown both are very grateful. Trace this fairy on your drawing book and let the magic begin.

Christian Bride – Easy Girl Drawing

Simple Girl Drawing Ideas for Kids Christian Bride

We call the bride to any girl who’s about to get married. The bride should look most beautiful and elegant than the guest. Usually, in Christian weddings, brides are supposed to wear white coloured fancy gowns with very good flare. This bride in the image is also wearing the same one. She looks beautiful and charming. Her eyes are glowing with happiness. Draw this on your art book as it is very easy and less time-consuming.

FAQs Related Cute Girl Drawings for Kids

How do you draw girl face?

There are many ways to draw a girl’s face, but one of the most basic and versatile ways is to start with a simple oval shape. From there, you can add the details of the face, such as the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Once you have the basic features in place, you can then begin to add more subtle details, such as the eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair. With a little practice, you can learn how to draw a girl’s face that is both realistic and stylish.

How do you draw an easy woman?

To draw an easy woman, first sketch out a basic outline of her body. Next, add in some details like her hair, clothes, and facial features. Finally, bring your drawing to life with shading and color. With a little practice, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and realistic woman in no time!

What are easy cute things to draw?

There are a number of easy and cute things to draw. Flowers, hearts, and stars are always popular choices, and they can be made to look even more adorable by adding simple details like faces or bows. Other easy and cute things to draw include animals like kittens or bunnies, as well as objects like houses or cupcakes. Whatever you choose to draw, adding your own personal touch will make it even more special.

What is the easiest drawing for beginners?

There are a few different things that you can do when you are first starting to draw. One option is to begin by tracing simple shapes. This can help you to get a feel for how to make strokes on the paper and to understand how different shapes fit together. Another option is to start with basic geometric shapes, such as a cube or a cylinder. Once you have mastered these, you can move on to more complex shapes and forms.

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