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Enhance Your Drawing Skills with Cute Animals


Enhance Your Drawing Skills with Cute Animals

Looking for cute images of animals to draw with your child? Yes, you are at the right place. Here are very amazing pictures of a cat, a Pikachu, a deer, an elephant, a mouse, a rabbit, a bunny, a teddy bear, a piglet, and a fish. The sketches will revive the importance of the creatures around, making the child aware of the atrocities that the animals out their face and the protection they need.

Enhance Your Skills By Easy Drawings

Enhance Your Drawing Skills with Cute Animals

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A Street Cat

Enhance Your Skills By Easy Drawings A Street Cat

Spotting a cat on the street is common these days. There are lots of cats on the street, hiding from the world. They just sleep all day in a safe and secure place. Come out only in search of food, some have babies, and some are alone, but every cat is able to manage to survive in this world. This sketch represents a cat, which is a simple drawing. This cat has stripes on her body and tail, it looks like she had a tasty meal, and is going to take a long nap. By practicing this sketch kids could learn how to draw a simple cat, and that could add good art to their art collection.

The Pikachu

Enhance Your Skills By Easy Drawings The Pikachu

If your kid knows this character, then he will surely be super excited to draw. This is a fictional animal from the animated series “Pokemon”. It is known as Pikachu and is very famous among youngsters. This is a cute sketch of this character, being a best friend of Ash- a human he is also cute, adorable, and funny, other qualities include producing electricity, fast movement, and being friendly. The zig-zag tail and sharp ears make sure that he can produce electricity. As it has a yellow body, so it is advisable to color it yellow with red circles on its cheek.

Deer of Next Level

Enhance Your Skills By Easy Drawings Deer of Next Level

Has your child ever drawn this drawing or similar to this? I hope so, it will be easier to draw on the first try if there is a practice of similar drawing. If not, then also after a couple of tries a child will be able to draw this sketch. This is a baby deer also known as a fawn, they have colored spots at the time of birth to camouflage in the grass. Male deer grow antlers that fall off during winters. A deer is a symbol of peace, purity, and security, and their elusive nature makes wildlife a suitable habitat. They are fast runners for a reason to be safe from predators.

Rabbit and Carrot

Enhance Your Skills By Easy Drawings Rabbit and Carrot

Making this sketch will be very fun, as this sketch represents the love of a rabbit for a carrot. Rabbits like carrots, reddish, and leafy vegetables. They will much on the crunchy stems with the help of their strong teeth, which grows back after shredding. Rabbits are fond of playing and having fun with their mates. Therefore, they are always kept in pairs because they can’t live alone, they need the company of another rabbit, a female, to live a happy life. These little fluffy and cuddly fellows are the cutest when playing around, they do a famous jump known as the rabbit jump when they are very excited. Make this sketch with your kiddo, and color it too.

Cute Bunny

Enhance Your Skills By Easy Drawings Cute Bunny

Have a look at this cute bunny, it is offering love and care. These days toys like this one are very famous among kids. These fluffy, stuffy, and goofy teddy or bunnies give a satisfactory feeling when cuddled. Kiddies are the ones most excited about these toys so they will be able to draw them with ease. The bunny is holding a heart, with a smile full of gratitude. The small tail-like ball is also adorable. The reddish cheeks and ears add the necessary details required to make this sketch calm and pretty. Make your kids draw this beautiful bunny.

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Little Piglet

Enhance Your Skills By Easy Drawings Little Piglet

This sketch of this little piglet is so astonishing that if your kid draws it, he will become a skilled artist in front of his friends. Moreover, it will be a good sketch to include in their art collection. This simple piglet has been drawn to the point, the perfection on its ears, snout, and legs makes this sketch professional. Pigs are known to spend their days sleeping in the mud, relaxing, and eating food. Their small tail is also known as pigtail, makes a pig a real pig. All the details are there in the image except the colors. Filling the sketch with beautiful colors will make this even more bright and engaging.

The Jungle King

Enhance Your Skills By Easy Drawings The Jungle King

Who is the king of the jungle? Not only a lion but all those species who belong to nature. A king is responsible for doing the good of his followers. Is a human king of the jungle? We can say that he was, and still is, both the good one and a bad one. All the activities are done at the command of a human, trees are cut down, to build developmental projects, animals are killed for their bodies, being beautiful is a sin, and humans will snatch your beauty. Then how a lion is the king of the jungle? Well, there is no king, there are only rulers, and we humans are the rulers. It depends upon us if we want to do good or bad. Well, a child should know all the sides of the story to make a correct decision, and not everything that is said is true.

The Fat Rat

Enhance Your Skills By Easy Drawings The Fat Rat

This is a comical representation of a rat walking on two legs. Young kids will admire the personality of this fellow and would like to draw it. The kindness, gratitude, and happiness are reflected on its face. How grateful he is to be on this planet, living this beautiful life. This attitude is what every child should have, an attitude to take risks and the freedom to fail. A positive attitude makes a person through the hurdles and achieves all the goals of life. This rat has a personality that he desires to share with the kids and make them like him, satisfied and happy with what he has. Make your kid draw this sketch and learn from this rat.

The Flawless Fish

Enhance Your Skills By Easy Drawings The Flawless Fish

Make your kids draw this flawless fish, which is so perfect and satisfying. She is like the goddess of the sea, here to bless every child. The fins, tails, and scales are the punching details adding beauty to this fish. A child might face difficulty while making the scales of this fish, but with strong concentration and focus with continuous efforts, anything is possible. An orange sketch pen is used to do the outlining of the fish. The fish can be colored with various other colors, making them colorful and precise.

Fluffy Teddy Bear

Enhance Your Skills By Easy Drawings Fluffy Teddy Bear

What could be more interesting than the thing which kids see almost daily? Yes, a teddy bear or similar stuffed toy is what kids see daily. This sketch is a vivid representation of a cute and fluffy teddy bear that has a heart on its chest. A moderate to normal difficulty level makes the art challenging for kids. A challenge will make them draw it more sincerely which will improve their drawing skills. Make sure that the teddy is colored properly, for the sake of completion.

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Innocent Elephant

Enhance Your Skills By Easy Drawings Innocent Elephant

This playful elephant would be very amazing to draw and color. A kid will come to know the playful side of the amazing elephants. This sketch represents a moment when an elephant plays on the river, what he does is he just sucks water in the trunk and throws it back to wet his body. This makes his body cooler in summer. Their long trunks work as a hand to take food, prick leaves, and fruits from trees. Making this sketch will make kids know about their culture and habitat, which will make them protective of nature. Make kids color this sketch too.

A Simple Mouse

Enhance Your Skills By Easy Drawings A Simple Mouse

This sketch of the mice is the simplest on this page. By practicing this sketch kids will learn what a mouse looks like. Let them know how a mouse can squeeze its body through the smallest of the smallest hole. Tell them about the mess they create, if not controlled, and tell them about the diseases that a mouse can spread. After all, kids only notice the cuteness, kindness, and innocence in everything, unless they get used to the atrocities of the world.

I hope that this article was very beneficial for your child. We learned so many new facts about the various animals that we had drawn. I hope the sketches that your child draws are very good and appreciable. Comment below the sketch that made you spend the happiest moment with your child. Visit the other activities for more fun and learning and Keep Visiting Us.

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