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Easy Animal Pencil Drawings For Kids


Easy Animal Pencil Drawings For Kids

Activities for Kids

Do you often wonder how to teach drawing to kids? Don’t worry, we are here with simple and cute animal pencil drawing ideas. Kids will love these easy drawings. Continue reading to learn more.

You will learn to make drawings like Housefly, Bird, Butterfly, Crab, Duck, Porcupine, Lobster, and Cobra.

Easy Animal Pencil Drawings For Kids

1. Housefly

Easy Animal Pencil Drawings For Kids Housefly

This is a housefly and it is very annoying. It’s just moving here and there. It’s trying to sit on any eatable and make it dirty. Houseflies grow on bad food items and they irritate everybody by fidgeting here and there. They also produce an annoying sound. Draw this housefly on your artbook and colour it the Gray or black colour. They have usually a pair of transparent wings and two pairs of legs as shown in the above image. This drawing is suitable for kids of age 7+. It is very simple to draw and shade properly.

2. Bird

Easy Animal Pencil Drawings For Kids Bird

Birds are the most beautiful creatures on this planet. Nature has provided them with gorgeous wings that help them to fly high in the sky. They have been bestowed with boat-shaped bodies to fly smoothly in the air. The bird shown in the sky is flying gracefully in the sky. It has kept its beak open and is flying happily. You can draw this bird easily without any hindrance. It’s not complicated, but a simple drawing. Colour the bird and the sky properly to add more beauty to it. Kids of any age group can trace it easily.

3. Butterfly

Easy Animal Pencil Drawings For Kids Butterfly

The butterfly is a beautiful insect. It has wings and their wings are the most charming part of their body as they have been blessed with beautiful, colourful, unique, bright patterns on their wings. We can find butterflies wandering around the bright flowers in our lawns, gardens and anywhere we can locate flowers. Butterflies get attracted to the nectar of flowers. You can trace this Butterfly on your drawing books and fill it with beautiful colours, especially around the wing area. The kids of any age group between 7-9 years old can go for this type of drawing.

4. Crab

Easy Animal Pencil Drawings For Kids Crab

This crab looks funny. It has a pair of big eyes and has legs. Front 2 legs have claws that help the crab to have its food and to protect itself from enemies. We have seen many crabs characters in many Cartoons, and kids have started liking them. Crabs live in seawater or oceans. We can draw this crab in just a few steps and it is less time-consuming. Draw a few circles of different sizes and make some curves as well and your crab is ready. You can fill it with suitable colours of your own choice.

5. Duck

Easy Animal Pencil Drawings For Kids Duck

Quak quak quak is saying just this little duck. It is saying, “please trace me in your drawing book and draw me gracefully.” Ducks are found in water that is in lakes, ponds etc. Baby ducks are known as ducklings. Ducks are of many colours like white, yellow, grey, cream etc. I like yellow coloured ducks the most. Ducks have different feet. They have webbed feet and nature has given them so, because they have to swim in the water. They have a pair of wings, but those wings are not meant for flying in the air as these aid in swimming. This duck is easy to draw and kids of age group 6+ can draw them easily.

6. Porcupine

Easy Animal Pencil Drawings For Kids Porcupine

This mischievous creature looks like a descendant of the rat. This creature drawn in the above image is known as a porcupine. It lives in holes and has some features. One of the special features of this creature is that its body is full of prickly pointed spines. These spines help them to protect themselves in case of any danger. Draw this porcupine on your art books and fill this sea creature with colours you like. Kids of age group 8+ are Suitable for this piece of drawing.

7. Lobster

Easy Animal Pencil Drawings For Kids Lobster

Lobster is sea animal and is often eaten by some people. It looks somewhat similar to the crab, but we can see that crabs have a broad and short body while lobsters have a narrow yet long body. They have a pair of antennae too. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 9+. Colour this lobster with golden colour or brown. You can also take the help of any guardian where you find any difficulty.

8. Cobra

Easy Animal Pencil Drawings For Kids cobra

Kids, do you know that snakes don’t have ears? Moreover, they don’t possess feet. They crawl on the floor. As they lack feet and ears that doesn’t mean we can underestimate their power. They are too powerful that they can even eat big eagles. Cobra is one of the longest and most poisonous snakes. In the above image, we have tried to trace this one. Its tongues are bifurcated and they have fangs (poisonous teeth) which can kill any person as they have toxic venom in them. Kids try to stay away from snakes. Draw this snake in your drawing book or white paper and then colour it properly. Here we have drawn some triangles all over its body to show some patterns present all over its body. Kids of age group 8+ can make this cobra.

Easy Animal Pencil Drawings For Kids


Easy Animal Drawings For Kids

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